AMC Update Wednesday 10/1/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Manny tells Kendall that he will make it work for the Fusion ladies. Kendall asks Randi to help Manny load up the packages. Amanda talks to a reporter about Bella. Amanda thanks the reporter and says that she is late for an internal meeting. Kendall tells Amanda to set up a meeting when Babe gets there. Erica walks in and tells Kendall that Adam is out to get Fusion.

Pete tells Adam that Fusion has quadrupled the order of Bella. Pete tells Adam that “Blast” affects different people in different ways. Adam suggests that Pete’s concoction has turned out to be a dud. Pete says that he will taint a large batch when it arrives and Blast will do it’s job. Adam tells Pete to wait because they can afford to wait until they know it will work.

Aidan asks where Greenlee was the previous afternoon and asks if there is something she doesn’t want to tell him.

Taylor thanks Frankie for helping her out with her first therapy session. Jake asks Frankie what he gave Taylor to help her.

Babe says that Annie has been through enough without Adam badgering her. Babe asks Annie if she is going to get dressed for work, but Annie says that she can’t face Kendall and Greenlee. Annie says that Ryan came over there when she was getting ready to go to bed and announced that he is filing for divorce and wants sole custody of Emma. Babe says that it doesn’t sound like Ryan and Annie says that Ryan is doing it for Greenlee.

Greenlee says that the previous day was crazy and that it will be until the launch is finished. Greenlee asks what Aidan is doing for the day. Aidan says that he is still working on the case that he can’t talk about. Aidan promises her that the case will be over soon.

Babe and Annie talk about Greenlee. Annie says that Greenlee is setting all this up because she is still in love with Ryan. Babe says that if Annie keeps talking like that and acting like that, she will lose the custody battle. Babe says that Annie has to stay as strong and together as possible. Babe says that anything Annie says can be used against her. Annie says that she will not lose her daughter.

Erica tells Kendall that something is going on between Annie and Adam about Fusion. Erica says that just before Ryan swept Emma out of the house, Adam and Annie were huddled together and that Adam was talking about stealing Fusion. Kendall says that it makes sense because the only person that Annie hates more than her is Greenlee. Kendall says that Erica has to find out what Adam has up his sleeve. Erica tells Kendall to pay attention to her family and her company and that Erica will handle Adam. Adam calls Erica and says that he is always available for her.

Taylor says that Frankie gave her support. Jake says that whatever Frankie gave her seems to be helping. Taylor leaves and Jake asks what drug Frankie put her on.

Adam tells Erica how beautiful she is. Adam says that they have the house to themselves. Erica says that she thinks the new “Bella” fragrance is a big mistake. Erica says that it would completely counter the couture image that Fusion has carefully cultivated. Erica says that if someone doesn’t step in and correct the course, Fusion is headed for disaster. Adam asks if she is talking about a takeover.

Babe tells Annie that she was imagining that someone was following them. Amanda tells them that the launch is wonderful and that she may need to buy a bigger yacht. Amanda says that she is setting up a presentation for them to give to Kendall and Greenlee. Amanda says that they are presenting a whole “Bella” line. Pete comes in with doughnuts. Randi says that the lead sales rep from the DiFranco chain needs to talk to one of them ASAP and Babe takes it. Annie asks Kendall about Emma. Babe says that the DiFranco chain loves the samples. Babe says that they didn’t respond immediately because everyone in the office got sick. Babe suggests that maybe “Bella” is what is making people sick. Babe suggests having the lab run some tests and holding off on the distribution for a couple of days. Amanda says that they can’t do that. Annie tells Kendall that Ryan wants a divorce and wants full custody of Emma.

Frankie says that if he did prescribe something for Taylor it is confidential. Jake says that if Taylor is masking her post-traumatic stress behind an anti-anxiety medication, then Frankie is putting people in jeopardy. Frankie says that he wants Jake to admit that he has something going on for Taylor.

Erica and Adam talk about a possible Fusion takeover.

Greenlee says that Ryan isn’t coming after her. Babe suggests that she and Annie should go to the lounge and talk. Annie says that Greenlee spent the whole previous day with Ryan. Annie says that Greenlee went to Kendall’s the previous night and rocked Emma in her arms. Kendall asks if Annie was spying on them. Annie says that Greenlee is playing Aidan. Aidan says that he supports Greenlee 100% and that Ryan is their friend. Kendall fires Annie and Greenlee agrees with her. Babe offers to give Annie a ride home and Annie says that she will be fine.

Jake says that he is only interested in Taylor as a friend and that he has a very nice thing going on with Amanda. Jake asks when Frankie and Randi are moving in together.

Adam leaves for a minute and Erica says that she will be there. Adam asks why Pete was signaling him like an incoming aircraft. Pete asks what is going on between Adam and Erica. Pete tells Adam that a major department store called DiFranco and that the whole sales staff got sick. Adam tells Pete to taint as much of the new shipment as possible.

Kendall agrees to allocate funds for a full Bella product line. Babe says that she is still bugged about the DiFranco call, but Amanda tells her to quit thinking about it. Greenlee leaves.

Frankie shows Randi the apartment. Frankie says that he wants Randi to move in there with him.

Taylor tells the therapist to leave her alone.

Jake and Amanda celebrate. Amanda orders Jake around.

Frankie says that he wants Randi to move in with him because he loves her. Randi says that she can’t give Frankie what he wants in a relationship and can’t even make love to him. Frankie says that there is an extra bedroom and a couch that folds out into a bed. Frankie says that he loves being around her an that is more important to him than sex. Frankie says that it would be no strings attached.

Greenlee tries to explain things to Aidan, but he keeps criticizing her for not telling him about Ryan. Greenlee asks Aidan not to leave. Aidan says that she is going too.

Frankie tells Randi that he is moving in that afternoon. Randi says that after she gets out of work, she will check out of the Pine Cone and move her stuff over there.

Aidan shows Greenlee the secret project that he couldn’t talk to her about. Aidan shows her where the entrance to their new home will be and Greenlee says that she loves it.

Babe tells JR about her concerns with the people getting sick possibly from Bella. Babe hangs up and says that they can’t let Adam find out. Kendall asks Babe what Adam can’t find out about. Annie calls someone to help her hold on to her daughter. Babe says that she wants to make sure that Adam doesn’t find out about the expanded “Bella” line. Kendall says that they don’t have to worry about Adam because when he makes a move on Fusion, she will cut him off at the knees.

Adam returns to Erica and proceeds to kiss her.  She believes that they will get a lot from their new friendship.

Pete uses a syringe to inject his Blast concoction into more bottles of Bella perfume.

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