AMC Update Monday 9/22/08

All My Children Update Monday 9/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Frankie and his Army buddies get together at B.J.'s and take pictures together. Taylor says that she wishes she had her redeployment papers.

Amanda tells Jake that she ate the whole chocolate volcano dessert by herself. Jake says that they will have to find something else that explodes. They hear thunder and Jake finds Pete lying on Fusion's loading dock. Amanda asks if Pete is dead.

Opal tells Colby that Pete is in trouble. Amanda calls Opal about Pete.

Erica and Adam hear the thunder and she asks Adam not to leave. Adam says that he isn’t going anywhere.

Zach asks about Ryan and Kendall says that he is fine. Kendall tells Zach that she isn’t happy and neither is he.

Frankie and a man talk about Randi when she shows up. Frankie introduces Randi to the men. Randi and Taylor order water and the men get beer. Frankie and Randi talk about her feelings towards his deployment.

Colby tells Pete that he has to wake up because she needs him. Adam tells Colby to get away from Pete, but she says that she loves him. Pete tells Adam to let go of Colby. Colby says that Pete is her hero. Colby tells Pete to wake up and asks if he can hear her.

Erica and Adam talk about irrational fears. The lights come back on and Adam says that he is calling Jack.

Kendall says that Zach is unhappy and that he blames her. Zach admits that he is unhappy. Kendall says that Zach and the boys are the only life she wants. Zach says that Kendall hasn’t been honest with him.

Colby, Opal and Jake talk about what happened. Pete asks for his glasses. Jake tells Pete to take it easy for a couple of days.

Frankie, Taylor and Boots talk about Frankie stitching up Boots. Randi says that she needs a refill. Taylor and Randi talk about Frankie’s unit going back to war. Randi says that she doesn’t want Frankie to go. Taylor says that troops get killed because of doubt and because they lose focus about why they are there. Randi asks Taylor to tell Frankie she had to leave because she has an early morning.

Adam and Erica talk about Jack. Erica says that she is done with Jack and that she gave him up. Adam keeps talking about Jack and Erica says that she is over Jack and is ready to move on.

Zach says that Kendall wants more than their family. Kendall says that she is going to check on Ian and Zach asks her if she is walking away. Zach asks Kendall if there is anyone between them and Kendall says that Zach thinks Ryan is the problem.

Taylor comes out and says that it is a great attitude for Frankie to be counting the days until he gets back before he even goes back to Iraq. Frankie asks about Randi and Taylor says that Randi left. Frankie says that he is going to find Randi, but Taylor tries to talk him into staying. Taylor tells Frankie that Randi wants to talk him out of going back and says that his head isn’t in Iraq. Frankie says that he has a life and is going to find Randi.

Erica and Adam argue about their feelings for each other. Erica says that she doesn’t need a man to be happy, but Adam says that she is incapable of being alone. Erica admits that she is lonely.

Kendall and Zach talk about what Ryan needs. Kendall says that she is not going to get in the middle of anyone else’s life. Zach asks Kendall why she can’t let Ryan go.

Adam tries to kiss Erica, but she walks away. Erica thanks Adam for everything and he says goodnight.

Jake says that the forklift and CPR saved Pete’s life. Pete thanks Jake. Opal tells Pete that when he is released, he is going back to his room. Pete says that he wants to talk to Colby alone.

Frankie and Taylor argue about Randi. Frankie says that she doesn’t want him to have the hope of having someone to come back to and realizes that it has been 1 year. Taylor tells Frankie to shut up.

Kendall says that she let Ryan go when he married Greenlee. Erica shows up and Kendall says that it isn’t a good time. Zach says that he will be upstairs and Kendall tries to stop him.

Frankie says that he is out of there to look for Randi. Taylor says that Frankie shouldn’t drive.

Pete says that he will rest after he talks to Colby alone. Opal agrees and leaves. Pete and Colby talk about the residual effects of being struck by lightning. Colby says that Pete seems more confident and that she should go.

Jake and Amanda laugh.

Taylor hears gunfire in her head and a scream. Boots asks if Taylor needs anything. Jake goes to see what happened, but Taylor tells him to leave her alone. Taylor admits that she needs to go back to Iraq so that she can be close to someone and with someone.

Adam asks Pete where Colby is. Pete says that he dosed the Bella shipment. Opal says that she knows what they were up to and that they won’t get away with it.

Amanda and Jake talk about Taylor. Jake apologizes for running off to help Taylor. Amanda suggests that they move their date to the bedroom.

Opal and Adam talk about Erica.

Erica and Kendall talk about Adam. Erica says that Kendall will have to find someone else to help find out what Adam is up to, because she doesn't want to spend any more time with the man.

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