AMC Update Thursday 9/11/08

All My Children Update Thursday 9/11/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adam talks to Ryan about barging into his home to see Emma and Annie, (Ryan’s daughter and wife).

Annie is at Greenlee’s home after sneaking in through the window and planning to kill her. She has begun to have cramps. Greenlee is watching a horror movie and is not sure that she is hearing noises in her apartment, or noises from the TV. Annie runs off and knocks over a plant. Greenlee calls Jake because she thinks someone broke into her apartment.

Babe, JR, Adam and Petey follow Ryan into Adam’s living room; Adam chases Petey away. Ryan pleads his case and tries to explain that Annie is not perfect; he tells them that Annie has been lying lately.

Kendall is concerned about Zach and Ryan. She wants to know if the disdain felt by Zach for Josh will carry over to Ryan. She wants to know if Zach have a problem with Ryan. Zach tells her that she has it all figured out wrong; he also thanks her for the desktop sex. He asks her to leave, because he still has work to do. Kendall reminds Zach that she has always been nosey. Nosey is who she is. Zach tells Kendall that he knows whom he married, and he likes everything about her. Kendall promises no more secrets; she asks when is he coming home. Zach still has work to do.

The Chandlers ask Ryan to leave. He walks out of the door then locks them in the living room. Petey lets them out, as Ryan runs upstairs to see Emma, and Annie. Ryan calls out to Annie as she renters the window.

Jake arrives at Greenlee. Once Jake arrives Greenlee feels stupid. She tells him about the fallen plant.

Annie sneaks into the bed with Emma. She asks Ryan what is he doing in their room. She reminds him that they are not his problem any more. Annie doubles over in pain, and asks Ryan to help her and the baby. Ryan picks her up and carries her downstairs. He puts her in the car and proceeds to the hospital. Jake receives a call from Ryan telling him that Annie is being taken to the hospital. Jake asks Greenlee if she is going with him; she thinks about it, then joins him.

Erica encounters Kendall leaving Cambius. She is concerned that she may not see Josh again. She wants to know how to reach him; Kendall tells her that only Ryan knows how to reach Josh. She runs into Jack at Confusion and begins to speak to him about Josh. Carmen shows up then Erica start to leave. Carmen encourages her to stay; Carmen leaves and allows Jack and Erica to speak to each other alone.

Zach’s man tells him that Josh has not been found, but he knows that Josh is in Europe. Zach wants Josh left alone, because Josh will forever be looking over his shoulder worrying about Zach. No one must know that Zach let Josh go. Zach decides to go home to his family. Greenlee calls Kendall about Annie. Kendall goes to the hospital.

JR hears Adam asking about Annie Lavery. JR is suspicious about Adam’s relationship with Annie and Petey. Adam speaks highly of Annie and Petey. Petey overhears Adam’s and JR’s conversation and figures out that JR has no idea that Adam is going after Fusion for himself.

Annie is in trouble; they will give her a pelvic exam and a sonogram. She asks Ryan to leave the hospital. Jake overhears her and tells Ryan to hang around outside of her room.

Greenlee arrives at the hospital to be there for Ryan.

JR tells Babe that his daddy is up to something with his friendships with Annie and Petey. Bella, the new perfume, is doing well, and JR thinks that Babe is on her road to success. JR knows that Adam is using Annie and Petey to help with his dirty work.

Petey tells Adam that he likes Annie. Adam warns him to beware of Annie because she will seduce him. Adam says that he is impenetrable to the female seduction. JR ask Petey why is he still there. Adam tells Petey that JR will follow the Bimbo Babe to the moon and back. He warns Petey to stay clear of love because it is destructive.

Jack does not believe that Erica has a real problem. He believes that she wants attention. Erica asks Jack to leave Confusion with her so that they can talk about Josh. Jack refuses to leave Carmen. Erica cannot believe that Jack is not there for her especially on a day like today (9/11). Carmen asks Jack if he forgot what today is, because he did not remember.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about the bruises on Annie. Kendall walks in and sees them holding hands; she gives them a moment then she asks them what is happening.

JR, and Babe read Emma a bedtime story; Emma falls asleep.

Carmen is worried about Erica and asks Jack to go after her. Jack thinks that Erica’s story was untrue. Erica goes to ask Adam for support; she wants to talk about Zach Slater, and Josh. He turns her away.

Kendall doesn’t believe that Annie is sick and she intends to stop Annie’s charade. As she attempts to leave to confront Annie, Zach enters the room, and blocks her way to prevent her from interfering with Annie.

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