AMC Update Tuesday 9/9/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Richie asks Annie if she could really kill Greenlee and cross the “rubicon.”

Kendall says that Zach can’t punish Josh like he is a creepy hand-mucker. Zach says that Kendall didn’t help Josh get away forever. Zach says that Josh will have to deal with the fallout. Zach says that he is ashamed that he gave Josh a chance to steal from him, but that he isn’t ashamed of what is going to happen next. Kendall reminds Zach that Josh is family and Zach says that is the only reason Josh is still alive.

Erica asks Josh to explain things to him. Josh says that he pissed Zach off really bad and if something happens to him, she will know who’s behind it.

Angie says that there is no way that Frankie can go back to Iraq. Frankie says that it is done, but Angie says that they can fix it. Frankie says that when the orders come down, you report to duty and that after the war, he will be home again. Jesse comes in and Angie informs him that Frankie is going back to Iraq. Jesse suggests that they go somewhere to talk, but Frankie says that he has to check on a patient and walks away. Angie says that Frankie has some time to get his affairs in order. Angie says that Jesse put the sense of duty in him by going back to the force.

Josh says that he jokingly said something about Kendall’s obsession with Greenlee and that Zach should be watching over her instead of tending to business. Josh says that Zach is still the control freak that Erica met in Vegas. Josh swears that he didn’t take money from the casino, but says that Zach claims to have proof he embezzled money.

Kendall says that Josh needs help and that he thinks he is owed. Zach says that Josh does need help, but he could go to a therapist. Kendall reminds Zach of all the good things Josh has done for the family and with the family. Zach says that when Josh moved in, he was already stealing. Kendall reminds Zach that he tried to save Hannah when she tried to kill her. Zach says that stealing is not nothing. Kendall realizes that Zach won’t forgive Josh because Josh broke his heart.

Annie and Richie think of ways to kill Greenlee. Annie says that she knows what she has to do.

Kendall and Zach argue about Josh. Zach says that he doesn’t give second chances and that he isn’t a Kane. Kendall reminds Zach that they forgave Greenlee for almost killing Spike and Ryan for wanting to sacrifice Spike when she was in a coma. Kendall says that Zach can forgive them for things that have to do with their children, but not about something as stupid as money. Zach says that it isn’t about money. Zach says that the decision is his and that he has no choice, but to clean up Josh’s mess and that it is done.

Erica says that it is just a misunderstanding and that they can get it straightened out. Josh says that it is his problem and he will deal with it. Josh says that it is time for him to move on anyways because he has never spent that long in one place and one job. Erica says that Pine Valley is Josh’s home and he says that maybe with him out of the way, Zach will calm down. Josh says that he just needs to borrow a little bit of money from Erica and that it is better if she doesn’t know where he is going. Josh tells Erica that his accounts are frozen because of Zach and that he needs to be gone. Erica refuses to give Josh money and says that he can’t leave now and that they will make Zach understand. Erica tells Josh not to answer the phone or open the door and that she will be right back.

Annie says that she will stage a break-in and that Greenlee will die when she stumbles in on the intruder. Richie reminds her that Aidan is living there too. Annie says that she will have to make sure Greenlee is alone that night. Richie asks Annie about an alibi and Annie says that she will make sure she is covered. Annie says that she is going stir crazy in there.

Kendall walks in and asks Josh if he is stealing from Erica too. Josh says that he already talked to Erica about it, but she doesn’t want him to leave. Kendall says that Zach would never kill Josh, but Josh reminds her that Zach knew about Greg Madden being buried alive. Kendall says that she defended Josh to Zach. Josh says that he wanted something for himself, somewhere no one knew that he was the guy who shouldn’t exist and wouldn’t be a freak show. Kendall says that Josh isn’t a freak show. Josh says that either he leaves or Zach erases him, and it is Kendall’s decision.

Frankie and Taylor talk about her foot. Frankie says that he got his redeployment orders and Taylor tells him that he is a lucky bastard.

Jesse asks for a unit by the campus. Angie and Jesse meet up and talk about Frankie’s redeployment. Angie says that she called Jesse when the papers came in and asks where he was. Jesse remembers telling someone that they had to meet. Jesse says that there are other things that he hasn’t told her.

Ryan says that he isn’t in the mood and not to say life or death unless they mean it.

Zach asks his men why they haven’t found Josh yet and orders them to put people at his house, Josh’s place, Fusion and Erica’s suite at the Yacht Club. Erica says that if they go near her suite, the security will toss them out. Zach and Erica talk about the battle that Josh started.

Josh says that they don’t have time for it. Ryan shows up and asks what is wrong. Kendall says that she needs Ryan to help Josh disappear.

Taylor and Frankie talk about his orders. Frankie says that he had to peel his mom off the ceiling after he got the papers. Taylor asks Frankie to talk to her doctor so she can deploy with him. Frankie admits that he doesn’t want to go back to war.

Angie asks Jesse where he was when she called. Jesse says that he didn’t go to the station after he told her about the 20 years that he was presumed dead.

Pete sneezes and Annie gasps. Pete says that it is him again and swears that he wasn’t looking at her swimming naked. Annie asks how he knew she was swimming naked. Annie and Pete talk about his feelings for Colby. Annie tells Pete not to give up.

Josh says that they don’t need Ryan involved, but Kendall disagrees. Kendall asks Ryan if he can make Josh disappear like Zach did for him once, but Ryan says no. Ryan says that he can do most of it himself, but will need someone with more connections, like Tad. Josh says that Tad can’t be involved and Kendall suggests Aidan.

Zach tries to change the subject and says that there is no room for discussion about Josh. Erica tells Zach to leave Josh alone. Zach says that his problem is with Josh and that Josh can handle it. Zach says that Josh betrayed him and isn’t family anymore.

Annie says that sometimes people deny their feelings because they don’t have faith in themselves. Annie suggests that Pete should surprise Cobly. Annie takes Pete’s glasses and says that he looks more attractive without them and sometimes you have to take a chance, when it comes to love. Annie tells Pete goodnight and wishes him luck with Colby.

Zach says that it wasn’t easy to make Josh his right-hand man. Zach asks why everyone wants to threaten him. Zach says that Kendall is talking about taking the kids, and he hopes she reconsiders and asks what Erica’s threat is. Erica asks if Zach is going to destroy his relationship with Kendall. Zach says that he will deal with Josh himself.

Taylor and Frankie talk about his discharge papers and his redeployment orders. Frankie tells Taylor to stay off her foot.

Angie and Jesse talk about her fear for Frankie. Jesse assures Angie that he will be there with her this time if Frankie goes back to war.

Richie and Annie talk about her bruises. Annie says that she needs to set everything up right so that when Greenlee dies, Ryan will cry in her arms at the funeral.

Erica asks Kendall and Ryan what they are doing there. Zach asks where Josh is. Kendall says that Josh is somewhere that Zach can’t find him. Ryan assures Erica that Josh is completely safe and that Zach won’t be able to track him down. Zach says that they are making a mistake. Ryan says that Zach will get restitution for what Josh took, from him and not Josh.

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