AMC Update Wednesday 8/27/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/27/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Babe starts freaking out because Amanda isn’t there yet and says that she really wants to give Randi a sneak peek of the new project. Babe says that Amanda will get over not being there for the sneak peek and tells Randi that the new perfume is for the “everywoman” who struggles every day to make it. Babe tells Randi that the new fragrance is called “Working Girl”.

Jake and Taylor have a push-up competition. Amanda walks in and says that she thought Jake would want to start the day off with something sweet, or he could start it off with sweat.

Jesse and Angie talk about how empty the house feels without Cassandra. Jesse gets a call saying that his crew found a lug wrench out where Richie was killed and it could be the murder weapon. Jesse says that he has to go. The phone rings and Angie calls for Jesse and then says “Hello? Hello?”

Kendall says that she hasn’t slept all night because she can’t quit thinking about Ryan and Annie, and Ryan and Greenlee. She says that everything is a big mess and that she is stuck in the middle. Kendall asks Zach for help.

Annie asks Ryan if he changed his mind about staying and Ryan says that he meant what he said the night before and assures Annie that he isn’t going anywhere.

Amanda says that she will watch. Jake tells Taylor that she wins. Amanda says that Taylor should have her own workout video and Taylor says that she is going to take a shower. Amanda says that it was nice to see her and the door slams. Amanda gives Jake something. Jake asks Amanda if she knows where the plates are and she says that she knows because she spent some time there. Amanda asks if they figured out who was going to take the apartment and Jake says that he is going to let Taylor have it. Amanda says that she knows about a cabin out in the woods and that Babe’s dad used to own it. Jake says that he has no interest in David Hayward’s cabin. Jake says that he will think about it and Amanda says that she will call the realtor.

Jesse talks to the blood analyst and says that he needs the results as soon as they come in. Angie shows up and says that they got a hang up at home this morning. Angie says that she thought it was Cassandra calling from Paris, but the last time she called, she could hear perfectly. Angie asks Jesse if he got another hang up on his cell. Angie and Jesse talk about the lug wrench. Jesse says that if Richie’s DNA is on the wrench, the kids are off the hook and Angie asks who did it if it wasn’t the kids.

Zach and Ryan meet. Ryan suggests that they think of Annie as a beautiful waterfront property that is built on silt and Zach says that Ryan knows his options. Ryan says that he can’t abandon the “resort” because he has done that to too many people in his life and that he has walked out on too many people. Zach wonders if Annie is playing on Ryan’s loyalty. Zach asks Ryan what happens if Annie finds out that he is really in love with Greenlee.

Kendall asks Greenlee if she thought about the whole Ryan thing and Greenlee says that there is no Ryan thing. Greenlee says that she isn’t there to talk about her personal life and that she is there to run the company that has been ignored by its owners. Kendall says that Babe and Amanda have held the company together, but she and Greenlee are the heart and soul of it. Greenlee says that no one can run Fusion like they can.

Babe finishes the presentation and Amanda walks in. Babe asks for Randi’s input and Randi says that she isn’t sure about the name. Babe says that they can change the name and asks what Randi thinks of the concept for the “everywoman.” Kendall walks in and says that it belongs in the “everytoilet.”

The blood analyst tells Jesse that they found human blood and that they already sent a sample to the lab. Jesse tells Angie that there was blood on the wrench and that he needs to know now. Angie says that they will have to wait. Jesse asks Angie to join him at home for lunch.

Babe says that they have covered everything. Kendall says that it will kill the rest of their sales. Greenlee says that they can’t afford to take a hit with the current economy. Babe says that with the current economy, people aren’t spending money like they used to and they will be able to afford the new fragrance. Babe says that they will be seen as a company who gives people options, but Kendall says that they will be seen as a company who isn’t consistent. Kendall says that they make impeccable products and in order to make an affordable fragrance, it will have to ruin the quality. Kendall says that they don’t do cheap and that it is a no-go. Amanda says that she will pay for it then. Amanda says that she has enough money for the development and the launch. Amanda says that in exchange for her investment, she would get 35% of the profits and gets to pick her own team; Babe, Randi and herself. Babe says that Kendall and Greenlee invest nothing, but get to reap all the benefits. Annie walks in and says that it is a great idea.

Ryan and Zach talk about Ryan’s feelings for Greenlee. Ryan says that it is only a matter of time before Greenlee finds out. Zach says that the bigger problem is Annie finding out, but Ryan says that he wasn’t planning on Annie finding out. Zach mentions the lack of alone time between Spike and Annie. Ryan says that it is Kendall’s fault. Ryan says that he only agreed to keep Annie from freaking out and making things worse. Zach says that if you want to build something solid, you have to dig a test hole and hope you hit rock.

Annie says that it probably seems sudden that she wants her job back, but she never should have walked out on them. Annie says that she snapped after everything that happened recently and that she and Ryan are in a better place now. Annie says that she should be thanking Kendall and Greenlee for showing Ryan that letter because Ryan understands why she did what she did. Annie says that Ryan forgives her for what she did and that she was hoping that Kendall and Greenlee could forgive her too. Greenlee says that it can be arranged because if Ryan can give Annie another chance, why can’t they.

Ryan says that he already tried to get the truth out of Annie, but she swears that there is nothing left to tell. Zach says that they need to test her. Zach says that Ryan needs to watch Annie and listen to her.

Jake confronts Taylor about not being nicer to Amanda. Jake says that Taylor can keep the apartment. Taylor asks where Jake is going and he says that Amanda found a cabin or little place in the woods.

Jesse shows Angie the lunch he made. Angie and Jesse talk about when they were kids and got drenched in cheap wine. Angie says that Jesse is an expert cork-popper and a five-star chef and asks what else he learned while he was gone. Jesse makes a toast to Angie. Angie says that she can’t let Jesse ignore the past, but he says that there is nothing to share. Jesse asks Angie to dance with him, but Angie keeps talking about his 20 years on the run. Jesse says that he was happiest when he dreamed about coming home to her. Angie asks why he always avoids making eye contact when he talks about that time and asks if there is something he needs to hide.

Greenlee asks Annie to excuse them for a second. Babe and Amanda ask what the verdict is. Annie says that it is a split decision because Kendall wants her out on the street, but Greenlee is being supportive. Randi asks who usually wins.

Kendall says that their vision for the company didn’t include conniving co-workers or cheap-ass discount perfume. Kendall asks Greenlee if she really feels so guilty that she would risk destroying their company. Greenlee says that Ryan forgave Annie and they are moving on with their life and that means that Kendall will have to move on too. Kendall says that she doesn’t care anymore and they can take their crackpot staff and cheap-ass horrible perfume and shove it. Zach comes in and says that it is enough. Kendall agrees that it is enough and tells Zach that the last thing she needs is to be scolded by him.

Jake and Taylor talk about her ancestry in the Army. Taylor says that war is about making sure there are more of your guys than theirs standing at the end of the day. Taylor says that good people died in Iraq and tells Jake not to tell her it was for nothing.

Jesse says that part of his life is over and it doesn’t matter to him. He says that he has forgotten about that part of his life. Angie says that she needs to feel like she knows him.

Jake apologizes for offending Taylor and explains that the war is a tough, touchy subject. Taylor says that it is fine and apologizes for not being nice to Amanda. Jake wishes Taylor good luck if she gets back to Iraq.

Kendall tells Zach to say whatever it is that he wants to say to her. Zach says that she is coming with him.

Babe, Amanda, Randi and Annie try to come up with a new name for the perfume. Amanda suggests naming it after Babe, but shorten it to “Bella”.

Greenlee says hi to someone.

Angie asks Jesse if he is coming to bed and he says that he will be there in a second. The phone rings and Jesse answers it and says, “Hello. This is you, isn’t it?”

Taylor hears explosions going off when the tea kettle whistles.

Amanda says the best part will be the launch party and Babe says they should have it there. Amanda says that it is perfect and that her date is there.

Kendall tells Zach to put her down and he does. Zach tells Kendall that it is “Reality Check Day” again and kisses her.

Babe says that there is no lack of drama at Fusion. Annie agrees and goes to check on Emma. Amanda tells Jake that she found the realtor and asks if she can buy Jake a drink. Jake says that he can’t stop her.

Annie tells someone that she is back at Fusion and has already gotten an eye and earful.

Ryan says that he is there to see Annie. Greenlee says that Annie is at ConFusion with Babe and Amanda working lunch. Greenlee says that she is glad that Ryan and Annie are trying to work things out. Ryan says that he should go try to find Annie. Greenlee asks Ryan if it is true and he says that yes, he really loves her.

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