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All My Children Update Monday 9/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica invites Samuel in. They toast to clear heads and to having all you want.

Ryan asks about Emma. Annie says that Emma woke up crying because she had a nightmare of never seeing him again, but went back to sleep already. Ryan says that he should be up there in case Emma wakes back up. Annie says that it is weird and terrible to be envious of your child and tells Ryan that she hasn’t forgotten how they lost him.

Aidan asks if he hears Greenlee walking somewhere and she gasps and drops a bottle.

Kendall says that it is ridiculous to think that Zach would kill Josh. Zach says that Kendall needs to leave, but she says that she isn’t going anywhere until she gets some answers. Kendall and Zach argue about her being there.

Angie says that they can’t make Frankie go back. Frankie says that he signed an eight-year obligation and can be called back anytime. Angie says that there must be something that he can think of because she won’t let them send him back to Iraq. Jake calls Frankie and says that everyone is needed at the hospital.

Colby finds Pete hiding in the bushes. Colby helps Pete pull the thorns out after he explains what he was doing in the bushes. Colby thanks Pete for defending her in front of JR.

Greenlee says that it was their wedding present from her dad and Aidan says that they can get another one. Greenlee reminds him that they are supposed to be mad at each other. Aidan says that he started acting like Kendall.

Kendall asks Zach what he did to Josh. Zach says that Josh stole $20 million from them. Kendall and Josh suggest that someone set him up, but Zach says that no one hacked into Josh’s computer. Josh admits that he took the money.

Samuel says that all charges against Dre are being dropped. Samuel says that Dre is going to come work with him on the campaign almost full-time and asks Erica to go too. Erica says that she can’t and apologizes.

Aidan and Greenlee talk about his ultimatum. Greenlee admits that she feels a lot more than friendship for Ryan, but that she isn’t in love with him.

Annie says that it was a mistake to let Adam kick Ryan out and for her to storm out of their home and go off on him at the Bella party. Annie says that she misses Ryan and suggests that they should go get Emma and go home.

Josh says that he was going to start his own company and then things happened, but he will give what is left back and find a way to come up with the rest. Zach says that it isn’t good enough and Josh asks Kendall to talk some sense into Zach. Kendall asks Josh why he would do this to them. Kendall tells Josh that they would have given him money if he needed it and would have helped him. Josh says that he is a mistake that Erica buried years ago and that he has no family or anyone he can trust.

Samuel asks Erica if she joined his opponent’s campaign. Erica says that she thinks they are moving too fast. Erica says that she needs to refocus and recharge so that she can take her life back. Samuel asks if he can give her a call after the election is over. Erica says that he will be too busy for that, but at least he knows that he has one person firmly in his corner. They say goodbye.

Angie and Jake talk about Frankie being sent back to Iraq. Angie says that she can’t imagine anyone wanting to go back and Jake says that she would be surprised.

Greenlee explains that Ryan is much more than an ex-lover or ex-husband who is still a friend. Greenlee says that the only reason Ryan didn’t drive her crazy is because of Aidan and that she wishes she knew what still needs to be resolved with Ryan.

Annie suggests that they should take Emma and Spike to an island for a few days and apologizes for telling him that he shouldn’t be anywhere near her, Emma or the baby. Ryan asks what he is supposed to be listening to because she pushes and pulls. Annie says that he said the words she was horrified to hear, his feelings for Greenlee. Annie says that no matter what, he and Emma should be together. Ryan says that he needs joint custody in writing, but she says that it isn’t necessary. Ryan says that Annie should be in bed and that he shouldn’t have come over there. Ryan tells Annie that they are a family, but they can’t be together anymore because he doesn’t love her anymore and that she was right to leave. Ryan offers to find someplace else if it would be better for her and Emma to be in the penthouse.

Josh says that he thought he could pay the money back before Zach found out. Kendall says that Josh had a lot of money before and decided to give it away to the Miranda center. Josh says that he couldn’t build his success on Greg Madden’s money and shoulders. Josh apologizes and admits he made some mistakes. Josh asks Kendall not to let Zach kill him. Kendall asks Zach if he is really going to kill Josh. Zach says that he has to make Josh disappear or it will be a disaster for them and the company. Kendall says that she has to talk to Josh and say goodbye.

Angie says that Jesse doesn’t know about Frankie’s redeployment yet. Jake says that Frankie could apply for a dd&e (Delay, Deferment, and/or Exemption). Jake says that it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Greenlee says that she doesn’t want Ryan back, but there is a lot left unfinished.

Annie says that she gave Ryan a child, helped him through his sister’s death and sat by his hospital bed more than once and now he doesn’t love her. Ryan says that Emma and the baby will know how much they are loved, but it isn’t right with his feelings for Greenlee. Annie asks what kind of man Ryan has become. Ryan tells Annie that this isn’t good for the baby and that she needs to relax, but she tells him to go to hell. Ryan says that he is going to leave and he hopes she can find a way to relax. Annie says that Ryan didn’t want the baby to begin with and that he is disgusting. Ryan says that he will be back the following day to see his daughter.

Colby says that she feels a little weak, but it doesn’t feel like the flu bug. Colby tells Pete that she has no feelings for him and says good night.

Richie says that Ryan didn’t love Annie when he proposed and that she just lost in a big way. Annie says that Ryan isn’t gone. Annie bumps into Pete and he says that he didn’t hear anything and wasn’t there. Richie says that Pete needs to stay and Annie asks Pete not to leave yet. Richie says that Pete can help her get Ryan back. Annie tells Pete not to let Colby go. Pete catches Annie and says that now he proved that she and Colby can trust him. Pete leaves. Annie and Richie examine her bruises.

The phone rings and Jack says that everything is wrong. Jack says that he was an idiot to get involved with Carmen and asks for Erica’s forgiveness. Jack says that Mando called and talked Carmen into robbing an ice cream truck and that Erica has to let him make it up to her because he needs and loves her. Erica says that he should have thought about that before he took Carmen to bed.

Kendall tells Josh to run.

Jake and Frankie talk about Frankie’s orders to go back to Iraq. Jake brings up applying for a dd&e, but Frankie says that he has an obligation and is going back to Iraq.

Annie and Richie talk about her plans for Ryan. Annie says that she has to kill Greenlee.

Greenlee says that if she had any doubts about her feelings for Aidan or Ryan, she wouldn’t have said “I do.” Aidan says that he believes her and thanks her for helping him to understand.

Zach orders his men to go after Josh, but Kendall says that she will spray them again. Zach says that he will find Josh. Kendall says that if Zach makes Josh disappear, then they are finished.

Josh shows up at Erica’s. Josh asks Erica for help and says that if Zach catches him, he is a dead man.

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