AMC Update Thursday 10/2/08

All My Children Update Thursday 10/2/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Frankie asks Randi to move in with him; she is hesitant but eventually says yes.

Taylor returns to the yacht, and find Amanda with Monroe’s jacket on making love to Jake. Taylor is not amused. Jake keep the peace until he see that the jacket belong to Taylor’s dead fiancé. He explains the situation to Amanda. Amanda is sorry that she did not know.

Colby finds Adam and Erica kissing. Erica is unhappy that Adam, and she were found out. Erica is embarrassed; but Adam is not. Adam tries to continue kissing Erica, but she tells him that the moment has passed. Colby teases Adam about the kiss. Adam tells her that the kiss was meaningless. He admits to kissing Erica to test her sincerity. He notes that he got the answer he expected.

Someone knocks on the Slater’s door, and Kendall asks Zach if he is suspecting someone. Zach does not answer. Annie is at the door.

Greenlee and Aidan run into Ryan at ConFusion.

Amanda thought it would be cute and sexy to put on the uniform. It was cute and sexy for Jake and her but not for Taylor. Taylor thought it was disrespectful, because people are dying in Iraq.

Kendall tells Zach that she cannot believe that he invited Annie over. Annie mentioned that it is not OK for her to come over, but it is OK for Greenlee to tuck Emma into bed. Kendall concludes that the only way she could have know that Greenlee tucked Emma into bed would be if she was lurking in the bushes.

Ryan offers Greenlee and Aidan a drink because he is celebrating filing for divorce. Aidan refuse the offer of the drinks. Aidan pretends to Ryan that he, and Greenlee have no secrets between them. Greenlee feels sorry for Ryan.

Annie feels like she is being watched, and she tells Zach. Zach wants to know if anyone else feels the same way. He asks if Annie is hallucinating. Kendall brings Emma into the room for a surprise. Kendall wants to oversee the visit, but Zach urges her to give Annie and Emma some space.

Angie barges in on Frankie, and brings over some of his things as an excuse to visit. Frankie attempts to tell her about Randi being his roommate, but Randi stops him. Randi leaves.

Jake looks for Taylor, and finds her on his front porch.

Erica goes to Opal. Opal tells her about the dark cloud coming to Pine Valley. Petey listens in. Erica mentions the kiss she shared with Adam. Petey overhears Erica say that she is spying on him, because Babe gave him up to save herself. Opal notes that Erica is using her charms on Adam to elicit information.

Carmen sees Randi coming into Confusion. Randi tells Carmen about Frankie and his jester to have her move in. Randi is afraid of intimacy; she has had sex, but never had a boyfriend. Carmen suggests that she give Frankie a chance.

Angie is nosey about Randi and wants to know why she left. Frankie wants Angie out of his business. He wants her to stop interfering.

Ryan and Greenlee talk. Greenlee now agrees that Aidan was right about requesting she not see Ryan, because the friendship is deadly. She vow to stay away from Ryan for good.

Petey is at the Mansion with Colby. They talk about her father’s kiss. Petey thinks no kiss is meaningless, but to prove that a kiss can be meaningless Colby kisses him. Petey thought the kiss proved his point; Colby though it proved her point. Petey calls Adam C-man and report back to him on his mother and Erica’s conversation. He tells Adam that Babe ratted him out to Kendall.

Jake finds Taylor at his home. She likes the peace and quiet his home offers.

Randi confesses that she is afraid of falling in love, and then have Frankie leave. Carmen convinces her believe that Frankie is for real.

Angie does not see Frankie as a strong confident man, but as her little boy who use to suck his thumb. She promises to step back, and give Frankie some space.

Zach takes Emma off to read a story with Spike. Annie apologies to Kendall, and thank her for taking Emma. Kendall let Annie know that she did it for Ryan.

Greenlee instructs Ryan to go to other people when he is in trouble, because she will no longer be available.

Kendall tells Annie that she is a danger to her child and a liar. Annie reminds her that she has lied, and then she tells Kendall to give her a break. She reminds Kendall that everyone thinks that she is the town crazy but in reality, Kendall is the one on the edge. She tells Kendall that the way she minds everyone’s business she is hanging on the edge, and she will be the next one to fall off.

Taylor remembers telling Monroe’s story in Jake’s home, and she wants to know why does she feel comfortable with him. She wants to be with her unit. She misses Monroe so much in Pine Valley. Jake takes her hand.

Randi returns to Frankie and tells him that she will move in because she loves him and want to be with him. They kiss.

Erica and Adam think about the kiss.

Zach walks up behind Kendall and pulls her into a kiss. Zach admits that sometimes Kendall is annoying and gets on his nerves, but when he takes her in his arms, it feels like the first time. Kendall prompts him to kiss her again, and she lets him know the thought of losing him is unbearable. She smiles at the pleasure he gives her.

Aidan asks Greenlee if she is OK, then he tells her that she need not break up her friendship with Ryan for him.

Annie returns to the mansion and hears a noise as she walks into the living room. She asks if someone is there, then someone walks up behind her, and puts their hand over her mouth.

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