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All My Children Update Friday 9/26/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

When Greenlee gets sick in the Bahamas, she and Aidan return from their honeymoon earlier than planned. Kendall sees her at the office and asks if she shouldn’t be at the beach somewhere. Amanda and Kendall ask her about her honeymoon. Jake walked Amanda to work, and Aidan walked Greenlee to work. The two men leave together because they call Fusion “no man’s land.”

Ryan prepares Emma pancakes, but one is runny, and the others are too dark. Emma complains that her mommy makes animal pancakes but Ryan does not. Ryan says that his are amoeba pancakes, which are animals. Emma tells him that she misses her mommy.

Annie sleeps on the Chandler’s patio. She is startled when a shadow walks toward her.

Angie asks Tad about Frankie because today is his court day. Tad feels that he will come out just fine. Krystal offers Tad and Angie some of her hot pecan coffee cake. They do not refuse. Angie feels bad that she did not approach Jesse about the phone call hang-ups. She should have talked to him instead of laying everything on Tad. She let Tad know that Jesse told her everything about an old flame. He assured her that the relationship ended. Jesse calls, and Angie leaves to meet him. Tad has to eat two pieces of cake. Tad tells Krystal about Jesse’s old flame.

Greenlee tells everyone that she has the best husband. Petey is the gofer and brings Amanda coffee. Amanda sends him back for additional things. Kendall makes a snarky remark about Bella falling flat on its face when the buzz calms down. Kendall asks Greenlee for details on the honeymoon.

Ryan explains to Emma why she cannot see Mommy and why he is upset about the gun. Emma complains that J.R. and Babe are getting married and kiss a lot.

Babe was the shadow coming toward Annie. Annie believes that Ryan took Emma to get back at her. She asks Babe to tell Kendall and Greenlee that she will not be in the office today. Adam encourages Annie to go to work and stand up and fight for Emma. He encourages Annie to take Emma back.

Frankie has received his sentence for his DUI. He cannot practice medicine for six months and has to do community service. Angie attacks Taylor for convincing Frankie that his duty is to return to Iraq. Taylor believes that Frankie can do some good in Iraq. She insists that Frankie has a responsibility to return to Iraq. Angie wants her to shut up. Angie will not apologize for being a mother and wanting to keep her son safe.

Annie goes over to Ryan’s and demands to see Emma. Ryan refuses. Annie asks for Emma to be returned to her. Ryan does not let Annie and Emma see each other.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she called Aidan by Ryan’s name. Kendall is shocked and wants to know Aidan’s reaction.

Babe arrives at work and apologizes for being late. She tells Amanda and Greenlee about “Lil A" swallowing her engagement ring. Annie arrives late as well. Babe tells everyone that Ryan took Emma. Kendall reminds Annie that Ryan took Emma because she had a gun lying around. Kendall calls Annie a bitch and a paranoid woman. Kendall and Greenlee believe that Ryan had every right to take Emma.

Angie tells Taylor that she knows that she has been pressing Frankie to do his duty. She wants to know what happened at the party the night Frankie received his DUI. Taylor supposes that Frankie may have gotten drunk because he doesn’t want to leave his girlfriend. Taylor believes that Frankie’s problem is that his mother and his girlfriend do not want him to go to Iraq. Angie refuses to let her son go back. Taylor tells Angie that it is not her call to determine if Frankie goes to Iraq or not. Angie tells her that she acts like they are having one big party in Iraq and it is the only place to be. Taylor wants Angie to understand that she understands the danger but it is necessary. Angie makes it clear that Taylor does not understand a mother’s feelings. Jesse arrives, and as Taylor is leaving, he notices that Angie and Taylor are unhappy. Angie talks about Taylor, and Jesse advises that she allow Frankie to be a man. To return to Iraq is Frankie’s decision. Jesse reminds Angie that Frankie has grown up and a lot happened when he was away from his mother.

Greenlee goes on about how amazing Ryan is. Annie tells Kendall and Greenlee that they are so predictable when it comes to “Saint flipping” Ryan Lavery, who can do no wrong. Annie leaves. Kendall and Greenlee are concerned that Annie might get the police on Ryan. Greenlee suggests that Kendall tell Ryan that trouble may be on its way. Kendall cannot go because she promised Zach that she would stay out of Ryan’s business. Greenlee cannot go because she called Aidan by Ryan’s name. Kendall reminds Greenlee that if she does not go to Ryan, he may go to jail. She guilts Greenlee by telling her that she does not want Ryan’s arrest on her mind. In the end, Greenlee goes to see Ryan.

Jesse advises Angie to respect Frankie’s choices. He, as a father, is worried as well, but he tries to give Frankie his space. Angie vows that she will never accept Frankie’s leaving. She refuses to say goodbye.

Taylor shows up at the hospital and sees Frankie talking to Jake. Frankie avoids her. She tells Jake that she is there for an appointment. Jake calls her a liar and a fake. He knows that she is not feeling well but pretends that she is. Jake thinks that Taylor will do whatever it takes to get back to Iraq. He accuses her of being a liar and good at fooling people.

Babe asks Amanda to be her maid of honor.

Petey catches a call that was intended for Greenlee. The doctor in the Bahamas found a synthetic in her blood that may have come from soap or lotion. Petey runs off to tell Adam. Kendall notices Petey and asks Babe to follow him home to see if he reports to Adam.

Annie informs Jesse that Ryan broke the restraining order. Jesse lets her know that if she files charges, Ryan could be arrested. Annie is OK with that.

Greenlee tells Ryan to give Emma back to Annie because he broke the restraining order and could be arrested. Ryan is not listening.

Jesse Hubbard knocks on Ryan’s door and tells him that the restraining order is legally binding. Annie calls Emma and she rushes to her mommy. Krystal thinks that Tad is disappointed that there is no story about Jesse and an affair. She noticed that he had put his detective gears in motion when he thought there might be a story surrounding Jesse; he now seems let down. Tad and Krystal tease each other then kiss.

Taylor asks Frankie if he is avoiding her. He claims that he is busy. She wants him to give her some medicine for her shakiness.

Petey arrives at Adam’s and tells him that the test on Greenlee did not relate her symptoms to perfume. They believe that they will never be found out. Babe follows Petey and overhears his conversation with Adam.

Aidan arrives at Fusion for a lunch date with Greenlee. Kendall avoids talking about Ryan and gives an excuse for Greenlee’s absence.

Ryan tells Jesse and his team to leave and to get away from his daughter. Jesse asks Ryan to back off, and when he refuses to do so, Jesse places him under arrest. Greenlee accuses Annie of wanting Ryan arrested. Greenlee grabs Annie’s arm, and Annie tell her to let go of her arm, or she will have her arrested as well.

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