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All My Children Update Wednesday 9/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Kendall asks Erica to get next to Adam. Erica says that Adam proposed to her again and Kendall says that it is the best possible news.

Adam asks if the concoction is ready and Pete says that “Blast” is ready. Adam says that he is going to get “Blast” into the perfume and that Fusion is going down.

Amanda and Babe talk about how well “Bella” is doing. Amanda asks if they should put the perfume back on the truck for good luck, but Babe says that they will save it for the going out part. Babe says that they have to protect the perfume from whoever and whatever.

Carmen talks and Adam tells her that she is talking to an inanimate object. Carmen reveals that it is her birthday and Adam tells her that she is one year closer to the grave. Carmen says that it will be her best birthday ever.

Greenlee and Jack talk about his birthday present for Carmen. Jack says that he asked for Greenlee’s help in picking out the gift so that he would have an excuse to see her. Jack says that he enjoys every minute he spends with Carmen. Greenlee says that Jack smiles a lot more now than he did with Erica and that is a really big deal.

Kendall says that Erica being with Adam isn’t the worst thing possible. Kendall asks Erica to seduce Adam and Erica asks why. Kendall says that Erica doesn’t have to sleep with Adam unless she wants to and that she just needs to cozy up to him because he is trying to take over Fusion. Kendall says that Fusion is precious to her and not even Adam is going to take it from her.

Adam tells Carmen to hurry up. Adam tells Carmen to curb the eagerness for the gift so that Jack won’t know that she is a gold digger. Carmen says that she can’t wait to see what Jack has planned.

Jack and Greenlee pick out a gift. Jack says that he is concerned about Greenlee. Greenlee says that Annie lost the baby. The conversation changes to Greenlee’s miscarriage.

Amanda and Babe talk about “Bella”. Babe asks if Amanda has worn it for Jake yet. Amanda says that Kendall and Greenlee should be kissing their butts. Babe says that Fusion isn’t just about Kendall and Greenlee and that they will get a big wake-up call about it.

Colby and Dre talk about the charges being dropped. Dre says that it would be better if Cassandra was there. Pete comes in and flirts with Colby. Colby tells Pete that she isn’t into him. Pete sits a small bottle down on the foyer table. Dre tells Colby that he is going to campaign with his father. Colby tells Dre to visit Cassandra. Dre says that he won’t be gone long because Colby is the best part of Pine Valley. Pete comes back in and Colby tells him to get off her property. Pete says that he isn’t leaving so that they can hook up.

Carmen gets a paper cut opening her birthday card and starts complaining about the pain. Adam asks how she ever survived in prison. Carmen asks Adam to blow on it to get the sting out. Adam says that Winifred never acted like that or had a birthday. Colby tells Adam that Pete was spying on her. Pete asks why something is open and tells Adam that Carmen seems to be in pain and mentions Blast. Carmen faints.

Erica asks why Adam would want to buy Fusion and Kendall says that the company is hugely profitable. Kendall explains that Babe figured out that Adam wanted Fusion and asks Erica if she is going to help. Erica agrees to help beat Adam at his own game.

Opal brings Erica some dresses. Erica picks out one that would look good on Opal. Erica picks out one for Carmen and explains that it is Carmen’s birthday. Erica says that Carmen betrayed her and Opal asks why Erica is buying her a dress. Erica says that she is using Carmen. Erica picks out a dress for herself and Opal asks who the unsuspecting male would be.

Colby asks what Adam did to Carmen. Pete says that it is his fault because the bottle isn’t peroxide. Dre suggests that he should call 911, but Adam and Pete scream out “No!” Carmen wakes up and says that everything is fine. Carmen talks about birthdays and Adam says that it short-circuited her brain. Adam says that Pete compromised the whole situation. Adam tells Carmen to stay there and not do anything.

Babe invites Kendall in and suggests that they have a toast. Greenlee agrees that they should celebrate. Kendall criticizes them for celebrating before Bella hits the shelves. Amanda says that Bella will fly off the shelves and then Kendall will have to kiss her butt.

Greenlee and Kendall talk about what Kendall has done for the company. Greenlee says that their days as step-sisters are definitely over because Jack was buying jewelry for Carmen.

Jack and Opal bump into each other. Opal tells Jack to go to Erica and put an end to all the nonsense, but Jack says that he was there to see Greenlee. Jack says that Opal doesn’t have to talk him up to Erica. Jack tells Opal that he is seeing Carmen now. Jack assures Opal that he isn’t dating Carmen to get to Erica. Jack says that he is sure that Erica will start seeing someone new and that he hopes that Erica will be happy.

Colby tells Dre to run and not look back. Erica comes in and says that she is happy that the charges were dropped against Dre. Erica says that she is there to see Carmen. Colby says that Carmen got a paper cut and things got out of hand. Erica leaves. Colby tells Dre that Erica was married to Adam twice, but she believes that only one was legal. Adam says that Carmen has heat stroke. Colby comes in and asks what Adam did to Carmen now. Erica asks why no one called a doctor, but Carmen says that she is fine. Colby and Adam leave. Carmen says that it is the best day of her life and cries.

Kendall and Greenlee talk about what has been going on. Greenlee says that she has realized that it is okay to let stuff go once in a while. Kendall says that she is fine, but Greenlee calls her a liar and says that her veins are pulsing.

Adam says that he will have his men add the concoction to the perfume that Fusion is shipping to the media and buyers. Pete says that Adam’s men won’t know the appropriate “Blast” to “Bella” ratio. Pete says that he knows people at Fusion and can get in and out. Adam chuckles to himself and Pete grabs his bottle of “Blast” and leaves.

Carmen says that Erica is the best friend she ever had and that Adam is the best boss she ever had. Carmen thanks Erica. Jack shows up and wishes Carmen a happy birthday.

Kendall says that she has to tell Greenlee something. Kendall tells Greenlee that Babe believes that Adam wants to take over Fusion. Kendall explains that she asked Erica to get to the bottom of it. Greenlee says that Kendall should have taken a match and burned Adam’s place down.

Adam says that he has a chemical that he needs added to something at Fusion and then realizes that it is gone. Pete and Adam talk on the phone and Pete says that he is doing his job. Adam says that he owns the product and Pete says that he will take care of the distribution.

Erica says that Adam claimed that it was heatstroke, but she doesn’t believe it. Jack asks what is going on with the birthday present that Erica gave Carmen. Jack says that he has issues with Erica’s motives more than with the dress. Carmen comes out and Jack tells her how wonderful she looks. Jack gives Carmen her present and she says that she could faint. Jack and Carmen leave.

Greenlee and Kendall talk about what could go wrong with Erica trying to work Adam. Kendall says to stand back and let Erica do her thing.

Adam leaves Pete a message telling him not to try to be a hero and to call back when he gets the message. Erica and Adam argue.

Amanda busts Pete trying to open a box of “Bella” perfume!

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