AMC Update Friday 9/5/08

All My Children Update Friday 9/5/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Angie and Jesse are at their apartment when Angie asks him about Randi. Jesse tells her Randi is fine because she has Frankie as her champion. Angie reminds him that just because Fletcher is dead does not mean that all of Randi’s problems are solved. Jesse hopes that Randi has let all of her pain go because it is the best way to move on.

Jake lets Taylor know that he too came from a war zone in Africa. He and Taylor talk about Africa and how their biggest concern is for the children. Jake urges her to talk about nightmares; he heard her scream out when she spent the night at his place.

Josh tries to talk to Kendall about his problem with Zach. She does not see the big deal because, if he screwed up, he should make it right, and if he messed up, he should talk to Zach about it. She reminds him that Zach loves him. Josh wants Kendall to come with him to see Zach.

Zach tells his henchmen to bring in the man who stole from him.

Greenlee is up on the rooftop with Ryan. Annie tries to convince Aidan that there is something going on with Ryan and Greenlee. Aidan explains that they are just friends and friends look into each other’s face when they talk. Aidan accuses Annie of wanting him to fight her battle.

Greenlee encourages Ryan to let go of the past. Ryan wonders if they are destined to be together since they both came to the roof for a breath of fresh air. Greenlee tells him that she saw him coming to the roof and followed him. Greenlee tells Ryan that Annie is working him; he knows, but doesn’t know what to do about it.

Aidan allows Annie to play on his fears and goes to the roof to tell Greenlee that her friendship with Ryan must stop. He tells Ryan that Greenlee is not his emotional crutch when times are bad because Annie, his wife, should be whom he depends on. Ryan cautions Aidan to take it easy because he and Greenlee were not doing anything. Aidan warns Ryan to stay away from his wife. He also wants Ryan out of his marriage. Greenlee does not understand Aidan’s problem with Ryan.

Randi and Frankie talk about her growing up in foster care and never having a family of her own. She always dreamed of having the perfect family. She would dream about having a family, but they would disappear when she awoke.

Angie thinks that Randi’s past is huge because it is part of who she is. Jesse thinks that sometimes, you have to put the past to rest. Angie wants to know what if Randi can’t put the past to rest, like Jesse. Angie accuses Jesse of managing his past by locking it away.

Zach’s men are searching for Josh. Zach tells them that if he is not at his apartment, then check ConFusion. Kendall thinks that Josh will be OK with Zach if he confesses to whatever he has done. She reminds him that his ticket to Zach is her. She tells him that if Zach fires him, she will make Zach rehire him.

Taylor tells Jake about her squad’s mission. They were attacked from all fronts as a car blew up. Four men in her unit died instantly that night. They took refuge in a house. They were attacked, and her friend Rot Monroe was hurt badly when a grenade was thrown in front of him. Rot was more than a friend. He was her fiancé. She has nightmares about the incident. Jake tells her that she does not have to continue to talk about it, but she tells him that she does. Frankie worked on Rot and patched him up, but he died a week later in Germany. Someone jumped her from behind, and she managed to reverse the hold and broke his neck.

Zach's men catch up to Josh.

Randi tells Frankie that she has never had sex for love. She has never had a boyfriend. Frankie soothes Randi and tells her to take it slow. Jesse tells Angie that he ran from everyone and he ran everywhere. He ran into a building where he saw a light and asked for help.

Annie and Adam cannot believe that Fusion was able to put a positive spin on tonight’s affairs. Adam wants Fusion to rise before it falls. Annie is disappointed with Fusion’s escape because none of her plans are working out.

Zach’s men slam Josh into a chair. Zach says, “Hello Josh, thanks for dropping in.”

Ryan yanks off his tie and throws it off of Fusion’s roof. It lands on ConFusion’s patio. Kendall picks it up wondering whom it belongs to.

Taylor tells Jake that she wants to be back with her troops and do her job. Amanda arrives at Jake’s place, and Taylor leaves after thanking him for listening.

Greenlee wants Aidan to trust her. Aidan wants Greenlee to love him enough to leave Ryan alone. Aidan forbids her to see Ryan and she tells him no. She refuses to stop seeing Ryan.

Ryan arrives at Adam’s mansion demanding to say goodnight to Emma. Annie is not letting him in. Adam threatens to call the police.

Zach tells Josh that money is missing from his casino. He does not plan to call the police because he will deal with the matter internally. Josh tells Zach that he was coming to see him. Zach told Josh that he has been busy with other matters and that he trusted family and did not expect family to steal. Josh tells Zach that there is a mistake because someone hacked into his computer. He asks why he would steal from his own family. Josh can explain; he urges Zach to call Harris in Accounting, who can vouch for him. Zach asks him if he believes in a higher power because he better pray that Harris picks up the phone.

Jesse tells Angie that he suffered a nervous breakdown but he received help. Jesse was committed for one year. Angie pulls Jesse towards her as she listens to his story. Angie wants to know why Jesse did not tell her this story before. He admits that he was embarrassed. Frankie comes home and asks about Jesse. Angie tells him that Jesse returned to the station. Jesse is sitting at ConFusion's bar; he calls someone, and they agree to meet. Frankie receives a redeployment letter instructing him to return to Iraq.

Annie watches Greenlee on the TV doing damage control. Fusion is back on track. Annie is angry and throws down a vase, breaking it. She calls Ryan.

Greenlee will not turn her back on Ryan because she would be losing a friend. She wants to know what Aidan would be losing, and he tells her that he would be losing her.

Zach tells Josh that his friend Harris is not calling back and he is running out of patience. Zach looks at Josh and tells him that he has a problem that he needs to go away. Josh wants to know if he will be killed. Kendall overhears and states, “You're going to what?”

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