AMC Update Wednesday 10/8/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Tad and Taylor talk. Tad thanks Taylor for meeting with him. Tad says that he might be able to help her get back to Iraq.

Annie knocks Babe down and JR asks what is wrong with her.

Pete tells Adam that he can’t sue Fusion.

Zach says that the boys are playing with Rachel and asks if Emma is still sleeping. Ryan comes out and says that he spent the night.

Annie says that Babe startled her. Annie says that she can’t sleep in the guest bedroom with Emma gone and someone trying to break in through the window. Annie asks JR if he thinks that Emma should be taken away from her and Babe says that they want to help. Annie says that she doesn’t need their help.

Pete talks about Adam confessing everything on the stand and asks Adam to drop the lawsuit. Pete says that he isn’t going down for this.

Ryan explains that he was hanging a picture for Emma the previous night and she woke up, so he laid down with her until she fell back asleep and the next thing he knew it was morning. Zach says that he is going to the office. Ryan asks Zach if he thinks that Annie should get custody of Emma. Zach says that he will see Ryan at the office.

Annie calls Zach and she says that she isn’t going to the psychiatrist to prove her sanity. Zach tells Annie that if Ryan plants a little seed of doubt with the judge, that Annie could lose Emma forever.

Babe and JR talk about Annie and Fusion. Babe says that if they keep going like that, they are not going to make it.

Randi and Frankie discover that they are both New York Jets fans and neat freaks, who can’t cook. Frankie says that he will have some late nights. Randi says that she was worried about something when they go to bed, but it might not be a problem after all.

Taylor and Tad talk about someone he knows that does private security contracting in Iraq. Taylor says that she is in the army and that soldiers in her unit need her. Tad starts asking questions about where Taylor grew up and she leaves.

Ryan and Kendall talk about Zach.

JR tells Babe that he isn’t going to mess it up this time and she says that she might. Babe says that she has never felt comfortable in Pine Valley because it is like the Chandler “zone”. Babe shows JR a picture of them in San Diego. JR and Babe decide to leave Pine Valley.

Adam tells Colby to keep Pete company. Pete says that he was sent home from Fusion because he was in the way. Colby asks Pete what is wrong. Pete says that he can’t talk about it with her, but Colby says that he can tell her anything. Pete confesses to poisoning Bella.

Zach assures Annie that all she has to do is talk to the psychiatrist. Zach tells Annie to be completely honest and assures her it is all about Emma. Dr. Price invites Annie in.

Pete and Colby talk about Bella. Pete says that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to her. Colby asks why he did it and Pete says that he did it for Colby. Colby says that Pete committed this huge crime for nothing and that he is a bigger loser than she thought.

Babe and JR talk about leaving Pine Valley. JR says that they can move to San Diego and get married on the pier. Babe says that they have some really tough goodbyes ahead of them. Adam comes in and asks what Babe is up to. JR tells Adam that he and Babe are moving to California. Colby comes in and asks what JR is talking about. JR says that he and Babe are moving to San Diego today!

Tad and Krystal talk about Opal’s reading. The conversation turns to Taylor. Tad tells Krystal that Taylor’s fiancé was killed in Iraq.

Frankie assumes that Randi is talking about sex, but Randi says that she is a light sleeper, so if he snores that is a problem for her.

Babe and Little Adam show up to see Krystal. Little Adam goes to see Kathy and Tad in the other room. Tad comes in and Babe announces that she is resigning from Fusion and that she and JR are moving to San Diego.

JR says that he is leaving for good this time and Colby says that she doesn’t want him to go. JR says that he has to for his family. Colby tells Adam that she won’t leave him as long as he comes clean about Bella. Adam tells Colby not to press it because if she does, he will have to turn Pete over to the police. Adam says that he can prove that Pete masterminded the whole idea.

Annie talks to Dr. Price about the things she did to try to save her marriage. Dr. Price says that he will be at the custody hearing on her side.

Kendall and Ryan talk about her relationship with Zach.

Tad says that he is proud of JR. JR says that he will miss everyone.

Taylor shows up at Frankie and Randi’s apartment with a plant. Randi says that she has to get back to work. Frankie asks if Taylor wants to grab a movie. Taylor says that she needs Frankie’s help with something that she can’t do alone and has put off for too long.

Adam and Little Adam talk about the trip. Little Adam goes to pack. Adam asks JR if Little Adam can call him every now and then and JR says that he will make sure of it. Adam says that he doesn’t need to hear from JR and tells him to have a nice life.

Ryan tells Kendall that Emma has strep and that he is going to the hospital to pick up the medication. Kendall assures Ryan that she is happy and that he could be too if he would fight for Greenlee.

Annie tells someone to stop hiding and that she is ready to face them.

Dr. Price tells Zach that he has everything he needs to testify at the custody hearing and make sure that the judge denies Annie custody.

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