AMC Update Monday 9/15/08

All My Children Update Monday 9/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Taylor tells Jake that Amanda went out to grab some crab dip and will be right back. Taylor turns off the music.

Frankie and Randi talk about running away. Frankie says that he wonít let her bail on everything she has going for herself, but Randi says that she will do anything. Frankie says that they will have a great life when he gets back from Iraq, but tells her that he has his orders. Randi says that Frankieís orders could get him killed. Randi asks Frankie to run away with her.

Tad tells Angie that no one is after Jesse, but Angie suggests that Jesse is lying to her and someone wants to kill him again.

Aidan shows up and asks what happened. Zach says that Annie is in with the doctor now. Kendall says that Annie and the baby are fine. The doctor comes out and tells them that Annie is having a miscarriage.

Ryan tells Annie that losing the baby isnít her fault. Annie says that she is guilty of murder.

Taylor and Jake make small talk while they are waiting for Amanda. Jake says that he would be happy with a couple of chili cheese dogs. Jake asks if Taylor wishes she got her orders to go back to Iraq. Taylor says that she would be back there in  half a heartbeat, but Frankie is walking around like he doesnít want to go back. Jake asks if she has a problem with Frankie not wanting to go back.

Frankie says that they arenít running away anywhere. Frankie tells her how she has already helped him.

Angie suggests that Papel is pulling strings from prison, but Tad assures her that there is no way that Papel could be behind the hang-ups. Angie thanks Tad for talking her down. Angie asks Tad to help her figure out how to stop driving her family away. Tad assures Angie that the kids will be back soon and that she has Jesse until then. Angie says that she is starting to feel like she is losing him again.

Kendall says that maybe Annie losing the baby is for the best, but Greenlee reminds her that the child is gone.

Annie says that she murdered their baby because she was too focused on getting him back and not on what the baby needed. Annie admits that she faked the car accident by pushing the car down the hill. Annie admits that she thought that if Ryan believed that he had grabbed her too hard he would feel guilty and come running back to her. Ryan says that Annie knows how bad it would hurt him to know that he came close to physical abuse. Annie says that her punishment for hurting everyone is losing the baby.

Taylor reminds Jake that Frankie volunteered and made a promise to serve his country. Taylor says that they need men like Frankie in the war because he has brains and power and is the kind of person who saves lives. Taylor says that Frankie made a commitment, and Jake says that Frankie honored his commitment. Taylor offers Jake a glass of wine, and he asks her to have one with him. Taylor says that the Army doctor told her that she can go back. Jake asks where her paperwork is and why she isnít on her way back to Iraq.

Frankie tells Randi that he is living again and that he is stronger because of her.

Angie says that there are times when Jesse isnít there. Tad says that Jesse has a lot on his mind. Angie says that they almost lost Jesse for good. Jesse walks in and apologizes for being late. Angie asks where he was, but he says that he canít tell her.

Annie says that she killed their child, but Ryan says that she would never intentionally hurt their child. Annie says that no good mother would do the things that she has done. Annie tells Ryan not to make excuses for her or forgive her because she doesnít deserve it and tells him to go. Ryan says that he isnít going to leave her alone, but Annie says that she doesnít want him there. Ryan asks Annie to look at him. Richie applauds Annie.

Taylor says that she is still there because the Army wants her rested and strong. Taylor says that they threw PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) at her because she is a woman who saw action. Jake reminds her that she lost her fiancť. Taylor and Jake talk about healing from experiences. Jake says that talking to people seems to help.

Kendall asks Ryan if there is anything they can do. Greenlee asks about Annie and Aidan hugs Ryan. Ryan says that he needs a couple of minutes. Aidan says that Ryan needs Greenlee. Kendall says that she will be right back, but Zach says that Ryan doesnít need her.

Richie says that Annie should have confessed to everything. Annie tries to get Richie to go away, but he keeps badgering her. Annie says that she isnít a psychopath and that she doesnít murder people. Annie apologizes for what she did to Richie and says that she wishes she could take it back. Annie says that Richie is dead and canít hurt her anymore.

Kendall says that Ryan needs his friends, but Zach says that she has done enough by going into Annieís room and getting her all worked up.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about Annieís confession. Ryan says that it is his fault because he didnít give Annie what she needed and wanted.

Amanda comes in and thanks Taylor for helping to get the party ready. Taylor offers to leave, but Amanda tells her to finish her glass of wine. Taylor says that she is going to be late for her movie and leaves. Amanda says that Taylor is nice, but kind of weird.

Angie says that she went to see Randi, but isnít sure that Randi can convince Frankie to stay. Tad and Angie tell Jesse about the hang-up. Jesse says that itís probably just kids pranking and asks Angie to stay away from his phone.

Amanda and Jake talk about the Bella launch. Amanda suggests doing a whole Bella line, including a menís line. Amanda asks Jake if he has a thing for Taylor. Amanda chuckles when Jake kisses her. Jakeís pager goes off and he promises to make it up to her.

Frankie assures Randi that he will make it through his second tour and he has to honor his commitment. Frankie feels he has to go back because there are soldiers who need him. Frankie assures Randi that no matter where he is, they will never be lost again.

Aidan and Zach talk with Jake about what happened. Jake says that he will check on Annie and leaves. Zach and Aidan talk about Aidanís trip. Zach realizes that Aidan really loves Greenlee.

Greenlee assures Ryan that he didnít cause Annieís miscarriage, or hers. Ryan says that he hurts the people he loves every time.

Frankie promises to come back to Randi. Randi says that it is only a promise if he keeps it, and he says that there is nothing in the world that can keep him from keeping his promise to her.

Angie and Jesse drink champagne.

Jake works at the hospital.

Taylor sleeps on the yacht as Amanda touches her uniform.

Kendall holds her baby at home and cries.

Greenlee keeps trying to comfort Ryan at the hospital, while Aidan waits.

Annie lies on her bed rubbing her lower abdomen. 

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