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All My Children Update Friday 9/12/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Annie is in the hospital in her room. Kendall dismisses Annie’s illness, and let’s everyone knows that she is there for Ryan, and does not have any sympathy or support for Annie. Zach, and Greenlee are outraged at Kendall’s behavior.

Ted is surprised to see Jake at the bar just having a drink. Tad also heard from his dad that Jake might decide to stick around Pine Valley so he asks Jake what is her name? Jake wants to know why do people assume there is a women involved if a guy decides to stick around; Jake begins to talk about the women he is currently involved with.

Amanda wants to know if Taylor is interested in Jake. Taylor is slow to answer. Amanda is meeting Jake on her yacht, and has set a beautiful table. She goes to the store for something she forgot, and asks Taylor to entertain Jake until she returns.

Angie comes home, and tells Frankie that she has a way to keep him out of Iraq.

Tad wants details about the woman Jake is seeing; he wants to know if she is useful, and can she hotwire a car. Jake tells him that they laugh and she is easy to get along with, and she is also spontaneous, and positive. Tad wants to know if the lady in question is in the military. Jake wants to know how does Tad know about Taylor. Tad tells him that Jesse told him about Taylor.

Taylor tells Amanda that she will be redeployed, and have no time for relationships, and she does not need anyone distracting her.

Frankie tells Angie that he does not need a way out of his deployment. The soldiers in Iraq need him. He feels he has an obligation, and thank Taylor for making him see that. Angie is angry with Taylor for making Frankie feel obligated. Angie suggests that he fake a medical condition to get out of going back to Iraq; she shows him articles on faked medical condition by others. Angie wants her baby safe. Frankie reminds her that every mother wants her baby safe.

Annie thanks Ryan for being at the hospital with her. She apologizes for the restraining order. Ryan leaves Annie resting, and he goes off to call Babe about Emma. The fetus’ heartbeat is stabilized, but Annie must rest.

Zach and Greenlee, ask Ryan about Annie. Kendall believes that Annie is faking. Kendall tells Greenlee that Annie is twisting Ryan into knots, and they must help him. Kendall keeps saying that the baby is perfectly fine. Greenlee reminds her that she does not know that for sure. Richie taunts Annie about the baby; he believes that she is faking her pain. Annie tells Richie to go away so that she can rest.

Taylor thinks that Jake is interesting. She also thinks that they had a lot in common, because they both had tough jobs that took them away from home. She denies any attraction to him.

Tad cannot believe that his brother is seeing Amanda Dillon, because she is a bit young for him. He reminds Jake that her mother is Janet from another plane,t and the killer of her husband. Tad tells Jake that if he is happy then he is happy for him.

Jesse comes into Confusion to meet with Tad. As he arrives, Jake leaves to meet Amanda. Jake tells Tad jokingly that he is going to pick Amanda up from cheerleading practice.

Ryan tells Zach that he may not deserve a family, because all of his children have been born fighting to live; Greenlee miscarried, Kendall had trouble with Spike, and now Annie is having problems with the baby. Ryan believes that maybe he was never meant to be a father.

Angie goes to Fusion to ask for Randi’s help with Frankie. Angie tells Randi that Frankie is going back to Iraq; she is surprised that Randi does not know. Angie suggest that they work together to keep Frankie safe, and at home. Randi does not believe that this is happening just when she finds someone she can love.

While sitting at the bar Jesse spots a movement from outside on Confusion’s patio.

Kendall doesn’t believe that Greenlee cares about Annie; Kendall thinks that Greenlee wants Annie and Ryan to be together so that her love for Aidan is not tested. Greenlee tells Kendall that Ryan is not a threat to her marriage, because she loves Aidan. Kendall admits that she and Greenlee have done awful things, but Annie is taking it to a new level. Kendall enters Annie’s room throwing out accusations.

Ryan feels that his father is apart of him. Zach tells him that his father is long gone. Ryan believes that he cannot just ignore his past. Zach tells him that their father’s doesn’t own them anymore. Zach tells him that sometimes they need a wake up call. He uses Kendall as an example of someone who was all about herself, but after having Spike she is less about herself.

Randi ask Frankie to meet her at Confusion; she decorated a desk and has dinner for them. She asks about his redeployment. She refuses to let him go. She tells him that there are ways to keep him from going. He realizes that she has spoken to his mother. She asks him to think about her. Frankie tells Randi that he has plenty good reasons to stay such as his dad, his career and Randi, but he can’t. Randi suggest that they run away together.

Taylor turns off the lights and lights the candles on the table that Amanda has set for Jake. She has memories of her fiancée. They hug each other while the music plays.

Kendall awakens Annie, and taunts her. Kendall accuses Annie of trying to win Ryan to beat out Greenlee and her. Annie asks her to stay the hell out of her life. Kendall does not believe Annie’s baby is at risk until Annie starts to get upset, which causes her to cramp. Several times Annie tried to reach for the nurse’s call button, but Kendall kept her from it. Kendall realizes that Annie is not playing, and she runs out of the room to call for help.

Jesse tells Tad that they he saw his friend who hired him at the Pine Valley University and wants to run over to say hello, but he has to leave to go to the police station. Tad realizes that he is being stood up.

Jake arrives at Amanda’s yacht, and sees Taylor reminiscing. They look intensely into each other’s eyes.

Angie arrives at Confusion and sat with Tad. She asks for Jesse. Tad informed her that Jesse is returning. Jesse left his jacket; his phone rings in his jacket pocket and Angie answers it. She tells Tad that they have been getting calls at the apartment but no one is there when they pick up the phone. She thinks someone is after her husband.

Zach saw Kendall’s face as she walked out of Annie’s room, and ask her what happened. He knows that she couldn’t let it go; she had to dip in Ryan, and Annie’s business.

Greenlee cannot believe how mean spirited Kendall was to accuse Annie of lying to Ryan. Greenlee accuses Kendall of being cruel. She tells Kendall that she had better pray that the baby lives. Kendall tells Greenlee that she (Greenlee) will be praying that the baby lives to protect Aidan, and her relationship. Aidan shows up and Kendall, Greenlee and he stares at each other.

Annie knows that the baby has died, and the doctor confirms that she has lost the baby. Annie cries as Ryan holds her. Ryan is upset, and wants to know what did Kendall say to Annie. Annie tells him that it was not Kendall’s fault. Annie blames herself, because of what she has done and the secrets she has been hiding. She tells him that she felt him slipping away, and did some wrong things. She wants to tell him everything.

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