AMC Update Monday 10/13/08

All My Children Update Monday 10/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adam and Colby talk about the depositions. Adam asks Pete how it went and Pete tells Adam what was asked. Colby and Pete talk about what he had to say. Adam and Erica talk about the depositions and Adam tells Erica that Jack is representing Fusion, but will lose.

Greenlee remembers fighting with Aidan about her feelings for Ryan. Aidan comes in and says that he is only there to get a change of clothes and that he slept in his car. Greenlee assures him that she doesn’t love Ryan.

Zach feeds Ian breakfast and tells Kendall that Rachel took Spike to the park. Kendall asks Zach how he convinced Annie to give up Emma.

Annie meets with Ryan about Emma. Ryan asks why Annie gave him custody of Emma. Ryan says that they need to talk about the rules for visiting Emma.

Zach explains that Annie knows that she has to provide a good environment for Emma. Kendall apologizes for things being so difficult lately.

Jack questions Colby about the night of the launch party. Jack asks if Colby still drinks on occasion and after Barry allows the question, Colby denies it.

Adam and Erica argue about the lawsuit. Erica suggests that Adam settle the lawsuit with Fusion’s insurance company so that Fusion wouldn’t have to go bankrupt, but Adam says that his hands are tied.

Greenlee says that she doesn’t know how she feels and apologizes for making a mess of things. Aidan says that it isn’t Greenlee’s fault. Greenlee says that they need time to fix it, but Aidan says that time isn’t going to make a difference. Greenlee asks Aidan not to say that it is over because she wants to fight for it. Aidan says that he doesn’t have any fight left in him.

Ryan and Annie talk about scheduled supervised visits. Ryan says that he wants Annie to get better and suggests that she go see a psychiatrist. Annie says that she already did and the shrink was going to testify that she was sane. Ryan tells Annie that he will make some calls and find her a place to stay.

Adam and Erica talk about his reputation. Pete comes in and says that Annie is there to talk to Adam. Annie asks Adam to let her stay for a few more days until she finds a new place to stay. A driver from the Pine Valley Limousine Service shows up to pick up Annie.

Barry and Erica talk. Erica tells Adam that she should leave and asks Jack what he is doing there.

Kendall and Greenlee talk about the F.D.A. destroying the office when they came in with the search warrant. Greenlee says that her marriage is over and it is all Kendall’s fault.

Jack assures Erica that he is trying to save his daughter and that is the only reason that he is there. Jack asks if Erica should be doing the same thing for Kendall.

Barry and Adam talk about Jack’s plan. Adam tells Barry to push for a trial. Pete comes in and confronts Adam. Adam tells Pete to go home and stay there.

Erica and Jack talk about family. Jack leaves and Adam asks Erica if they can take a rain check. Erica tells Adam to call her.

Kendall and Greenlee argue about Kendall’s role in the destruction of Greenlee’s marriage.

The driver leaves to pick up another client and Annie thanks him.

Ryan and Emma talk about Annie and he asks her to go wash up. Emma leaves and Ryan thanks Corrina for stepping up to the plate. Ryan tells Corrina that Annie is only allowed to see Emma during scheduled supervised visits.

Zach reveals that he set the place up for Annie. Annie asks what Zach really wants from her.

Pete and Colby talk about Adam’s plans with the lawsuit. Pete suggests that he should confess to Kendall and Greenlee, but Colby says that she couldn’t stand to see him end up in jail.

Greenlee tells Kendall that Aidan planted a bug in her new earrings. Greenlee tells Kendall to go home and appreciate the man who loves her and Kendall tells Greenlee to do the same thing. Greenlee says that whatever happens, she and Ryan are not an option.

Aidan stops the construction on the house. The foreman and workers leave and Aidan smashes a wall with a sledgehammer.

Pete and Colby talk. Colby says that she never thought she would say it, but Pete can be very sweet.

Jack shows up at Fusion. Greenlee tells him what is going on. Jack says that he wants to talk to Kendall about what Erica is doing with Adam and Greenlee says that Erica is trying to get as much information out of Adam as possible. Jack says that he stopped by to go through some files and Greenlee says that she kept copies of the Bella stuff and that they are in her personal files.

Ryan assures Emma that he and Annie both love her very much. Ryan says that they are going to figure out when Emma can see Annie.

Erica refuses to talk to a reporter at Fusion. Erica runs into Jack and they talk about Kendall. Jack asks why Erica didn’t tell him that she was spying on Adam for Kendall. Erica says that it is nice to know that Jack still cares about her.

Pete and Colby talk about him sacrificing himself. Adam comes over and tells Pete to leave, but Colby says that Pete is her guest. Colby suggests that she likes having Pete there.

Annie says that maybe she should just go to the police and confess to killing Richie. Kendall confronts Annie about killing Richie.

Greenlee finds her new house in shambles and cries.

Ryan tells Corrina and Emma to have a good time. Ryan goes inside and asks what Aidan is doing there. Aidan sits in a chair holding a gun.

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