AMC Update Thursday 9/4/08

All My Children Update Thursday 9/4/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Donna

Taylor had flashbacks of killing someone in a combat in Iraq, as she strangled Fletcher. Jake asks if Taylor was okay, after Fletcher lay dead on the floor of ConFusion.

Ryan tries to talk to Annie; she did not tell him that Jake put her on bedrest.

Colby tries the tainted perfume as Petey and Adam try to persuade her not to. Petey has not run any tests on "Blast" so he does not know the side effects.

Zach is looking over the books at his casino, when he finds out that someone has embezzled over twenty million dollars. He insists on finding the culprit.

The crowd at Fusion hears a scream and want to know what happened. As the crowd starts to make their way towards Fletcher's body, Carmen shoos them away. Jake questions Taylor. Taylor wants Frankie to call his dad. Taylor is concerned that the Army may not agree with the need to kill Fletcher.

Annie refuses Ryan's help, because he lied to her forever about loving Greenlee. She had a right to know that he was lying about being in love with another woman. Annie doesn't want his pity or his charity.

Kendall sees them talking, and asks if everything is alright. They both dismiss her. Kendall explains that she needs Annie on damage control. Annie tells her that stress is not good for her, per the doctor's orders. Kendall sees through Annie, and tells Ryan that Annie is evil.

Babe and Amanda panic, because of the dead body at Confusion. They have no information on the man who was killed. JR thinks that Colby was drinking, which explains her weird behavior, but she is having a reaction from the tainted perfume.

Jack tells Carmen that he wants her for herself. She's concerned that Erica has left the party. She thinks of Erica as her friend.

Jesse has arrived at Confusion and is questioning Randi and Frankie about the murder. Taylor tries to butt in. Taylor lets Jesse know that she is the killer. She tells him that she used the choke hold on Fletcher, and broke his neck. Jake has left Amanda, and is devoting his time to Taylor; he does not want her to go to jail.

The Fusion girls are trying to get their guest to stay at the party. The girls think that the event was a fiasco, because of the dead corpse in the building.

Kendall is getting anxious over Zach, because he is expected at the party but has not shown up.

Zach's staff doesn't think that they will be able to find the thief of the twenty million dollars, so they advise Zach to move on. Zach tells them that he cannot move on from that amount of a loss.

Colby is laughing, itching, and showing signs of a rash. Adam and Petey are trying to take her home. JR wants her taken to rehab. Adam is okay with Colby's behavior, which make JR suspicious. He doesn't understand why the Palmer Cortland kid is practically living at the mansion. While Adam watches the news for information on Fusion, Colby wants to know if Petey drugged her to have his way with her.

Randi tells Jesse about Taylor chocking Fletcher. She believes that Taylor saved her life. Frankie recognizes a look in Taylors eyes as she talks about the murder; he saw that same look in Iraq.

Kendall talks to Amanda about the launch, and attacks the concept and "Bella". Greenlee is working on damage control with the guests. She spots Ryan heading towards Fusion's rooftop. Kendall finally reaches Zach. He tells her that he is busy, and cannot come to Confusion. She tells him about the attack, and he wants to know if everyone is okay. He'll see her at home later.

Kendall asks Aidan if he is looking for Greenlee, and he tells her to mind her own damn business. She talks about the past with Ryan and Greenlee, and tells Aidan that he will lose Greenlee. Aidan reminds her that he and Greenlee, are not Kendall and Ryan.

Jesse tells Taylor that the police do not use the choke hold because of the fatalities; the sleep hold is now being used. He wants to know why Taylor didn't stop before she killed Fletcher. She tells him that she is not trained to stop. He wants to know if she thinks that she went too far. She admits that she could have lost control. Jesse sees the incident as self-defense, and will not pursue the case any further. Taylor does not want the incident reported to the army.

Randi thanks and hugs Taylor, calling her a hero.

Amanda is busy putting out fires.

Annie talks to Aidan about Greenlee being in love with Ryan. She advises him to tighten the leash on Greenlee. She believes that Ryan and Greenlee are making fools out of Annie and Aidan. Aidan tells her that she left her husband, so she's the one playing games, because she wanted Ryan to come after her. Annie tells Aidan that she is not the one Ryan is chasing.

Greenlee follows Ryan to the rooftop, and starts talking about old times. Ryan does not want to focus on the past, but on the here and now. Ryan doesn't think that he should be talking to Greenlee. She touches Ryan's hand as Annie looks on.

Amanda has invited Randi to stay on her yacht. Frankie will stay with Randi, because he's not leaving her alone. Randi feels scared, and Frank tells her that she does not have to brave all of the time.

J.R., Pete, Colby, Babe, and Adam watch Amanda give the press interview on TV. Amanda suggests that the perfume is for a strong, brave and powerful woman. Adam is surprised, because it looks like the company will survive the death of Fletcher.

Zach figures out who has stolen his money. Josh runs to Kendall and begs for her help with Zach.

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