AMC Update Friday 8/29/08

All My Children Update Friday 8/29/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica shows up at Jack’s house looking for Carmen, and finds her wearing Jack’s shirt. It is obvious that Carmen spent the night with Jack. Erica is clearly jealous. Greenlee shows up, and is delighted at what she has found; Erica is clearly upset. Greenlee teases and cajoles Erica, because she is glad that Jack is clearly trying to move on. Greenlee is happy because of Erica’s discomfort with Jack and Carmen. Jack instructs Greenlee to leave.

Aidan beats up Ryan, and make him confess that he is still in love with Greenlee.

Taylor was jogging when she spotted Jake and Amanda jogging. Taylor twist her ankle as she turn to run the other way. Taylor twisted the ankle of the leg where she is having problems with Plantar Fasciitis. Taylor does not want to return to her apartment, because she has flashbacks. Jake and Amanda take her to his apartment.

Petey has set up a lab in Opal’s home. Opal is shocked to see Petey and Adam together; she referred to Adam as Satan. Adam tells Opal that her son and he want to talk to each other man to man. Opal refers to their discussion as being between man/boy and snake. Petey has created Blast the chemical additive, which will be used to taint Fusion’s perfume. Opal pours blast in her coffee, because it is in the creamer. It makes her itch and noxious. When Petey discovers that she has mistakenly used blast in her coffee, he suggests that she take an oatmeal bath because she is itching all over her body.

Erica is jealous of Jack and Carmen. She told Carmen that it was OK to date Jack, but she probably did not mean it.

Aidan is angry and fearful that Ryan will upset Greenlee, and cause her to think twice about being his wife. Ryan assures Aidan that he respects his marriage to Greenlee and knows that Aidan is whom she wants. Ryan is now committed to his family, and has backed off of Greenlee. Ryan, and Aidan both have bruises from fighting each other.

Jack tries to let Erica down easy; he tells her that he has always loved her, but things between them have not always worked out. Erica thinks that she shouldn’t have come to Jack’s home. Carmen believe that maybe she shouldn’t have come either.

Babe tells JR details about the new perfume line “Bella”. JR would like to personally test its appeal, and ask her to put it on. He calls it evil, because it smells so good. He starts to make out with Babe.

Petey thinks that Colby will come around, and start to like him if Adam does not interfere.

Aidan comes home, and Greenlee is shocked that he has been fighting. Ryan comes home, and Annie is shocked that he has been fighting. After questioning Ryan, Annie discoveries that Ryan has had his memory about Greenlee since he rescued her in the boat. Annie is upset that he never mentioned it to her and kept it a secret. Richie’s ghost sings, “Ring Around the Rosey”, and tells Annie that Ryan is with her, because of the baby and not because he lover her. The ghost tells Annie that she is a liar and a killer, which is why Ryan loves Greenlee. The ghost continues to tell Annie that Greenlee married another man, Aidan and does not chase Ryan. Annie insists that Ryan loves her.

Carmen understands now that she made a mistake when she dated Jack. Erica is her friend and she thinks of her as her sister. Carmen has no intentions of hurting Erica. Jack suggests that they go out for breakfast. Carmen insists that Erica joins them. Erica bows out saying that she has plans. Erica only came over because she was worried about Carmen, but now that Carmen is OK, Erica will leave.

Adam tells Petey that he will set him up a lab to make Blast. When Petey runs off to look after Opal, Adam put Blast in a vial, and steals it.

Greenlee assures Aidan that she is in love with him, not Ryan.

Annie finally understands Ryan’s feelings for Greenlee. She figures out that Ryan remembers that he loved Greenlee and he has been in love with her since he rescued her in the boat. She cannot believe that he kept his feelings for Greenlee a secret from her. She decides to leave Ryan and take Emma with her. He insists that his family stay intact.

Jake insists that Taylor stop jogging on her hurt foot. Taylor tells Jake and Amanda that she cannot afford to live in her apartment without help. Amanda offers her a room on her yacht. Jake does not think that Taylor, and Amanda will make it as roommates. He classifies Amanda as a free spirit with no rules. Taylor is just the opposite, because she likes everything structured.

Erica eats breakfast alone. Two bad Erica’s joins her at her table. All of the three Erica’s have different personalities. Erica two really want to break up the relationship between Jack and Carmen. Erica three is really sexy and wants Erica now to seduce Jack back into her arms. Adam appears and tells Erica that they have only each other. He gives Erica a big kiss on the lips; she is outraged. She tells Adam that if he kisses her again she will rip off his lips and feed them to a piranha.

Jake offers to drive Taylor back to her apartment; she insists on walking.

JR tells Babe that Bella may be their answer for Fusion because if it becomes a big seller it could lead to Babe’s popularity, which may result in her rising to the top.

Annie gets Emma ready to leave; Ryan is disappointed about her leaving, and sits on the bed with his head in his hands.

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