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Erica arrives at the Chandler mansion, but no one answers her call. She finds Colby listening to music. She has the music loud to draw Adam out of hiding. He was hiding in the library and is now in the nursery. Adam was in “Lil A’s” room playing with a toy train that has been in his family for generations.

Annie arrives at the courthouse, and Emma runs into her arms. Emma wants to know if she can go home. Zach reminds her that her parents have to talk to the judge. The judge wants her to be happy and safe. Emma asks Annie if she is happy. Annie tells Emma that she is happy when she sees her. Annie asks Emma for a hug while Kendall gives Annie the evil eye.

Ryan insists on Greenlee listening to him, and he insists that she wants him because she kissed him. She reminds him that she is married to Aidan and that is whom she loves.

Erica came over to visit Adam. Adam did not know that J.R. had put the train together for little Adam, and he was ticked J.R. left it set out when they left for San Diego. Erica tries to get him to forget about the train. Since he will not forget, she offers her help in putting the train away.

Adam opens the door to find Carmen on the other side. Carmen and Jack have been out all day to file legal papers for her re-trial.

Zach tells Annie that the psychiatrist intends to tell the jury that she is unfit because she confessed to killing Richie. Zach suggests that if she turns Emma over to Ryan, then the doctor will not have to testify. Annie suggests that she could take her chances and confess and then hire a good attorney. Zach reminds her of the risk. He wants her to think about Emma’s welfare and suggests that she get help and then pursue custody of Emma. Annie’s psychiatrists arrive at the courthouse and pass by Annie without speaking. Ryan arrives, and Kendall escorts him into the courtroom.

Angie finds the new girl in the hallway and wants to know if her boyfriend locked her out again. The girl admits that he has. Jesse walks Angie out to the elevator and then offers to drive her to work in order to avoid the girl.

Frankie arrives and the new girl, Natalia, asks to use his restroom. She chats with Frankie about him moving out. Jesse calls her on the phone and she tells him that she needs to see him.

Jack wants to know what Erica is doing hanging out at Adam’s place. Erica tells him that it is none of his business. He reminds Erica that Adam is no good, and he points out that even Adam’s own family is moving far away.

Petey talks to Colby about what type of men women are attracted to. Colby tells him that Adam is trying to place the blame for the Fusion perfume caper on him. Petey thinks that Colby fought with Adam over him because she likes him. Colby corrects him and makes it clear she does not like him. Colby suggested that Petey stop trying to be someone he is not.

Greenlee is upset that Aidan invaded her privacy and bugged her earrings. She forgave Aidan for sleeping with Kendall and she believes that he should have forgiven her for seeing Ryan without his knowledge. Aidan should trust her, and she is upset that he does not.

While at Emma’s child custody hearing, Annie looks back at Zach. She interrupts the proceedings to tell the judge that she want Ryan to have full custody of Emma because she cannot provide a stable home at this time.

Jesse meets Natalia at the boathouse. He reminds her that they made a deal. She reminds him that her mother made the deal, but now she needs Jesse. She reminds him that her mother let him go because his heart was with someone else. Her mom is tired and depressed and she wants him to come and visit for one day only. She asks him to do it for her. Natalia is Jesse’s daughter. Jesse tells her that he cannot sneak off from Angie because it would not be right. Natalia suggests that he lie to Angie.

Angie arrives home and finds Frankie there. They talk about the new girl in the building, Natalia. She tries to ask Frankie about Randi. Frankie accuses her of being nosey. She tells him that she needs him to leave because she is planning something special for his dad.

The psychiatrists congratulate Annie on her decision to let Ryan have custody of Emma. He praises her for protecting her daughter. Ryan and Kendall want to know who the man talking to Annie is, but Zach says nothing. Ryan cannot believe that Annie did not put up a fight and gave up so easily. Zach asks how they know if it was easy for Annie.

Angie is home dressed in a pink nightgown. She has set the table and is chilling the wine.

Greenlee cannot believe that Aidan and her have been married for two months and he has been spying on her. Aidan tells her that he wanted the truth about Ryan and her. Greenlee leaves him at Fusion.

Adam and Erica are going out to dinner. Erica tells Adam that it is ok to miss J.R. Adam thinks that J.R. will come crawling back. Erica tells him that he drives everyone away and she wants to know why he does that. They talk about their children, and Erica praises Kendall for being successful and having a husband and family. Adam accuses Kendall of being an emotional wreck, and he does not think she compares at all to the great Erica Kane.

Annie begins to cry as she watches Emma run into Ryan’s arms. Kendall tries to comfort her. Greenlee arrives at the courthouse. Annie accuses Greenlee of stealing her husband and her daughter.

Kendall is surprised that Zach is happy for Ryan. Emma asks questions about her mommy and returning home. Ryan and Annie promise Emma that she will see her mother soon. Emma and Ryan negotiate on how many stories he will read her. She asks him to read ten stories but then agrees that he can read three short stories. Greenlee, Ryan, and Emma leave the courthouse together while Annie cries her eyes out.

Aidan looks at a framed picture of Greenlee at the office then throws it down.

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