AMC Update Friday 9/19/08

All My Children Update Friday 9/19/08


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

(Yacht Cub) As Erica is getting ready for her date with Adam, she tells her best friend Opal that Pete has been spending a lot of time at the Chandler mansion. Erica thinks it is because he has a crush on Colby, but Opal doesnít think that could be true. Erica then advises her friend that, if the reason Pete is at the mansion has nothing to do with love, it could only mean that he is in trouble because he and Adam have been talking to each other a lot when he goes there. Opal assures Erica that she and Palmer will get to the bottom of this and put an end to Peteís crush on Colby. Opal tells Erica she looks fabulous and wonders if Jackson is the reason she is dressed so nicely. Erica reminds Opal that Jackson has moved on with his life and is now dating Carmen. Erica smiles and tells Opal that she is having dinner with Adam. Opal wants Erica to call Hades and cancel her date with the devil so he wonít have to come pick her up. Opal then asks Erica what she could possibly see in Adam that could make her want to repeat that old mistake. Erica explains that she doesnít need a man in her life but it is fun for her to verbally spar with Adam because she knows that she always wins the game. Erica also tells Opal that she wants to have fun right now and being with Adam is fun.

(Chandler Mansion) Adam talks with Pete outside, and Pete tells Adam that when the ladies of Fusion caught him sneaking into the building, they offered him a job as an intern. Pete tells Adam he is in the perfect position to put Blast in Bella now that he works for the company. Adam thinks that the ladies of Fusion suspect that Pete may be a spy and want to keep a close eye on him. Adam tells Pete to go to the Fusion building tonight and put Blast into the perfume, just to make sure that the ladies donít mess up the plan. Pete tells Adam that he also stole the alarm code to get in the building so it is simple for him to go tonight. Adam tells Pete that he wishes that J.R. would be as useful to him. J.R. and Babe are in bed, and J.R. thinks that he proposed to Babe too soon because she has not responded to him yet. Babe blurts out that she will marry him, and J.R. smiles at her.

Aidan calls Greenlee and leaves a message on her phone telling her to come home because he has a surprise for her.

(ConFusion) Ryan holds Greenlee's hand and tells her that his marriage is over and he has lost a child. Despite everything, she is still the only person who can make his pain go away, because she is the only one who knows and understands him.

(Kendall and Zachís house) Zach wants to know if Kendall is happy being married to him. Kendall avoids the question by saying ďof courseĒ and wonders why Zach would even ask the question. Zach asks Kendall once again if this marriage is enough for her, and Kendall sits wondering what she could tell Zach to make him believe she is happy.

(Yacht Club) Adam arrives and compliments Erica on her beautiful dress and bracelet. Erica thanks Adam for the compliment and tells him Jackson gave her the bracelet. Adam tells Erica that the bracelet is slightly more expensive than the one Jackson gave to Carmen. Erica responds that Krystal sold all the jewelry Adam gave her to buy The Comeback. Adam and Erica continue their verbal sparring match for a few minutes and completely ignore Opalís presence. Opal leaves telling Adam and Erica she canít stand to watch anymore and she thinks that Hades must have frozen.

(ConFusion) Ryan apologizes for what he said to Greenlee, blaming his comments on the fact that he is a little drunk. Greenlee walks away from Ryan because she doesnít want him to see her cry. Greenlee cries a little and quickly wipes away the tears when Ryan comes up behind her. Ryan tells Greenlee he is tired of stuffing his feelings down, so he is going to tell her that, despite everything he has lost, the only thing that can fill the void in his heart is her. Greenlee confides that she loved him very much and, when he went over the cliff, he broke her heart and the only thing that filled the emptiness was his baby. Greenlee tells Ryan that, when she lost his baby, it hurt again. She had some happiness when Kendall offered to carry their child but that also ended up hurting her. Greenlee tells Ryan that loving him hurt too much, and Aidan finally helped her put all the pain in the past and be happy. Greenlee doesnít think itís fair that Ryan share his feelings with her now that she has finally found happiness with Aidan. Greenlee tells Ryan that she canít be the person he seeks comfort from because she doesnít want to risk her happiness with Aidan. Ryan tells Greenlee he is sorry and that her message came through loud and clear. He wonít come to her for comfort anymore. Ryan heads home, and Greenlee feels awful for hurting him this way.

(Zach and Kendallís house) Kendall tells Zach she loves him and the boys and will always love their family. Kendall, however, does feel offended that Zach told Greenlee that he felt she wasnít happy with their marriage. Kendall wonders why Zach is always telling her to stop interfering in other peopleís lives but he feels it's okay to talk about their marriage to Greenlee. Zach explains to Kendall that Greenlee came to his office because she was concerned about her, and the two of them talked as friends. Kendall doesnít know what more she can say to prove to him she is happy. Kendall thinks that Zach is angry with her because she asked Ryan to help her make Josh disappear and he talked to Greenlee as a way to get back at her. Kendall thinks this fight is ridiculous and tells Zach he should be having this fight with Greenlee instead of her. Kendall shouts at Zach that she is happy, so happy, in fact, she is going out to celebrate alone. Kendall slams the door behind her and cries a little as she reconsiders her hasty exit, then heads to ConFusion.

(Chandler Mansion) J.R. thinks that they should have their fourth wedding in the garden and promises Babe this will be their last wedding.

(Aidan and Greenleeís house) Tad arrives with the food for Aidan's romantic surprise for Greenlee and asks for a favor in return. Tad wants Aidan to steal Jesseís phone records because Jesse has been getting some strange calls where the person on the other line hangs up the phone. Tad explains to Aidan that Jesse has been acting strangely and got very angry with Angie when she answered his cell phone and told her never to answer his phone again. Tad also tells Aidan that when he and Jesse were at ConFusion the other day, Jesse told him he saw someone he recognized and then when he came back to the bar, he told him that he had a call from the police station and had to leave. Tad tells Aidan that Jesse left his cell phone in his jacket pocket, so there is no way he could have gotten an urgent call. Aidan points out that Jesse might have two cell phones. Aidan suspects that Jesse could be having an affair, but Tad wonít believe that of Jesse especially since he fought so hard to get back to Angie. Aidan reminds Tad that, in the investigator business, they have learned that the person they least suspect is usually guilty of an affair.

(ConFusion) Kendall arrives and Greenlee yells at her for pushing Ryan to admit how he feels to her and reminds her that she is happily married to Aidan. Kendall tells Greenlee that Ryan is hurting and she is the only one who can reach him and no matter what she says they are going to come together because they love each other. Kendall tells Greenlee not to settle for Aidan just because she is scared to have her heart broken by Ryan again. Greenlee advises Kendall to stop putting Ryan ahead of her marriage to Zach because she may end up losing him. Kendall doesnít want to talk about Zach, so Greenlee promises not to talk about him if Kendall will stop pushing her towards Ryan. Greenlee yells at Kendall that she canít be Ryanís life preserver and, if she wants to help him, she should find a way to help him herself and leave her out of it.

(Cortlandt Manor) Pete tells his father that he is going to be an intern for Fusion, and when Palmer laughs, Pete says that it will be wonderful business experience for him. Opal comes home and asks Pete if he has a crush on Colby. Pete admits his crush on Colby to his parents, and Palmer grounds him and takes away his car keys for consorting with the enemy. Opal wonders if Palmer did the right thing because, if two people are destined to be together, they are more likely to want to be together if they are forced apart.

(Chandler Mansion) Babe and J.R. talk about their wedding and say they should stay focused on their plan because they can have it all. The lights go out and, since the lights are still on at Stuartís house, J.R. goes to check the fuse box. Babe sees someone arrive and screams, but it turns out to be Annie, who apologizes for scaring her. Babe tells Annie she has been scared of the dark ever since Richie kidnapped her. Babe tells Annie she feels Richie is haunting her as if to say that he isnít finished with her yet. Annie tells Babe she understands because her brother manipulated her for years. Annie and Babe get scared when they see a shadow by the door, but it turns out to be J.R. J.R. tells Annie that he and Babe are going to get married again. Babe and J.R. start to kiss and they forget Annie is in the room until she clears her throat. J.R. and Babe stop kissing and say goodnight to Annie before they head upstairs.

(Yacht Club) Adam and Erica have dinner and talk about their children. Everything is going fine until thunder and lightning starts. Erica does her best to continue the conversation until she gets scared and runs inside where itís safer. Erica admits to Adam she has been afraid of storms since she was a little girl. Adam tells Erica that her fear is logical, unlike his fear of being alone. Erica is nervous because Adam is so close to her, but is touched that he revealed his fear to her.

Pete sneaks out of Cortlandt Manor and heads to Fusion where he breaks into the loading dock and puts Blast inside the bottles of Bella perfume.

(Chandler Mansion) Annie cries and hears Richieís voice again taunting her. She opens the balcony door and yells outside  for Richie to leave her alone and go back to hell.

Ryan arrives home to a dark, empty house and feels very lonely.

Kendall arrives home and tells Zach she is taking Spike to Ryan, because he is hurting and alone and needs some hope. Zach tells Kendall he understands. He just wishes that he could understand her needs. Ian wakes up crying after Kendall leaves, and Zach holds him and tells him his mommy will be home soon.

Kendall goes to Ryanís house and, seeing that Ryan is sleeping on the couch, puts Spike in his arms and leaves the house as Ryan awakens and holds his son close.

Greenlee arrives home to a romantic candlelit dinner of the foods she had on her first date with Aidan - hot dogs, champagne and stout. Greenlee tells Aidan she doesnít deserve him, and they make love.

(Cortlandt Manor) Opal is doing her Tarot cards and sees trouble for Pete, so she calls his name. Pete is just about to leave the Fusion loading dock when a bolt of lightning strikes him.

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