AMC Update Wednesday 9/10/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Kendall brings Zach breakfast. Zach thanks her and asks her to let him get back to work so that he can fix Josh’s mess.

JR tries to get Babe to go back to bed, but she says that “Bella” needs her at work. They talk about Adam and JR says that he doesn’t trust his father.

Kendall reminds Zach that Josh is family and that is why she helped him. Zach says that he can’t forgive Josh because he has to protect his family and his business. Kendall asks what happened after Zach and Ryan left Erica’s and Zach tells her not to worry about it. Ryan walks in and says that he offered to work for Cambias and clean up the mess that Josh left behind. Kendall leaves. Zach and Ryan talk about business.

Greenlee and Kendall talk about how well “Bella” is doing. Kendall tells Greenlee about Josh embezzling money from the casino. Kendall says that she feels like one day Zach will either combust or be gone.

Ryan and Zach talk about Kendall. Zach says that Kendall will find someone to try to help, no matter what. Ryan says that maybe he and Annie will fall off the list and Zach asks if it is over.

Annie and Emma talk about how much they miss Ryan. Richie talks about Annie’s bruises. Annie and Emma talk about breakfast and Annie tells Richie to shut up. Emma asks if something is wrong and Annie says that everything is going to be fine.

Krystal and Tad disagree about getting Kathy professional help.

JR and Adam talk argue about Colby’s condition at the launch party. Adam says that Colby was sick, but JR says that Colby was drunk.

Babe tells Annie that there is no place safer than at the mansion and that Adam keeps a gun in the parlor, but it is completely safe because it is locked up and the key is kept somewhere else. Kendall says that it is about time that they got there and Greenlee agrees. Babe asks if Annie is coordinating the post-launch marketing and Annie says that she has a meeting with them later. Annie asks if anyone else is hot and Babe says that she was sweating the whole time she was pregnant and asks what happened to Annie. Babe asks who gave Annie the bruises and Annie says that Ryan did.

Tad and Krystal talk to a counselor about Kathy. Krystal tells the counselor what Kathy has done to her and says that she could end up hurting Jenny. Krystal and Tad ask if they are doing something wrong.

Annie says that she made Ryan angry and he grabbed her, but Kendall doesn’t believe it. Babe asks if Annie left Ryan because she was afraid of him. Kendall says that Ryan would never get violent. Annie says that she just wants to get back to work and that she is sorry she brought it up. Kendall asks Greenlee if she believed Annie. Greenlee says that when Ryan gets angry, he gets out of control. Kendall says that Ryan swore he would never be like his father.

Ryan says that he told Annie that the marriage is over and Zach asks how it went. Ryan says that he can’t lie his way through a marriage and that he loves his children, but he doesn’t love Annie. Ryan gets a call from Sandra and he tells her to forward something to Cambias Industries. Zach tells Ryan to find someone who was helping Josh or wasn’t paying attention and fire them.

Krystal assures Tad that they did the right thing and that Kathy will get the help she needs. Tad blames himself for Kathy’s actions because he didn’t find her sooner. Krystal assures Tad that it isn’t his fault and that he is the world’s greatest father.

Adam tells Pete to go home because Colby isn’t there, but Pete says that he is there to see Adam. Pete says that they have to talk about the party and asks how Colby is. Adam says that Colby is completely better. Adam thanks Pete for his services and says that he is done because Adam’s plan worked. Adam says that their deal is over. Pete says that Colby will be so bummed when she finds out that Adam poisoned her with perfume. Pete says that he will get Colby without Adam’s help, but wants the chance to work with Adam.

Zach says that he wants everyone questioned and held accountable. Someone brings a package in for Ryan and he opens it to find a restraining order.

Richie tells Annie that she almost had him believing that Ryan went after her. Annie says that if it wasn’t for Greenlee, Ryan would still love her. Richie asks Annie if she is going to sit there and whine or be proactive. Babe calls Annie over to look at the proofs for the “Bella” point of purchase. Babe and Greenlee point out the ones that they like and ask Annie which one she likes. Richie tells Annie to kill Greenlee. Annie agrees with Greenlee and says that they must have the same taste. Babe asks Greenlee if she wants to come over for dinner, but Greenlee says that she has big plans with “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors” because Aidan doesn’t like scary movies. Richie asks if Annie is going to crash Greenlee’s party of one. Annie says that she is going to kill Greenlee tonight!

Kendall goes to see Zach and asks if he could take a break. Zach says that he has to finish something and Kendall tells him that she will order dinner in an hour. Zach tells Kendall that she can go home, but she says that she wants to be with him. Zach says that he would like to sort out the mess that Josh left him. Zach says that he doesn’t have time for games. Kendall says that she wants to understand what is going on. Zach says that their whole life is consumed with Annie, Greenlee, Aidan and Ryan. Zach tells Kendall not to interfere all the time because it just makes things worse. Kendall says that she just wants everyone happy. Zach says that he just wants his life back.

Babe gets home and asks how JR and Little Adam are. JR says that Little Adam and Emma are down for the count and that it was a hard day in the sandbox. Babe asks if Annie wants to join them for dinner, but Annie says that she is going to go to bed early. Annie thanks JR and Babe for everything they have done and says that she is going to start protecting herself. Babe says that she is really worried about Annie because Ryan seems really out of control. Annie and Adam say goodnight. Babe and JR talk about the demand on “Bella.” Babe says that Bella might be Fusion’s hottest fragrance yet. JR says that Adam is up to something, but he doesn’t know what yet.

Pete says that he is still there because he thought maybe Colby was hanging with Stuart and Marian. Pete asks if Adam has thought about his proposal. Adam says that the first shipment of “Bella” is scheduled to arrive at Fusion next week. Pete asks if Adam wants him to taint the whole batch or just some of it. JR comes in and asks why Pete is still there. JR asks about the power huddle between Adam and Pete.

Pete startles Annie and she apologizes for throwing the plant at him. Annie says that Colby’s room is down the hall. Annie says that any woman would be lucky to have Pete because he is very special. Annie tells Emma that she loves her and is going to make everything right for all of them. Annie puts some pillows under the covers next to Emma and grabs the gun. Annie says that she doesn’t have a choice. Richie says that everyone has a choice and that Annie just has to make the right one for once.

Zach says that he sits on the couch waiting for her to get home so that she can tell him the latest drama about someone. Kendall says that she is just concerned. Zach says that while he has been sitting on the couch holding her hand, his business went to hell. Kendall says that they will recover from it and Zach agrees, but says that it has made him look weak.

JR says that Pete spends more time with Adam than he does with Colby. Adam says that is because Colby is hiding from him and that Pete is desperately searching for a strong male role model. Adam tells Pete that Colby is spending the night at Corrina’s. Adam knocks on the door and asks where Annie is. Ryan says that he isn’t leaving until he sees her. JR says that she went to bed and tells Ryan to leave. Ryan asks Babe and JR if they knew about the restraining order.

Greenlee sits down to watch a movie. Annie sneaks into Greenlee’s window and watches her. Tad shows up at Greenlee’s. Greenlee says that Aidan is out of town on a job, but Tad can watch the movie with her. Tad says that he needs something stronger and leaves. Richie says that Annie can’t do it. Annie aims the gun at Greenlee.

Zach apologizes to Kendall. Kendall asks Zach if he still loves her and he says “More than anything.” Kendall sweeps some papers off his desk and pushes him on it. Kendall asks if it is too much drama for him and kisses him.

Ryan asks JR and Babe about the restraining order. Babe says that she saw the bruises, but Ryan says e barely touched Annie’s shoulders. Adam tells Ryan to leave. Ryan says that it is another lie and that when he told Annie that the marriage was over she responded by trying to keep him from his daughter. Ryan says that they can’t stop him from seeing his own daughter and he heads up the stairs.

Richie tries to convince Annie to shoot Greenlee. Annie pulls the hammer back and Greenlee looks around. Richie says that Greenlee deserves this for stealing Ryan. Annie aims the gun at Greenlee, but pulls back and starts getting cramps.

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