AMC Update Tuesday 9/23/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie tells Randi that Frankie was arrested for drunk driving.

Frankie and Jesse talk about what Frankie will probably be sentenced to.

Adam asks Pete when Fusion is shipping the perfume out and Pete heads to Fusion. Tad shows up.

Greenlee and Aidan talk. Greenlee says that she quit fusion.

Kendall and Amanda talk about the packaging of Bella. Kendall says that aside from her marriage, everything is perfect.

Jesse says that it could have turned out worse and asks why Frankie was driving drunk.

Angie tells Randi that the police pulled Frankie over before anything could happen. Randi asks why Angie called and Angie says that she thought Randi deserved to know what happened. Angie says that trouble has a way of following Randi. Randi says that Frankie was with a bunch of army friends at B.J.’s the previous night and she left because she was uncomfortable. Randi says that Angie will have to find someone else to blame for Frankie driving drunk. Angie apologizes and Randi says that she is late for work.

Amanda and Kendall talk about Pete getting struck by lightning. Kendall tells Amanda that if and when she gets married, to keep her friends away from her husband.

Aidan says that Greenlee didn’t mean what she said about wanting to quit Fusion. Greenlee says that she and Kendall had a big fight over work stuff. Greenlee remembers telling Kendall that if their friendship means anything, she won’t ask again. Greenlee says that everyone is bumping heads at Fusion right now. Greenlee and Aidan talk about a honeymoon.

Krystal says that Babe called. Babe says that she and JR have an announcement to make. JR says that he proposed to Babe again and she says that she accepted.

Frankie and Jesse talk about what happened. Jesse asks what made Frankie get into his car instead of calling a cab or his father. Frankie says that he doesn’t know. Angie tells Frankie to answer his father. Frankie says that he has to get to work, but Angie says that she called and told them that he wasn’t going to be there. Frankie tells Angie and Jesse to stay out of his life.

Randi shows up at Fusion and apologizes for being late. Amanda tells Randi to steer clear of Kendall. Amanda realizes that the seal is broken on one of the packages.

Pete and Colby talk about what happened the night before. Colby says that she has to go take a shower. Pete says that he has to go because there is a top-secret mission that he must carry through.

Krystal says that she is happy for Babe and JR. JR says that he will never forget Tad’s support. Colby comes in and Babe says that she and JR are getting married again. Adam congratulates them and says that he has never been more thrilled. Adam admits that he was wrong about Babe. Tad says that he really has to leave. Colby asks where the wedding will be. JR says that he was thinking about having it at home and Adam agrees. Babe says that she is running late and that she has to get to Fusion. Colby walks out with Babe. Krystal says that she has to get Little A ready for the sleepover with Kathy. JR asks what Adam is trying to pull.

Aidan makes arrangements for Greenlee. Tad says that either Adam has had a lobotomy or it’s time to trade the cars in on flying pigs. Aidan tells Tad that he found Jesse’s phone records and it doesn’t look good.

Jesse and Angie talk about what Frankie will have to do in court. Angie says that if Frankie got arrested, at least he wouldn’t be in Iraq. Jesse says that they have to accept Frankie’s decision to go back to Iraq. Jesse’s phone rings and Angie asks him if he is going to answer it. Jesse says that it can wait, but Angie says that it might be important. Angie answers it and asks who it is.

Adam says that Babe is going to be part of the family again. JR says that he doesn’t believe what Adam said about Babe.

Amanda realizes that there are no bottles missing. Babe says that the important thing is that all the bottles are accounted for. Babe tells Amanda that she and JR are getting married again. Kendall and Randi comment. Randi congratulates Babe. Kendall wishes Babe good luck and says that she will need it.

Tad and Aidan look through Jesse’s phone records. Aidan and Tad talk about the possibility of Jesse having an affair.

Angie asks Jesse who it was. Jesse says that he couldn’t tell her and that he decided not to answer it because it wasn’t an emergency. Angie admits that she is terrified of losing him and Frankie.

Adam says that JR is paranoid, but JR says that he knows Adam. JR suggests that Adam wants to take Fusion away from Kendall, Greenlee and Babe. Krystal brings Little A back in and says that he wanted to say goodbye to JR. Adam suggests throwing Babe and JR an engagement party. Adam suggests having the party the following day. Krystal assures JR that they will keep Adam in line.

Greenlee shows up to Fusion and Babe announces that she and JR are engaged. Greenlee says that Babe is going to need a lot of luck. Amanda asks Babe to tell her about the proposal. Amanda tells Randi to yell if Kendall or Greenlee pulls a weapon. Greenlee says that they can’t let their tension get in the way of running their business. Frankie shows up and Randi asks him what he is doing there. Frankie says that they need to talk and that it is important. Pete shows up and tells Greenlee about the previous night. Krystal tells Babe about the engagement party idea. Krystal leaves. Amanda and Babe go over who should be invited. Greenlee and Kendall talk about Erica’s lack of information about what Adam is planning. Amanda says that they need to get a mud-wrestling pit. Babe asks if Kendall and Greenlee are done fighting. Greenlee talks to Aidan on the phone and tells him that Kendall is being a pain in the ass and that she shouldn’t have gotten out of bed. Aidan asks Greenlee if she wants to go on their honeymoon now.

Frankie says that he shouldn’t have tried to combine his life here with his life in Iraq. Frankie says that he just wanted to see his buddies and he didn’t want to miss out on any time with Randi either. Randi asks if Frankie is ready for war and apologizes for not saying bye at B.J.’s. Frankie tells Randi that when he turned around and didn’t see her, he got in his car to find her and saw the flashing lights. Randi realizes that Frankie was looking for her when he got pulled over. Randi says that Frankie has to go. Frankie says that he will go and do his job, but that he will be thinking of coming home to her the whole time.

Jesse assures Angie that she isn’t going to lose him or Frankie. Angie gets paged to the hospital.

Pete and Adam talk about the tainted Bella.

Aidan tells Greenlee that their flight leaves in a few hours. Babe tells Greenlee to go and have a great time.

Frankie says that he is going to miss Randi and that is why he drank so much the previous night. Frankie says that he doesn’t want to leave Randi now, when he is falling in love with her.

While Tad is listening, Jesse tells someone on the phone to stop calling him because his wife is freaking out. Jesse says that they will meet again soon and that he loves him/her. An officer comes over and asks Jesse to go to interrogation.

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