AMC Update Tuesday 9/16/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Lew meets Erica. Lew tells Erica how spectacular she looks. Lew says that he has big plans for the network and Erica says that she is lonely and wants her millions of friends back.

Greenlee and Aidan talk. Greenlee calls him “near perfect” and says that perfection would be boring.

Zach tells Kendall good morning and she says that he blames her for Annie losing her baby.

The doctor tells Annie to schedule an appointment for a few weeks and assures her that she will be okay. Annie thanks Dr. Rydell. Babe shows up and asks how Annie is doing. Annie says that she is all checked out and ready to go. Annie admits that she is really sad. Annie says that she just wants to go home and that she and Ryan need to talk. Ryan admits that he doesn’t know what to say. Annie suggests that maybe there is nothing left to say. Ryan offers to take Annie back to the Chandler mansion, but she says that it is best if she goes back with JR and Babe. Ryan asks what they are going to tell Emma about the baby.

Greenlee tells Aidan about her miscarriage and says that is why she told him that she didn’t want to have kids, because she couldn’t go through the grief again.

Zach says that he doesn’t blame Kendall for what happened to Annie. Kendall admits that she was wrong to visit Annie in the hospital.

Annie says that she will tell Emma when she gets home and that it is something she needs to do on her own. Ryan tells Annie how sorry he is. Annie says that Ryan has nothing to be sorry about and that it is all her fault. Ryan assures Annie that no one did anything to cause the miscarriage.

Erica and Lew talk about the changes in ratings since she left the show. Erica realizes that Lew is thinking about canceling New Beginnings.

Kendall shows up at work and Amanda says that Babe will be late because she and JR are picking Annie up from the hospital. Kendall says that since Annie won’t be around for a few days, Amanda and Babe have to pick up the slack. Kendall asks about Bella and Amanda says that they have good news on a number of fronts. Greenlee and Aidan walk in.

Ryan shows up at work and says that he needs to focus on something. Zach gives Ryan some status reports for the casinos. Ryan remembers arguing with Annie the night before and her saying that she can feel that the baby is gone. Ryan tells Zach that he went to the hospital and Annie didn’t want anything to do with him. Ryan says that he wants to find a way to really say goodbye to the baby, and he wants to do it with Annie. Zach asks what Ryan is doing there.

Babe and JR make sure that Annie is comfortable. Babe and JR leave and talk about the Fusion takeover on their way downstairs. JR apologizes for dragging Adam into their plan for Fusion.

A baby cries and Annie tells Ryan that it is their baby. Ryan says that he loves her and Dr. Rydell says that he is sorry. Emma comes running in and tells Annie about helping to change one of Jenny’s diapers so that she can help with the new baby.

Erica and Lew argue about her finding a way to incorporate Jack into the show.

JR apologizes for being late and says that he is having second thoughts about Babe’s ability to take over Fusion from the inside. Adam says that there might be another way to get the company.

Kendall reminds Greenlee that they have work to do. Kendall asks for the news about Bella. Amanda gives her the news piece by piece. Amanda says that there is a problem and that they would have to double their order from the manufacturer to meet the orders, but she is all tapped out and has no more cash to put in. Kendall says that it isn’t going to happen.

Annie tells Emma that she is sad. Ryan walks in and says that they will tell her together.

JR says that he isn’t telling Babe about another way into Fusion. Adam says that JR can’t end-run his own wife. JR thanks Adam for everything he has done.

Erica and Lew argue about the show when he suggests using it as a dating show. Lew decides to give Erica until the end of sweeps to get the ratings back up.

Amanda and Greenlee confront Kendall about making unilateral decisions. Babe walks in and asks what is going on. Amanda says that Kendall is trying to kill Bella. Kendall explains that doubling their order wouldn’t be enough and that they have to quadruple it. Kendall and Greenlee approve financing for it. Babe goes to check on the first batch.

Annie tells Emma that God took the baby to heaven. Emma asks if God will take her to heaven too, but Annie and Ryan say no. Ryan suggests that they go plant a tree at the park for the baby and say goodbye.

Kendall and Greenlee talk about what happened the previous night. Greenlee says that Zach will get over what happened, but Kendall reminds Greenlee that Zach is gunning for Josh. Kendall finds something that goes on Babe’s desk and the phone vibrates.

Greenlee visits Zach and tells him that she is worried about Kendall. Greenlee suggests that Zach needs to try harder. The phone rings and Greenlee says that Kendall must have heard them talking about her. Kendall leaves Greenlee a message saying that they have a major crisis.

Babe comes back and Kendall confronts her with the message on her phone. Kendall asks for an explanation.

Adam and Erica talk about the show and about Jack.

Pete shows up at the mansion and claims that he wants to take Colby out to brunch. JR tells him that there is a reason that the telephone was invented and Pete says that Colby changed her number. JR tells Pete to get out.

Babe explains that she and JR think that Adam is trying to make a move on Fusion because he is asking questions lately. Kendall says that JR needs to back off and that she will take care of it her way. Kendall leaves.

Zach changes the conversation. Greenlee says that Kendall isn’t hopeless.

Kendall meets with Erica and says that she has a problem with Adam.

Pete calls Adam and says that he made a vat full of blast and that the first shipment of Bella is due at Fusion anytime.

Babe tells JR that Kendall got his message too, but that she tap-danced like crazy and ended up ratting out Adam. JR says that it might work in their favor.

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