AMC Update Monday 10/6/08

All My Children Update Monday 10/6/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica tells Adam that she is concerned about Opal’s vision of them all being in danger. Adam says that Erica isn’t worried about a little danger and that she is afraid of being alone.

Kendall promises Emma that she isn’t going anywhere. Zach says that they are going to take a little trip.

Amanda and Greenlee talk about Bella.

Stuart and Ryan talk about the moon. Kendall calls Ryan to tell him that they are taking Emma to the hospital because she has a really high fever.

Babe surprises Annie. Babe says that she will make Annie a cup of tea and leaves. Annie asks if someone is there.

Taylor and Stuart talk about the moon. Stuart asks if Taylor is running towards something or away from something and Taylor leaves.

JR, Babe and Adam come running to see what is going on with Annie. Annie tells them that there was a man standing there with dark hair and wearing dark clothes. JR tells Adam that he will handle it and Adam says that JR can start by packing Annie’s bags. Babe assures Annie that she believes her, but Annie says that she is out of there. JR says that security has nothing. Annie says that someone was there, but Babe suggests that it is just stress because the mystery man showed up when Emma was taken away. Babe assures Annie that they believe her. Jesse calls Annie and asks her to come to the station.

Kendall and Zach give Jake permission to run some tests on Emma. Jake asks Emma to look out for Kendall and Zach when he leaves and takes her swab to the lab.

A man asks Angie to help his wife because her perfume made her sick. The man says that he is going to sue the hell out of the company.

Emma says that she wants her mommy and daddy. Ryan walks in and tells Emma that they are going to get her all better. Kendall tells Zach that she called Ryan because he has a right to know that Emma is sick. Zach asks why Kendall didn’t call Annie.

Erica and Adam talk about Opal. Adam changes the subject to their “relationship.”

Jesse tells Annie that he has a few follow-up questions about the custody case.

Zach and Kendall argue about Annie.

Amanda and Greenlee talk about the moon. Amanda and Greenlee talk about their relationships.

The man and his wife, Bella, tell Angie about the perfume. Angie says that they are getting the bottle tested. The man tells Kendall that she poisoned his wife. Kendall asks Angie to test the perfume. Ryan says that Emma is asleep and that he has to go because the police called him in for more questioning.

Jesse and Annie talk about the gun. Annie gets ready to leave and runs into Ryan. Annie says that she wants Emma back and Ryan says that a judge will decide that. Ryan tells Annie that Emma made a trip to the hospital.

Adam, JR, Babe and Erica talk about Annie. Babe leaves for the office after she gets a message from Amanda about Bella. Erica asks if JR and Babe have set a wedding date. JR suggests that Erica and Adam are trying to take over Fusion.

Kendall walks into Fusion and tells Greenlee, Amanda and Pete about the woman in the emergency room. Babe walks in. Angie calls Kendall and says that the perfume was tainted.

Jake and Taylor talk. Taylor says that Jake makes her feel vulnerable and she can’t be vulnerable.

Annie confronts Zach about not calling her when Emma got sick. Annie asks to see Emma and Zach says that he will go get her.

Erica and JR talk about what she is doing with Adam. Adam comes in and says that Erica finds him irresistible.

Babe says that they can still do damage control. Kendall says that they need to get every bottle back immediately and tells them to get Randi in there too. Kendall says that she wants a full recall of every bottle and then they will discuss Babe and Amanda’s futures with the company. Kendall suggests that Adam and Pete had something to do with it.

Annie and Emma play a game. Annie asks if she can get Emma ready for bed and Zach agrees.

Ryan gets a painting from Stuart for Emma. Ryan asks Stuart to get it to Kendall’s for Emma.

Jake says that Taylor is scared of him, but she says that she isn’t. Jake says that he thinks she is amazing because she challenges him. Jake and Taylor share a dance.

Greenlee says that Fusion has been through a lot worse than this and that she will worry about it tomorrow. Amanda says that she can’t let it go because it could bring down the company and wipe her out. Babe says that they won’t let it happen and that they will fight back.

JR leaves. Adam and Erica talk about JR and his plans for Fusion. Adam says that JR plans to have Babe take over Fusion. Kendall walks in and confronts Adam.

Annie thanks Zach for letting her spend time with Emma. Annie tells Zach about someone stalking her. Annie asks Zach to help her get Emma back and he agrees.

Ryan sits at the boathouse looking at the moon and Greenlee appears.

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