AMC Update Tuesday 9/30/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Kendall says that there is too much drama and that she feels bad for Emma whose whole family has disappeared. Zach gives Kendall the phone to call Ryan because that is what she wants to do.

Ryan stops Greenlee from kissing him, taking her hands off his face.

Someone sneaks into Aidan’s office and picks up Greenlee’s picture.

Tad makes fun of Opal’s reading. Krystal says that it is serious because Opal said that something bad is going to happen to the Carey women and she needs to know what it is. Krystal asks Opal how bad it is.

Trapped in the mansion's secret tunnel, Annie screams for help. JR and Babe let her out, and Annie tells them that she heard a noise and the panel was open. Annie says that someone was in the house. JR goes in, but says that there was no sign that anyone was in there. JR says that he will check with security. Annie tells Babe that someone was there and “he” was watching her. Annie says that someone has been watching her for days and has found a way to get to her. Annie says that someone has broken into the house. Babe says that Annie is in pain and is exhausted. Annie suggests that Ryan is having her watched.

Greenlee apologizes, but Ryan says that it was a mistake for her to be there. Greenlee says that she is there for whatever Ryan needs. Ryan asks why Greenlee is still there and says that she should go. Ryan says that it will never be friendship. Ryan says that he can’t be in the same room as Greenlee. Greenlee says that they can get past what was said and become friends. Ryan tells her to stop trying to make it okay. Ryan says that loving him broke her and that all he wants to do is kiss her and make love to her. Greenlee says that she wanted to help and didn’t want him to kiss her. Greenlee says that they need to be friends and they can’t be if he keeps bringing up the past. Ryan says that he hurt her and always will and tells her to go home to her husband.

Zach says that it’s only logical that Kendall would call Ryan to make sure he is okay. Kendall says that maybe her mind drifts off to the dad that is missing Emma. Kendall asks how they can get back to being happy and normal. Zach says that he is going to the office, but Kendall says that if he goes, then it isn’t just her. Kendall says that if he walks out of there, then he has to admit that he shuts up when they should talk and he walks away when he should stay. Kendall says that she can’t fix it by herself. Zach says that he won’t be late.

Tad says that it is enough, but Krystal says that they can’t pack it in. Krystal asks if Babe is going to be okay. Opal says that the moment has passed and that the guide has left. Opal says that she is going to give Pete a call on her way out. Krystal says that Opal can’t get her all worked up and then rush off . Tad says that is what the cards are for. Tad says that life is peachy and that they shouldn’t get worked up over the reading. Tad says that Opal’s readings are a waste of time.

Jesse and Aidan talk about search warrants. Jesse says that digging up dirt on him is a bad move.

Greenlee shows up to see Kendall. Greenlee says that she was with Ryan and that she wanted to help. Kendall says that she was busy dealing with Ryan’s broken-hearted daughter. Greenlee says that nothing happened with Ryan and that nothing would because she loves Aidan. Kendall asks where Ryan is and Greenlee says that she needs Kendall. Kendall says that Greenlee only needs her to yell at and that Greenlee went to see Ryan because she wanted to.

Zach asks Ryan to look over some numbers and gives him a folder with a picture that Emma drew in it. Zach says that Spike and Emma had an art session after dinner.

Annie says that Ryan did it, just like he took Emma. Babe assures Annie that she is a good mother. Annie says that he has to be ready for whatever Ryan has planned. Babe says that Annie and Ryan can still work things out and that there is still time. Annie says that she and Ryan aren’t going to find their way back from it. JR and Opal talk. JR tells Annie that no one has been on the grounds unannounced. JR assures Annie that she is safe. JR asks what they can help Opal with. Opal asks to see Babe and JR outside. Annie says that she needs to be alone for a minute anyways.

Kendall answers the phone and tells Annie that Emma is fine. Annie hears Greenlee in the background and says that Greenlee has no business being near Emma and that she is coming over. Kendall says that it isn’t a good idea to piss off Social Services and says goodnight to Annie.

Opal says that the cards may tell a different story than JR and Babe. JR says that no Chandlers are in danger, but Opal says that it is about the Carey women. JR says that Babe is healthy and safe. Opal says that she wants to set her mind at ease.

Tad suggests that he and Krystal slip into the closet for some “wrestling” and someone comes out and tells them to get a room.

Aidan tells Jesse that the company is all his now. Jesse asks why Aidan is at the office that late and Aidan says that he can’t resist a game of pinball. Jesse tells Aidan to stay out of his personal business. Jesse says that he can yank Aidan’s license and shut the place down.

Zach says that Emma is doing okay. Ryan and Zach talk about when Ryan met Emma. Ryan says that Annie isn’t the same woman he married. Zach tells Ryan to take care of Emma and that Annie is on her own.

Kendall says that it is just great that the lunatic wants to come to her house. Greenlee says that Kendall can’t tune her out, but Kendall says that Greenlee survived. Greenlee says that Kendall will take responsibility for what she has done, but Kendall says that she didn’t put a gun to Greenlee’s head and didn’t drag her to Ryan’s. Greenlee says that Kendall guilted her into it, but Kendall reminds Greenlee that all she said was that Ryan was hurting. Greenlee says that she doesn’t want to hurt anymore. Greenlee and Kendall argue. Emma comes out and says that she wants her mommy and daddy. Greenlee says that she knows. Annie looks through the window at Greenlee hugging Emma. Greenlee tells Emma that she helped her feel better when they first met. Greenlee tells Emma that she is a wonderful big girl.

Zach says that Annie blames Ryan in some way. Ryan and Zach talk about Hannah. Ryan says that he doesn’t know what Annie is capable of doing anymore. Ryan says that he has to do something. Zach says that he should have dealt with Hannah a lot sooner.

Tad and Jesse talk about Jesse and Angie’s conversation. Tad asks if the other woman, so to speak, is a thing of the past and Jesse says that she is taken care of. Tad apologizes for putting Aidan on investigating Jesse. Jesse says that Tad should just come to him.

Opal wakes up and JR says that she fainted. Babe assures Opal that the cards can’t hurt her. Opal says that something bad is coming to Pine Valley and that everyone needs saving.

Kendall says that Greenlee was amazing with Emma. Kendall asks if Greenlee is going home or going back to Ryan’s.

JR suggests that they should give the cards a rest and offers to give Opal a ride home. Opal tells JR and Babe to never let go no matter what. Opal leaves. JR teases Babe about the wedding band. Babe tells him that if he keeps it up she might not marry him at all.

Annie asks Ryan what he wants and he says that he wants a divorce. Ryan says that he is filing the papers in the morning. Annie says that she will never give him her daughter. Ryan says that he is also filing for full custody and that if she fights him on it, she will regret it.

Kendall asks where Zach went. Zach says that he went to get some work done. Kendall says that Greenlee came over and helped put Emma back to sleep and that she is still in love with Ryan. Zach says that he is going to check on the boys.

Talking into his phone, Jesse says that he lied to his wife and his friend by saying that he admitted to have a relationship that is over. Jesse says that he has to go now.

A gust of wind blows Opal’s cards to the floor. Opal feels that something bad is coming to Pine Valley.

Krystal feels unsettled and takes refuge in Tad’s arms.

JR hugs and kisses Babe, but looks concerned.

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