AMC Update Thursday 8/28/08

All My Children Update Thursday 8/28/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Taylor is at the hospital talking with Frankie trying to get him to help her get back to Iraq. She wants Frankie to release her, and she is anxious and aggressive about leaving Pine Valley to return to Iraq. She is disappointed that the army doctor will not release her, because she wants to return to her unit. Frankie wants to know why the army doctors are saying no to her.

Annie is with Adam at the mansion telling him that she has returned to Fusion. Adam is curious as to how she got Kendall, and Greenlee to take her back. Adam wants to know if Greenlee and Kendall were in support of Annie’s return to Fusion. Since Kendall is an owner and is not happy about Annie’s return then she will not be sharing her secrets with Annie. Adam does not see Annie’s usefulness to him. Annie tells him about the new perfume line Amanda is helping to fund. She also talks about the launch party. Annie wants to know if Adam has a plan; he suggests that she leaves the planning to him. He believes that the less Annie knows, the better.

Zach and Kendall are at their beach house; when she tried to leave her pulled her into a big kiss. She liked the manly way he took her off to the beachhouse; she also liked the kiss. After the kiss she tries to leave again and he takes her off to make love. Zach makes love to Kendall, and she calls it hot. He wants Kendall to stay with him for forty-eight hours and concentrate on them. He doesn’t want either of them to use cell phones or e-mails. Kendall is not buying it.

Ryan and Greenlee are at Fusion and he tells her that all his feelings for her are back. He remembers being in love with her and their friendship. He remembers that the Gazebo was their private place. He like their place because of the quiet, trees, and stars. He remembers the dynamite kido and the green butterfly being together. Greenlee reminds him that those things are in the past. Ryan and Greenlee are not on the same page, because he wants to return to the past with her and she wants to go into the future with Aidan. She never forgot what they had but she knows what they had was in the past, and they should put it behind them.

Kendall is not able to spend forty-eight hours with Zach, because she wants to return to work. He wants them to spend time with each other. He is fed up with her interfering with other people’s lives. Zach wants her to leave her friends to their lives.

Amanda shows Jake David Hayward’s cabin, since he is looking for a place to stay. They make love for the first time.

Frankie wants to know if Taylor is still having trouble with her foot, or if she is experiencing nightmares, flashbacks and any other signs of posttraumatic stress. Taylor instructs Frankie to stand down.

Kendall wants to know if Zach brought her to the beech house to scold her. She tells Zach that she is not a child. He tells her that she is acting like one; he doesn’t want to fight with her. She accuses Zach of trying to control, and manage her. Zach disagrees, saying that she stepped over the line and he is pulling her back. He reminds her that they never had a honeymoon, and they can start now.

Randi asks Greenlee if she like the new perfume. She also wants to know will Kendall ever like the new line. Greenlee tells her that Kendall does not like the way Babe kept the secret about the new perfume. Greenlee tells Randi that she will be Kendall’s favorite soon. Greenlee ask Randi to close up. Randi hear noises and ask who is there.

Adam is asking someone to commit a crime that involves something illegal. The man refuses. Petey overhead the conversation and offers his services. He is very knowledgeable about chemistry. Adam calls him a twerp. In return for his services Petey wants Colby.

Zach wants his wife back. He asks Kendall to try and she says she will, but she insists on making one phone call. Zach wants to know if she is afraid of being with him. He tells her that the ring on her finger says always only you not always Ryan, Greenlee, Aidan and Annie.

Annie sees Ryan at home and asks him what is going on. He tells her that she is not the only one in their relationship hiding secrets. Richie’s ghost says that she is not telling everything, he can’t wait until they find Annie’s lug wrench with his blood on it. Annie doubles over in pain. Dr. Joe Martin examines her at the hospital and declares her to be OK. He advises her to take it easy, and let Ryan pamper her. Annie returns home and rest on the sofa.

Petey wants to know if Adam wants to ruin Fusion perfume. Petey passed organic chemistry and he can make an additive that is colorless, odorless, and will ruin a batch of perfume. Petey wants Adam to put in a good word about him to Colby. If Adam betrays him he will tell his dad, Palmer about Adam’s plan. Adam calls him a lonesome vermin.

Zach wants to know if Kendall is afraid to be alone with him. Kendall tells him, no. She believes that their marriage is fine. She promises to get better at minding her own business. Zach asked what is she afraid of. She says that their love is perfect. She suggests that they leave the beach house and go home. Zach is unconvinced. Kendall calls a driver to pick her up and she leaves Zach alone at the beach house. Before leaving she suggest that they do a repeat of the love making. She tells Zach that she is sorry about the ruined weekend. Her tells her that she does not need to be sorry about anything as long as she is telling the truth. The look on her face shows that she knows that she has hurt Zach.

Taylor is evasive about her condition. She tells Frankie that she is as tough as a guy and she is not a quitter. She does not plan on hiding in the woods like Frankie, and throwing away a silver star.

Fletcher stops in to see Frankie to demand drugs for Randi’s freedom. He wants Frankie to give him the good medicine.

Greenlee tells Aidan about Ryan’s feelings for her since they promised each other no more secrets. She let’s Aidan know that she is committed to him. They kiss, but Aidan need to take care of something.

Frankie arrive home and tell Jesse that Fletcher is threatening him for drugs. Jesse wants to help but Frankie is use to helping himself since Jesse has been missing for over twenty years. Jesse let Frankie know that he is here for him now. Jesse wants a tail on Randi, but Frankie tells him that Randi does not know about his deal with Fletcher.

Aidan gets angry and visit Ryan. Ryan says, Hi and Aidan knocks his lights out.

Taylor jogs to run away from her problems; she sees Jake, and then she sees Amanda bringing up the rear.

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