AMC Update Thursday 10/9/08

All My Children Update Thursday 10/9/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Babe and JR are packing and getting ready to leave for San Diego, California. Colby is sad, because she will be the only one left with Adam.

Annie’s child custody hearing is today, but she calls to see the psychiatrist. Colby is sorry that she will be left with Annie. JR told her that after they leave Adam will make haste with getting rid of Annie.

Greenlee came home and told Aidan about Fusion’s problems. She came home to shower, change clothes, and then return to Fusion. Aidan tested the audio on the bugged earrings while she was in the shower. She almost forgot the earrings, but Aidan reminded her to put them on. She returned to Fusion.

Ryan called Greenlee, and told her to meet him, because he needed to talk to her.

Babe decides that she must go to Fusion to resign. She tells Kendall to put out a press release putting the blame on her for Bella. She thinks that would be fitting since she was plotting to take over the company. She protects Amanda and tells Kendall and Greenlee that Amanda was not apart of her takeover plans. Kendall tells her that her resignation will be happily accepted. Babe let the ladies know that she will be moving away.

Annie came to see the doctor in a distress state. The doctor wants to know why is Annie in a bad way. She tells him that she is angry. She is angry that Kendall, and Greenlee are always butting into her business, and she is angry that Ryan wants to take her child away from her. Annie felt someone was watching her at the Chandler Mansion so she took a poker to search for the stalker. She almost hit JR in the head, which left Babe, and JR thinking that she is crazy.

Colby teasingly calls JR a coward, chicken, and a deserter for leaving her. JR reminds her that they are moving all the way across the country. Colby says that they cannot leave Adam alone without any of his children to torment, which is why she has to stay. She is really happy for JR and his family. He hugs her. He makes her promise that she will never marry Petey. He tells her to just say no.

Taylor comes over to see Frankie and she asked him to go with her to see Brock Monroe’s mother. She feels like she want Brock’s mother to know her. Frankie wants to know when will they take the trip, and Taylor wants to go immediately. Taylor and Frankie arrived at Mrs. Monroe’s house. They immediately noticed the memorial for Brock with the United States flag in front of the presentation.

Annie tells the doctor that she killed Richie because he kept taunting and teasing her. She says that she did not mean to do it, and then she tries to take the confession back. The office has a two-way mirror and Zach was on the other side of the mirror listening in. He heard her confess that she killed Richie. The psychiatrist told Annie that the burden of guilt could be causing her emotional problems. He convinces her that it is best to be truthful about Richie’s death.

Greenlee refused at first, but Ryan insisted so she meets him on Fusion’s roof. Ryan tells is ready to get what he wants and he wants Greenlee; he thinks they belong together, because they are destined. They kissed while Aidan listened in.

Mrs. Monroe tells Taylor and Frankie that a couple of their friends, Bomber and Hitch, came by to pay their respects. Monroe’s mother did not know Taylor; this caused Taylor distress, so she left abruptly. Monroe had not told his mother about her, which left Taylor to believe that he did not truly mean to marry her.

Kendall received a phone call from the FDA telling her that Fusion was being closed until their investigation was completed. Kendall instructed her staff to shut off their computers, clean up their areas, and set their phone to voice mail, than go home. She told them that they would hear from Greenlee or her about returning.

Jake enters Fusion as the staff is leaving. Amanda cries in Jake’s arms over her losses. He soothes her and tells her that she will get through everything because she is talented, wonderful, and beautiful.

Annie wants to know if the psychiatrist will tell the police about Richie. Annie overhears Zach’s cell phone, and realizes that there is a two-way mirror in the doctor’s office. Kendall called Zach as he was listening to Annie’s conversation. Kendall left a message for him about Fusion.

Adam is hiding in his library and refuses to say goodbye to JR. Colby covers for Adam, and tell JR that Adam loves him too much to say goodbye.

Annie knows that the mirror is two-way, but the psychiatrist denies it. She throws a glass at the mirror, and she breaks it, but no one is there.

Greenlee returns to the office to discover that the staff has left with the exception of Amanda. Ryan comes to the office, and insists on talking about their kiss.

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