AMC Update Thursday 9/25/08

All My Children Update Thursday 9/25/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan and Greenlee are in the Bahamas. She is hallucinating while sleeping. She is talking to Aidan, and she says she want to have his baby, but she calls him Ryan.

Ryan accompanies Emma to her room to look for her doll, but he finds a gun hidden by Annie. He put the gun in his pants, and proceeds to confront Annie.

“Lil A” is chocking and Annie helps him to spit out the engagement ring. Kendall yells at Annie to stop, because Annie does not know what she is doing. Kendal yells that Annie let a doctor assist “Lil A”. JR hugs Annie in an effort to thank her for saving his son. Kendall wants to leave the room, because she cannot stand Annie getting praise for her efforts. Erica trails the Slaters, and asks Kendall why was she yelling at Annie when Annie was the only one trying to save JR’s son. Zach tell Erica that Kendall’s screaming was what it is always about; he tells Erica that Kendall thinks that the whole world revolves around Ryan Lavery.

Frankie checks out “Lil A”, and find him to be OK.

Aidan has called a doctor to examine Greenlee. He diagnoses her as having an allergic reaction to shellfish.

Greenlee is scared, because she called Ryan’s name. She asks Aidan to come to bed, but he decided not to.

Adam thanks Annie for saving “Lil A”. Annie tells Adam that Kendall was right; she had no idea what she was doing. She followed her instincts. Ryan butts in and wants to know where was those instincts when she hid a gun in Emma’s room.

Greenlee is dreaming that Aidan, and she are talking about Ryan.

Ryan tells Annie that she is dammed lucky that Emma did not find the gun. Annie reminds Ryan that she hates guns, and she does not admit to putting the gun there. When she was at Wildwind she moved out, because she did not want a gun around Emma.

Kendall, Zach, and Erica follow Ryan. Kendall butts into Ryan, and Annie’s conversation, and mentions the faked car accident. Zach notes that the gun is not loaded. Kendall continues to be ugly, obnoxious, and unfair to Annie by bring up things she thinks that Annie has done.

Greenlee dreams that Aidan tells her to forget about Ryan, and think about them. Greenlee tells him that she is thinking about their house, apple orchids, and kids.

Adam takes responsibility for putting the gun in Annie’s room. He admits to buying the gun when the Satin Slayer was killing the Fusion women.

Ryan wants to take Emma home with him.

Colby was in shock when “Lil A” was chocking. She cannot believe how motionless she was; she did nothing.

Tad asks Jesse if he is having an affair. He knows that Jesse was not at the station tonight, because he went down there and Jesse was gone. Tad overhead Jesse on the phone; Jesse was telling someone that he loves them. Jesse spills his guts to Tad. He met someone while on the run and he fell in love, but after finding Angie again he knew he still loved her. Angie is the one he has chosen to be with. Tad lets him know that Angie knows his secret, and he encourage Jesse to come clean with her.

Frankie and Randi leave the party. He has planned a surprise for her.

Annie tells Ryan that he cannot take her daughter. She yells at Ryan that he wants to take Emma, because he blames Annie for the baby’s death. Kendall butts in again and starts defending Ryan’s actions to Annie. Zach tries to be the peacemaker. Zach invites Ryan to come home with them, and visit with Spike. Kendall joins in.

Greenlee is dreaming and she and Annie confront each other. She wakes up and finds Aidan still there. She knows that she was hallucinating while sleeping.

JR questions Adam about the gun. Adam points out that JR left an engagement ring lying around. JR threatens to take “LiL Adam” away and never let Adam see him again if he does not get rid of the gun.

Jesse decides to tell Angie the truth. When Angie arrives home Jesse tells her that he met a woman while on the run, and they fell in love. The woman is the one who has been calling, and hanging up. She wants Jesse back. He loves Angie and broke if off with the women, but she calls anyway.

Frankie take Randi to the Fusion rooftop. A late night picnic by candlelight lunch is prepared. Jake owes Frankie a favor, so he set up everything. Randi initially loved it, but then she turned around to leave. Frankie does not understand. Randi thinks he is too good for her.

Annie, and Adam talk about the gun. She wants to know why he took responsibility.

When Kendall, Zach and Ryan arrive at the Slater’s home Kendall begin to phone Jack. Zach wants to know whom is she calling. She tells him that they are calling Jack to represent Ryan in a custody battle for Emma. Kendall calls Annie a complete whack job. Ryan tells her that they are not doing anything, because Ryan will handle it by himself. He tells Kendall to please keep her nose out of his business.

Aidan is trying not to get angry with Ryan. He is glad that Greenlee loved him once, because her experience with Ryan made her who she is today. When she awakens he let her know that he still adores her.

Ryan visit with Spike, and Zach sits next to Kendall on the sofa. She asks Zach what is he thinking. She tells him that he was right about her sticking her nose into Ryan’s business. She admits that she was wrong, and she apologizes to Zach. Zach finds that it is ironic that it took Ryan to make her see that she was wrong.

Ryan is still in the mansion lying in Emma’s bed.

Erica is still at the mansion; Adam thought she had left. Erica tells him that she would never leave without saying goodbye. She overheard Adam, and Annie talking about Fusion. She asks what were they saying about Fusion. He tells Erica that Babe, his family member, has a chance to be rich if Bella is successful. Adam apologies for leaving Erica alone, and he intends to make it up to her. She tells him to call her when he thinks of a way to make it up to her.

Babe is upset over “Lil A”. She tells JR that her family means everything to her. JR proposes again with the ring retrieved from “Lil A”. They hear Annie yelling at Ryan to not take Emma. Babe, JR and Adam run to the entryway. They threaten Ryan with security, but he insists that he will take Emma. Annie is screaming at him to stop what he is doing.

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