AMC Update Wednesday 9/3/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jenny cries loudly and Tad asks Krystal what happened. Krystal says that if something hadn’t been there, she would have been crushed. Tad asks if Krystal fell off the ladder, but she says that she was pushed.

Randi and Amanda talk about the boat. Taylor shows up and says that she didn’t realize there was formal attire on the cruise.

Frankie asks Jesse about Fletcher. Jesse says that they will find him.

Kendall leaves a message for Zach. Greenlee and Aidan show up. Greenlee asks where Zach is and Kendall says that he is working, but will be there soon. Kendall says that none of the “Bella crew” is there.

Annie and Babe talk. Babe tells Annie to forget about Ryan for that night and enjoy herself.

Randi says that they are all dressed up for Amanda’s big party.

Jesse tells Frankie to forget about Fletcher and concentrate on the party.

Fletcher says that he has a delivery for the fusion party.

Kendall welcomes Ryan and Erica to the party.

Tad realizes that Krystal is saying that Kathy pushed her off the ladder. Krystal says that Kathy did it deliberately. Kathy tells Tad that she didn’t do anything. Tad says that it is important that she tells him the truth and that she won’t get in trouble. Krystal says, “Like heck she won’t” and Kathy says that she didn’t do anything. Tad says that he believes her and that there was no harm done. Krystal tells Tad that she and Jenny could have been hurt or worse and that she thinks Jenny is hurt.

Jesse and Frankie talk about what the police have found out about Fletcher.

Randi recognizes Taylor. Taylor says that they can go to the party while she settles in. Amanda tries to convince Taylor to go to the party, but Taylor says that she will sit it out. Taylor reluctantly agrees to get ready for the party. Randi asks why Amanda wants Taylor as a roommate, but Amanda changes the subject.

Kendall says that she wants to know everything and Ryan orders a drink for Erica. Kendall says that she wants to help Ryan, but Erica tells her to let Ryan have some space. Kendall asks Erica why she showed up with Ryan. Greenlee convinces Ryan and Aidan to shake hands.

Annie tells Babe that Emma misses Ryan and that she is afraid it might be more than a time-out. Colby and JR come out and she tells them how amazing they look. Adam says that he plans on enjoying himself at the party. Adam congratulates Babe and she says that she had a lot of help. Adam says that he is impressed.

Jake shows up at Tad and Krystal’s house. Krystal tells Jake what happened. Tad says that it was an accident, but Krystal sticks to her story that Kathy pushed the ladder. Tad says that it is a good thing that Kathy wasn’t hurt, but Krystal says that she wants to make sure her baby is okay. Jake says that Jenny seems fine and that it is just shock making her cry. Jake asks to borrow some cuff links from Tad.

Taylor comes out and shows them her dress. Amanda and Randi say that the dress is fine, but they don’t want her to feel out of place. Taylor says that she already does and that she will just stay and unpack, but Randi says that she has an idea.

Erica congratulates Aidan on his marriage. Erica tells Aidan that he will need all the luck he can get. Kendall and Ryan talk about what happened with Aidan and Annie.

Pete and Colby talk. Adam comes out and tells Pete that he will be blasted back to hell if he doesn’t shut up.

Ryan says that he doesn’t know what is going to happen with Annie. Greenlee asks Kendall where the voices of the “everywoman” are, but Kendall changes the subject and says that they could fire Annie now because she left Ryan. Greenlee says that it is all Aidan’s fault. Erica thanks Ryan for being her escort.

Krystal says that she hates to put Jenny back in the playpen when she thinks about what could have happened. Jake asks how Kathy is settling in. Krystal says that Kathy loves Tad, but she did push the ladder and that there have been other incidents. Krystal says that Kathy needs professional help, but Tad says that all she needs is a little love and patience. Jake leaves.

Jesse says that he has a 24-hour detail assigned to Randi until they find Fletcher. Jesse and Frankie talk about Frankie’s relationship with Randi. An officer brings Jesse the reports on the Novak case. Frankie thanks Jesse and leaves.

Carmen and Jack show up at the party and talk to Erica. Amanda shows up and Kendall asks about Babe. Amanda tells them to relax. Jake shows up followed by Frankie. Amanda assures Frankie that Randi is okay. Greenlee and Kendall argue about Kendall revealing Ryan’s feelings. Babe shows up. JR confronts Amanda about screwing Babe over to become the face of “Bella”, but Babe tells him to be nice. Colby, Pete and Adam show up. Aidan and Annie talk about Ryan’s feelings for Greenlee. Aidan says that Annie should go back to Ryan, but she says that there isn’t a chance. Jake asks Amanda how the new roommate is. Taylor and Amanda show up and Jake says that he didn’t even recognize Taylor. Taylor says that it is too much, but Amanda says that she looks great and tells Randi that she did a good job. Taylor and Jake go to get some champagne and Frankie tells Randi that he will be back.

Tad says that Krystal has to lighten up on Kathy. Krystal reminds Tad that Kathy tried to hurt her and could have hurt Jenny. Krystal says that Kathy is jealous and wants Tad all to herself. Krystal says that it has gone too far and that it is too much for them to handle. Jenny starts crying again. Krystal says that Kathy walked up to the ladder while she was on top of it and pushed it. Tad comes up with other possibilities to what happened and Krystal realizes that Kathy, just like Dixie, can do no wrong.

Pete and Erica talk and he leaves. Erica asks Adam what he is doing there and Adam says that he is enhancing the celebration. Erica leaves and JR walks up.

Jesse says that the blood on the lug wrench is Richie’s and it clears Dre Woods of manslaughter. Jesse says that the problems go away for Cassandra and Colby too and that now they just need to match it to Annie’s car. The officer says that Jesse won’t like it and Jesse asks if the wrench is from Annie’s car.

Annie says that Greenlee must be happy because Ryan is free now, but Greenlee says that she doesn’t want Ryan and reminds Annie that she is married. Kendall walks up and asks Annie to back off. Kendall leaves another message for Zach. Erica walks up and asks if everything is all right. Kendall says that it was Zach and he promised that he would be there, but work stuff came up.

Ryan walks up and tries to talk to Annie, but she says that she is busy. Ryan says that they have to be able to talk to each other. Jake comes up and reminds Annie that she is supposed to be taking it easy.

Jack and Carmen talk. Adam walks up and Jack asks her if she wants champagne. Carmen says that she has to go powder something and talks to Randi. Carmen apologizes for leaving with Mr. Hollywoood and leaving Randi behind. Randi says that she survived.

Ryan asks if there is something Annie isn’t telling him about the pregnancy.

Adam tells Babe to open the perfume and give herself a squirt. Babe says that she is already wearing Charm! Colby says that she wants some “Bella” and tells them to spritz her, but Adam says that it isn’t a good idea.

Erica tells Jack not to throw Carmen in her face because it is beneath him.

Carmen asks Randi if they can be friends, but Randi says that she has to go. Taylor comes up and thanks Randi for her makeover. Randi screams.

Krystal apologizes and assures Tad that she loves Kathy and that she just wants what is best for Kathy. Tad says that he will talk to Kathy, but Krystal says that Tad is too close and that Kathy is getting worse. Krystal says that she will do whatever she has to do to make sure Jenny is safe, even if he won’t.

Randi screams. Amanda tells Fletcher to let go of Randi. Taylor grabs him from behind, flashes back to a combat scene, and twists his neck, then drops him to the floor.

JR asks Adam why Colby can’t have a spritz of Bella and Adam say that Chandlers don’t wear bargain-basement products. Colby tells JR to ignore Adam and says that she wants to smell “Bella”. Colby says that she loves it.

A woman screams! Amanda makes sure Randi is okay. Frankie comes up and Amanda says that Taylor was amazing. Frankie says that he is going to call the police and Jake says that Fletcher is dead.

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