AMC Update Monday 9/29/08

All My Children Update Monday 9/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Frankie gives Taylor a prescription for a mild sedative to get her ready for her appointment with the doctor.

JR suggests that Tad should be his best man and Krystal suggests not having the wedding at the mansion. Babe agrees with Krystal. Opal comes in and says that they are in for a world of pain.

Greenlee tells Kendall what happened. Kendall says that she is on her way and Zach asks where she is going.

Annie says that she wants to see her daughter, but the officer says that she has to give her statement first. Jesse and Ryan talk about what happened at the Chandler mansion.

Kendall says that she is meeting Greenlee for a drink. Zach reminds Kendall that they were supposed to have dinner together. Zach reveals that he knows that Ryan got arrested. Kendall asks Zach to help her bail Ryan out, but Zach refuses.

Ryan and Jesse talk about the things Annie did. Annie tells the officer to check with Adam, JR and Babe.

Adam tells Lt. Perry that he did not leave the gun in Annie’s room. Adam says that he keeps the gun locked in a cabinet and that maybe Annie got it out.

The officer goes to check with his supervisors. Annie and Greenlee argue about Ryan. Jesse tells Greenlee where she can post Ryan’s bail. Annie asks if she can see her daughter, but Jesse says that he still has to investigate.

Jake and Taylor talk about her appointment. Amanda comes up and says that they need to celebrate how well Bella is doing. Amanda invites Taylor to join them, but Taylor says that she has an appointment. Amanda tells Taylor that they will be at the Comeback.

Opal goes over the cards with Babe, JR and Krystal.

Greenlee apologizes to Annie and Annie tells her to go away. Greenlee tries to get Annie to drop the charges, but Annie tells her to shut up. Annie says that she wants to take her daughter home, but Jesse says that he has to do a full investigation before child services releases Emma. Jesse explains that Adam has changed his story about the gun. Jesse says that either Emma goes to stay with a close relative or goes into foster care. Annie says that Emma can’t go through foster care again because she was traumatized the last time.

Taylor goes in to see the doctor.

Zach tells Kendall that Ryan will get himself out of the mess. Kendall says that Greenlee is waiting for her and that she wants to support them. Jesse calls Kendall and asks her to come down to the station.

Greenlee tells Ryan that Emma is with a social worker and that she is fine.

Taylor talks about the war. Taylor say that she wants the chance to serve alongside her unit and that she can handle whatever comes her way.

Opal reads JR and Babe’s cards. Babe and JR leave and Opal tells Krystal to let them go.

Ryan says that he wishes Annie was getting the help that she needs. Kendall says that they will take care of Emma. Kendall says that Annie decided to have her and Zach take Emma home for now until the investigation is done. Annie tells Emma that she is going to have a sleepover with Spike, Kendall and Zach.

Taylor says that the session was good. The therapist says that she has several more sessions to go before her redeployment papers are to be signed. Taylor tells Frankie that she will see him in Iraq.

Adam and Annie argue about what was told to the police. Adam tells Annie to pack her bags and get out immediately, but Babe says that Annie isn’t going anywhere.

Kendall and Zach talk to Emma. Emma says that she is ready for her story now.

Amanda and Jake talk. Jake says that he would like to know more about Amanda. Taylor shows up and says that the next round is on her. Taylor announces that her session went well.

Babe and JR confront Adam about changing his story with the cops. Adam says that he wants Annie out.

Opal says that the Carey women are in trouble.

JR says that Annie can stay for one night. Babe offers to walk Annie up the stairs, but Annie says that she is going to hang out for a while because the fresh air feels good.

Jake and Taylor talk about her session. Jake asks Taylor what she is on. Jake tells Amanda that they got to go.

Annie asks who is there and screams. Annie calls for help.

Greenlee tells Ryan that Emma is okay. Ryan says that he should have grabbed Emma and taken off. Greenlee assures Ryan that Emma will be okay with Kendall, Zach and Spike.

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