AMC Update Wednesday 9/24/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/24/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan answers the door and tells a woman that she has the wrong room. Greenlee says that now that “Mariatta” is there the honeymoon can get started.

Krystal tells Adam that he will not ruin or jinx the party, wedding or marriage of JR and Babe this time.

Erica tells Kendall that they need to talk about product support for New Beginnings and Kendall walks away. Erica says that she needs to know what is wrong between Zach and Kendall so that she can help solve it. Zach says that Erica and Kendall are so much alike that it is scary.

Colby says that she doesn’t even think about taking a drink and that she is going to see if Lucretia needs help. Krystal says that Colby is sneaking strawberries and asks her to save some. Babe says that she and JR finally got it right. Krystal says that wearing the old ring is not going to be good for Babe and JR.

JR and Tad talk about the upcoming wedding. JR says that he would like to make amends with Tad.

Jesse and Angie talk about the party. Angie says that the Army wouldn’t dare take Frankie if he had a wife and kids.

Annie and Babe talk about Richie. Babe assures Annie that she and Emma are safe there and that Richie can’t get them again.

Ryan and Emma talk about their tree in the park. Ryan tells Corrina that she can take a break. Ryan and Emma make up a story about a beautiful butterfly.

Greenlee tells Aidan that Maritta is the greatest makeup artist ever and that it will be worth the wait.

Kendall asks Erica to go to the party with them, but Erica refuses. Kendall says that she has no one on her side in this, but Erica says that Kendall has Zach on her side.

Adam walks in on Babe and JR. Adam says that everything is because of Babe. JR says that if Adam can’t be happy for them, then he shouldn’t go to the party. JR leaves and Babe says that they all owe Adam for JR’s changes.

Tad and Krystal talk about the “case” he is looking into. Tad wonders why Jesse is making phone calls to someone other than Angie that end in “I love you.”

Jesse’s phone rings and Angie tells him that he can answer it. Jesse says that is what voicemail is for. Angie asks if he is going to meet her at the party, but he says that he can’t because he is swamped with work.

Krystal asks if Jesse is having an affair. Tad explains what he overheard and what Angie asked him to do. Tad suggests that maybe Jesse was talking to someone that he was with while he was on the run.

Ryan talks Emma through catching a butterfly and setting it free.

Greenlee thanks Maritta for her last minute masterpiece and says goodbye. Aidan asks what Maritta did. Greenlee asks Aidan to read her a sonnet, but he says that he is fresh out. Greenlee says that she can help.

Kendall tells Erica that her marriage is fine, but her company isn’t. Adam calls Erica and asks her to be the hostess for the engagement party. Erica tells Adam that she will not be at the party.

Ryan apologizes and says that he didn’t know about the party. Ryan tells Annie that she looks wonderful, but Annie tells him not to say nice things to her. Emma shows Ryan her dress and they go to get cupcakes.

JR and Zach talk. Amanda and Babe admire the ring. Tad asks Jake about his relationship with Amanda. Kendall compliments Emma on her dress. Ryan says that he is only there for a cupcake hunt with Emma.

Frankie and Randi show up at the party. Randi tells Frankie how she knows Carmen. Angie tells Frankie that Jesse couldn’t make it. Angie and Krystal talk about Babe and JR’s relationship.

Kendall tells Zach that they had to make an appearance because Babe is part of Fusion.

Aidan and Greenlee talk about the poem. Greenlee spills a bottle of Bella all over her clothes.

Pete tells Adam that Greenlee got a bottle of the tainted Bella. Erica shows up and asks why Adam and Pete were talking about Greenlee.

Greenlee says that her skin is on fire and she thinks she is going to be sick.

Pete says that he was looking for Colby. Colby says that Pete is following her around to make his dad nuts, or hers, or because he thinks that she will actually sleep with him. Colby tells Pete not to follow her anymore. Pete tells Colby why he likes her so much. Pete says that he isn’t going away.

Jake asks Amanda how he can talk her into going home with him before anything else happens, including the party. Amanda says that he just talked her into it.

Carmen and Randi talk about the foster care system. Randi says that she hasn’t been with Frankie yet and Carmen asks if Randi is a virgin.

Emma and Ryan agree that Annie is the prettiest and Emma takes Ryan to look at her doll’s dress.

Krystal and Tad talk. Tad asks Krystal to cover for him so that he can find out what is going on with Jesse.

Erica talks to Adam and Kendall comes over. Erica says that she couldn’t refuse such a desperate plea. JR makes a toast. JR tells Babe that her ring is their past and opens a ring box, but it is empty. JR says that he will be back in a minute and Babe suggests that they retrace his steps.

Randi says that she has had sex with a lot of guys because they paid for it.

Tad asks someone where Jesse is and finds out that Jesse is off duty.

Ryan and Emma search for something and Emma asks when she and Annie are going to go back to living at home. Ryan says that they should talk about it and he finds a gun under Annie’s bed.

JR says that there was a ring. Babe says that she doesn’t need a ring, she just needs him and then says that he is choking.

Greenlee wonders if she could be pregnant. Aidan reminds her that she doesn’t want kids, but she says that she does and says “I want your baby, Ryan.”

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