AMC Update Tuesday 9/2/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Randi and Amanda talk about the announcement party for “Bella.” Kendall says that they are rushing things by throwing a party for the new idea already without any input from anyone. Kendall says that she wouldn’t miss the party for anything since it is her company.

Ryan meets with Erica. Ryan says that he came out there to remind himself what is supposed to be important in his life and Erica says that is what she went out there. Ryan tells Erica that Annie and Emma moved out and that Annie is pregnant.

Carmen and Annie introduce themselves. Babe comes down and Annie says that they spent the previous night in a hotel. Babe says that they have lots of rooms and that Little Adam is excited about their visit. Annie asks if it is really okay and JR comes out and says that they have plenty of room. Carmen takes Emma to see Little Adam. Adam comes out and asks what is going on and why Annie is there. JR says that Annie and Emma are going to stay there for a few days and tells Annie that he will take the bags upstairs. Babe says that she has to get to work and Annie thanks her. Adam and JR argue about Annie staying there. Adam and JR talk about Fusion Green.

Kendall tells Amanda not to embarrass the company. Babe shows up and apologizes for being late. Kendall asks where Annie is. Babe says that Annie is dealing with more important things and announces that Annie left Ryan the previous night.

Ryan admits that he doesn’t know if he was ever in love with Annie and tells Erica the situation with the pregnancy. Ryan says that he understands what Annie did, but it killed him watching Annie walk out with Emma. Erica and Ryan talk about Greenlee.

Tad tells Krystal and Kathy that they are doing great. Angie comes up and says that there are brownies on the table. Tad and Angie talk about how good Kathy is doing. Krystal comes over and says that Kathy wants Tad to choose which brownie he wants.

Ryan says that if it weren’t for his children, he would probably be out on a sailboat somewhere. Erica says that Ryan has to stop Annie from leaving town because the children need him. Ryan says that if Annie did leave town, it would be because she was running from him and she would just run further if he went after her. Erica says that Ryan needs to keep her in town because the worst thing in the world is for the children to think that their father abandoned them. Ryan says that he will find a way to make it work.

Kendall says that she is sorry for what Ryan is going through and Amanda says that there must be something in the water. Randi comes over and says that the art department is finished with the Bella artwork. Amanda says that the art department came up with an alternative pick to use and that they have to decide. Babe says that she doesn’t look terrible and asks to see the other one.

Adam and Annie talk about the Fusion takeover. Adam says that Annie can stay as long as she needs to. Richie tells Annie how nice it was walking out on Ryan and how nice of a place she is at now. Annie says that it might have lost her Ryan forever.

Tad asks where Kathy’s mommy doll is and Kathy says that she lost it. Angie and Krystal talk about Angie’s relationship with Jesse lately. Krystal tells Angie to give Jesse some time and then he will want to talk about what happened while he was on the run.

Babe and Amanda talk about which picture they should choose. Randi says that both pictures are hot. Babe asks Kendall’s opinion, but Kendall says that they need to choose. Erica comes up and Kendall suggests asking her opinion. Amanda and Babe tell Erica about the perfume. Erica says that since the perfume is cheap and easy, she would go with Babe. Kendall disagrees and says that using Amanda’s picture would attract men. Erica and Kendall leave for lunch. Amanda suggests that they sit down and talk about it, but Babe says that Amanda can do whatever she wants because it is her money and that she will be back later.

Kendall and Erica talk about what has been going on at Fusion. Kendall talks about her recent problems with Zach. Erica tells Kendall not to blow it off because men sometimes run off and do something crazy. Erica says that for example, you might wake up one morning to find your husband in bed with Carmen.

Pete shows up at the mansion and meets Carmen. Colby comes down and Pete says that he was just there to see how Colby was doing. Pete asks if Colby is going to the Fusion party. Adam comes out and talks to Pete. Adam asks what Colby and Pete are doing that day. Colby says that she isn’t doing anything with Pete. Colby says that she is going with Babe and JR and Adam suggests that Pete go with them. Adam and Pete suggest that it would be good for the rapprochement for the families, but Colby refuses. Adam says that Pete could go as their guest and Pete says that he will be there half an hour before the event to pick up Colby. Ryan shows up to talk to Annie. Ryan says that he wanted to come see how Annie and Emma were doing. Annie admits that she hasn’t told Emma the situation yet, but she needs to get her head straight. Annie asks Ryan to leave, but Emma runs out.

Erica and Kendall talk about Jack’s relationship with Carmen. Erica admits that it bothers her a little. Kendall asks Erica if she wants Jack or Samuel, or both. Erica says that it is silly and that she only expects Jack to do what makes him happy.

Kathy helps Krystal make her favorite sandwich. Kathy says that Krystal cut the sandwich wrong because her mom didn’t cut it into triangles. Angie says that it will taste just as good, but Krystal says that she can make another one. Kathy says that she isn’t hungry anymore.

JR and Adam talk about what JR’s P.I. found. JR says that they will have to find another way and Adam brings up JR’s other idea. JR says that Babe is launching the new product at Kendall’s opposition. Adam says that he likes JR’s idea. Adam asks JR to keep him posted. Adam says that he likes the name of the new fragrance.

Emma asks Ryan if they are going home now. Ryan says that they won’t be living together anymore. Emma reminds Ryan that he said he would never leave again. Ryan says that he isn’t leaving, but Emma will be living with Annie for now. Ryan tells Emma that the only thing that matters is that he and Annie will never stop loving her.

Erica says that she doesn’t want Jack and she isn’t jealous of Carmen, but it isn’t going to last. Kendall asks what Adam has done to Erica after Erica says that Adam gets more annoying by the day.

Babe comes home and tells JR that Amanda decided to use her own photo for the ad campaign. JR asks if Babe gets a say in it. Babe says that she couldn’t fight too hard because Amanda is putting up all the money for it. JR and Babe talk about her success. JR assures Babe that it is going to be huge and that just saying the name of the fragrance turns him on.

Angie says that she will call them the following day. Krystal thanks Angie for the decorating tips. Tad walks Angie out and Angie tells him not to let Krystal beat herself up over what is going on with Kathy.

Ryan tells Emma to do whatever Annie says and be a brave little girl.

JR and Babe talk about Adam’s input about the idea for the “Bella” fragrance.

Adam and Annie talk about what Emma is going through with Annie and Ryan split up. Annie asks Adam what he has in store for the big Fusion party and he says that it will be a blast and will lead to Kendall and Greenlee’s downfall.

Erica tells Kendall about Adam sticking his nose in Jack and Carmen’s business. Kendall wonders why Adam cares about it. Erica says that Adam is trying to make her believe that he is trying to seduce her again. Kendall says that Erica needs to call Adam’s bluff. Erica says that she wouldn’t be with Adam again if he was the last man on earth. Erica says that if Adam keeps tormenting her, he will find himself on the business end of the wrath of Erica Kane.

Krystal climbs on a ladder. Kathy walks by and shakes the ladder. As Krystal begins to lose her balance, she sees Jenny lying on the floor below her and gasps.

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