AMC Update Tuesday 10/7/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/7/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica tells Kendall that she is making a very serious accusation and Kendall says that she intends to handle the situation seriously before Fusion implodes. Erica asks if Kendall is sure that the perfume is making people sick. Adam orders Kendall to leave the property, but Erica says that they should hear what Kendall has to say.

Zach assures Annie that he wants to help her. Annie asks what Zach is going to do to help and Zach says that it is about what Annie is going to do.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about the push and pull relationship that they have going on.

Reporters ask Amanda questions about Bella. Amanda says that Fusion will be issuing a statement soon and that all the reporters need to leave. Randi assures Amanda that she handled things fine. Randi, Amanda and Pete admire something that was delivered for Kendall to give to Emma.

Kendall and Adam argue about his interests in Fusion. Erica says that Kendall is out of line, but Kendall says that Adam is the one that is out of line. JR and Babe walk in and ask what is going on. Kendall says that Adam was the one who sabotaged Bella. Adam says that JR and Babe are the ones with the master plan for Fusion. Adam says that Babe was going to use Bella to go straight to the top and snatch Fusion from under Kendall.

Zach says that Annie is the only one who can get Emma back and she has to do it by showing that she is a sane, rational woman at the custody hearing. Zach says that he knows a psychiatrist that owes him. Zach explains that he made the psychiatrist’s gambling debt go away.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about the moon. Greenlee tells Ryan that Fusion is going through some problems at the moment and that she will survive. Ryan says that it feels like something is coming or about to change. Ryan thanks Greenlee for sharing her moon with him.

Jake and Taylor talk about her opening up and then closing back down. Taylor says that she died with Brot.

Tad asks if he missed something and Krystal says that Jake and Taylor were dancing and then he saw the rest.

Babe and JR tell Kendall that Adam came up with that story to throw the heat off of him. Erica says that it wouldn’t be the first time that Babe stole from their family. Adam realizes that Colby was sprayed with Bella at the launch party. Kendall says that she is done there and confronts Erica for not having her back. Erica says that Kendall should have stuck to the plan and not barged in flinging accusations.

Jake and Tad talk about Taylor and Amanda.

Amanda says that Fusion is officially closed for the night and that they will be issuing a statement in the morning. Greenlee comes in and Pete says that the phones have been ringing off the hook. Greenlee says that she will check with the lawyers and see if they can address the lawsuits before they happen. Greenlee says that Kendall thinks that Adam is behind the whole Bella breakout. Kendall shows up and Greenlee asks how it went at the Chandler mansion.

JR and Babe confront Adam about throwing Babe under the bus with Kendall. JR realizes that Kendall was right and that Adam did poison the perfume. Erica comes in and says that she would like a word with Adam alone.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she believes that Adam had something to do with it and that they should let Pete believe what he wants.

Ryan and Zach talk about Emma. Zach asks if Ryan is ready for the hearing. Ryan says that no one is ever really ready for that, but that he is confident.

Adam and Erica talk about Kendall’s accusation. Adam tells Erica that he did not taint the perfume and Erica says that she believes him.

Greenlee says that the lawyers told her that until a lawsuit is officially filed, that there is nothing they can do. Kendall says that she is going home because Zach has the kids and Rachel has the night off. Kendall says that no one gets into the office. Randi tells Kendall not to forget her delivery. Greenlee says that she is going out to get some air. Greenlee runs into Jake. Amanda thanks Jake for coming over there.

Krystal and Tad talk about what he was looking for with Jake. Tad admits that someone hired him to investigate Jake’s new army buddy, Taylor.

Babe and JR talk about Adam spiking Bella. Adam says that he has information that he wants everyone to hear.

Annie says that she was hoping to tuck Emma in and Ryan says that Emma is already out. Annie starts talking about Ryan’s witness list for the custody hearing. Ryan says that he hopes Annie gets the help that she needs so that they can work out a joint custody arrangement. Kendall gets home and says that Annie isn’t supposed to be there. Kendall offers to help Ryan hang Emma’s painting. Zach asks Annie why she came back and Annie says that she will go see the psychiatrist.

Adam announces that he is going to be the first to file a lawsuit against Fusion over Bella because of Colby’s suffering. Amanda realizes that she's lost everything.

Krystal and Tad talk about the anonymous email he got asking him to investigate Taylor. He thinks it might be from her family. Meanwhile, Taylor calls a woman but hangs up without talking.

When Zach gives Annie the name of the psychiatrist, she asks Zach to accompany her then hugs him.  Meanwhile, Kendall and Ryan hang Stuart's painting of the full moon over Emma's bed.

Aidan spies on Kendall as she sits at the boathouse alone.

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