AMC Update Thursday 9/18/08

All My Children Update Thursday 9/18/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Amanda catches Petey trying to sabotage Bella. Petey tries to leave, but Amanda takes him to see Kendall and Greenlee.

Angie and Tad talk about Jesse. Angie believes that danger is following him and he is in trouble. She tells Tad about it and he promise to investigate.

Ryan visits Emma at the Chandler mansion. Annie looks on smiling. Emma goes to bed and Ryan asks about Annie. She tells him that she is sad, but has lots of things to do such as find a place to live. Her big regret is that she has to return to Fusion. She tells Ryan that she is lost.

Kendall and Greenlee do not understand how Adam plan to get Fusion when they own shares equally and neither of them plan to sell. They want to know why Petey is there, and he pretends that he is there to see Annie Lavery. He pretends that Annie is giving him love advice.

Petey shows up at the Chandler mansion, and Adam is upset. Adam let Petey know that he does not like mavericks. He asks if Petey got an opportunity to spike the perfume. Petey tells him that he was caught on the dock. Adam cannot believe that they caught Petey trying to spike the perfume. Petey told Adam that he got a job as an intern; Adam agrees that it is a good idea for Petey to work at Fusion in order to wait for the precise moment to taint the perfume.

Erica and Adam flirt. Adam wants to know what is happening with Jack, and Erica tells him that it is none of his business. Adam mentions Erica’s way with men. He tells her that her destructive techniques never worked on him, because he was never in lover with her. He admits to enjoying her in bed.

Babe and JR are kissing in Fusion’s elevator, and they ask about Petey’s presence. Babe tells Kendall that she think that Petey is working with Adam.

Greenlee catches Petey at the end of the stairs. They offer him an internship job to keep their enemy close. They think they might be able to gain information from him about Adam’s plans.

Jesse comes home and invite Tad to dinner. He wants to know what was Angie and Tad talking about. Tad tells him that he is acting suspicious which is causing the people he love to worry. Jesse tells Tad that he needs him to stay the hell out of his business. Angie overhears and tells Jesse that she told Tad to check on him and that Tad was not being nosey.

Tad takes a rain check on dinner. Angie apologies to Jesse and tells him that she should not have involved Tad. Jesse agrees with her, and tells her not to do it again. Angie tells Jesse that she thought about the last twenty-eight years and she started to get scared. Jesse tells her that his past has nothing to do with them in the present.

After watching JR and Babe make out Erica notices that love is back in the mansion. Adam makes light of love. Erica tells Adam that he has a calcium filled heart, and wouldn’t know love if it bit him. Adam referring to himself as a little piggy, ask Erica to dinner. She rejects because ladies do not go out to dinner with little piggys. She tells him that she date gentlemen only. As she exits the mansion, Adam calls her on her cell phone and asks her out to dinner tonight. She accepts.

As Erica and Adam open the front door they find Carmen, and Jack kissing each other goodnight.

Greenlee accuses Kendall of mismanaging her own life and butting into everyone else’s life. She instructs Kendall to deal with her own life, and let everyone else deal with their lives.

Kendall comes to Cambius to see Zach, but she finds Ryan there instead. She tries to ask about his life and he pushes her off. He is tired of her pushing him toward Greenlee. He wants her to leave him alone. Kendall finally gets it, maybe and tells Ryan that she has important things to deal with like her own messed up life, then she says, “What the hell am I doing worrying about you”; she leaves.

Annie calms Emma down because she started crying after Ryan left. She tells Emma that she is with her mommy, and no one is going to hurt her.

Babe tells Annie how wonderful JR has become. JR and Babe want more babies. When Babe sees Annie’s look, she apologies for discussing babies. Annie is happy for her. She tells Annie that there is hope that she and Ryan could find each other again; Babe tells Annie, “Don’t stop believing”.

JR and Babe make love. JR tells Babe that he was going to wait for the perfect time, but he feels right now is great. He gets on his knees, and asks Babe to remarry him.

Zach is on the computer and says Hi to Kendall as she walks into the door. He tells her that the boys are waiting for a good night kiss. Kendall is furious with Zach and wants to have it out. She wants to know why did he tell Greenlee that she is unhappy with their marriage. Zach ask, “Well are you happy”?

Ryan is having a drink at Confusion and asking the bartender for advice, because that is what drinkers do. Greenlee walks in and tell Ryan that friends should be giving friends advice. She passed by Confusion, saw his car and decided to come in to see how he was doing. Kendall told Ryan that she thinks that Greenlee is the only one Ryan can talk to about his problems; Ryan shares that information with Greenlee. He confesses that he lost a baby he never got to hold, he misses Spike and he feels void inside, but he doesn’t know what to do about it. Greenlee grabs his hand, and hold on tight to it.

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