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Opal warns Erica not to tell Palmer that Adam and Erica kissed because the information would give Palmer a heart attack. Opal goes to read her cards and all she sees is doom and gloom. Erica tells her to relax. The doorbell rings, and Opal says that it is more bad news. Erica opens the door to Krystal and tells Opal that she was right because dark and evil is at the door.

Annie walks into the living room and is attacked by a man. She yells for help.

Greenlee tells Aidan that she will break the relationship with Ryan.

Annie calls for help. J.R., Adam, Babe, and Colby run to her aid. J.R. runs off to check on Lil A.

Jesse is giving Angie a foot massage. Jesse is happy that Frankie moved because now he can run around naked. He wants the apartment all to himself. Jesse reminds Angie that he took care of the other women who kept calling. Angie is not worried about that because she and Jesse are solid. She believes that nothing can bother them.

Erica is very sarcastic to Krystal. Krystal wants more news about the doom and gloom heading toward the Carey women. Opal cautions Erica to behave because Krystal is the mom of her granddaughter. Krystal wants Opal to read the cards again. Erica tells Krystal that she does not need the cards to know that she has made horrible mistakes in her life.

The security at the Chandler mansion checks for the intruder but cannot find anyone. Colby is afraid, and Adam does not believe Annie. Adam believes that Annie is imagining everything. Opal envisions that Erica and Adam will be bound together by total devastation.

Babe supports Annie and tells her that everything is OK. Annie tells her that she has lost everything and she suspects Ryan. Just as she says Ryan’s name, security walks him over to Annie. They want to know why he did not use the front door. Adam instructs security to leave Ryan alone.

Aidan gives Greenlee an anniversary present; he brought a pair of earrings.

Opal keeps repeating to herself, “disaster is coming and complete devastation will consume Pine Valley”. Opal and Krystal decide to tell Jesse about the trouble heading toward Pine Valley.

Erica visits Adam and tells him about Opal’s predictions. She wants Adam to know that his loved ones know that the bad news may impact him. Adam wants Annie out of his home, so he tells Erica about Annie’s false claims. Adam thinks that Erica returned for another kiss. Erica reminds Adam that they could be bound together in tragedy, according to Opal.

Ryan comes over to the Chandler Mansion to speak to Annie. He apologizes for his behavior. Annie misunderstands and wants to reunite, but Ryan does not because of her lies and the gun. Annie apologizes to Ryan to no avail. Ryan tells Annie that it is over.

Annie believes that everyone is turning on her.

Opal and Krystal tell Jesse about the vision that will be bad news for Adam, Erica, Adam, Krystal, Babe, J.R., and Jesse. Jesse decides that he needs beer to listen to Opal’s vision. Angie will go to the store for the beer. Jesse asks about the success rate for Opal’s visions. According to Opal, her success rate is about 50/50. Angie encounters a girl waiting in the hall for a friend. Angie wants to know if the girl is new in the building. They introduce themselves and then Angie leaves.

Greenlee calls Aidan to watch the full moon. Ryan goes for a night swim in the boathouse. He watches the full moon. Aidan places a bug in Greenlee’s new earrings.

Adam tells Erica about Carmen hiding his Scotch. She also complains about his home being a train station. Annie screams again.

Angie returns, and the girl is still in the hallway waiting for her friend. Angie invites the girl in to wait for her friend, but the girl rejects the offer.

Jesse does not have a clue at this time what to protect people from, so he can do nothing. He shows Krystal and Opal to the door.

Angie thinks that Opal’s visit and prediction were creepy. Jesse notices that Opal left her handbag, so he chases her to return it. The lady in the hallway says hello to him. He tells the woman that she cannot be there.

The security at the mansion cannot find the man Annie saw. J.R. and Babe begin to agree with Adam and think that Annie imagines things.

While Erica is visiting, Adam talks to Lil A about women and their schemes. Adam sees Erica to the door and leaves Lil A in the living room. A man enters the door but runs out when Erica returns for her wrap. Lil A is in the living room staring at the man.

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