AMC Update Tuesday 8/26/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/26/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jake and Taylor ask what each other are doing at Jamie's old apartment.

Aidan brings pizza over for Tad. Krystal comes out and asks if they are really going to eat it. Krystal says that eating the pizza before bed makes them deserve to have dreams straight out of the “The Shining.” Tad says, “Here’s Johnny.”

Tad takes an apple from Krystal and Krystal says that no magic kiss will wake him from it.

Adam asks Erica if they should have front-row seats and Erica tells him to shut up. Carmen asks Jack if it worked or if she has to kiss him again to make Erica burn with jealousy. Jack says that he doesn’t care about making anyone jealous, but she can kiss him again. Carmen says that Erica was right that she isn’t the one Jack wants.

Kendall says that Ryan never stopped loving Greenlee, but Greenlee says that Ryan has his wife and children back now.

Ryan says that it isn’t about Kendall and Greenlee; it is about Annie and asks her to explain the letter. Annie says that the letter is everything that Kendall and Greenlee could ever want tied in a bow, the perfect way to ruin them. Ryan asks Annie to forget about Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan says that Annie wasn’t surprised about the pregnancy because she planned it and asks who she is.

Greenlee orders a drink, but can’t make up her mind. Kendall says that Ryan tried to tell Greenlee, but she woke up and thanked him for saving her for Aidan. Greenlee asks why no one bothered to tell her and Kendall says that Ryan told her not to. Kendall reveals that Zach knew too, but told her to leave it alone. Greenlee says that she has to go to Ryan and beg him to let her do the dumbest thing in the world and thanks Kendall for telling her. Greenlee says that now she and Ryan can ruin each other’s lives all over again.

Annie explains that when the lawyer came to tell them about the botched vasectomy, she felt Ryan slipping away and that he was spending all his time with Kendall and Greenlee. Annie says that she was worried about her and Emma losing Ryan forever and that the baby was supposed to save them. Annie says that she was trying to fix them and asks if it is possible anymore.

The Maitre d’ tells Erica that he will have the other party moved, but Erica says that it is fine and that Carmen is her friend.

Jack suggests that he and Carmen go somewhere else. Carmen says that the Yacht Club is good enough for Erica and asks why they should go anywhere else. Jack says that it was a really stupid mistake to bring Carmen there. Carmen says that Jack tricked her and that makes him no better than Mando.

Ryan asks how long Annie has known about the clinic and Annie says that it was after they made love in the stables. Annie says that she was ready to tell him, but she went to find him at Fusion and heard Kendall say, “You never really loved Annie.” Annie reminds Ryan that the first time they fell in love was because of Emma and a chance to make another child seemed like a gift. Annie says that when they saw the ultrasound, she saw how happy he was and realized that maybe she didn’t lose him after all.

Kendall tells Greenlee why she should go to Ryan. Greenlee says that she is the same as Annie because they both got pregnant behind Ryan’s back. Kendall says that Ryan wants Greenlee and asks Greenlee what she wants. Greenlee says that she wants Aidan, but Kendall says “Ryan.”

Tad says that having late-night pizza with the guys doesn’t usually set in until the second year of marriage. Aidan says that Greenlee had some business to take care of.

Krystal tells Tad to take a bite. Kathy yells for Tad to wake up and Krystal says that Kathy is next.

Tad says that anytime Aidan needs female advice all he has to do is bring food. Tad asks Kathy if she had another bad dream. Krystal says that if Tad wants pizza, he has to earn it and tells him to eat something.

Jake says that he is renting the apartment from his nephew. Taylor shows Jake her lease. Jake says that he will sleep at the hospital. Taylor says that they can both stay there for the night and talk about it over coffee the next morning.

Erica tells Jack that he should be with Carmen because she is upset. Erica tells Jack to fix it and he says that he was trying to. Jack says that he is there to try to get Erica to stop tormenting his date. Erica says that Jack should be ashamed of himself for bringing Carmen to their place, but Jack says that it isn’t their place, it is a public restaurant.

Adam orders a bottle of wine. Carmen says that it was all a setup and Adam says that together, they can break Erica and Jack’s connection. Carmen says that Jack is Erica’s man and that she is done.

Taylor and Jake talk about his last apartment. Taylor asks if any new prospects are on the horizon and Amanda knocks on the door.

Krystal and Kathy pick out colors for a cake.

Kendall says that no matter what Greenlee says, she wants Ryan. Kendall says that Greenlee and Ryan can heal together. Greenlee says that she is healed because of Aidan and that Ryan broke her. Kendall wonders why Greenlee can’t admit that she still loves Ryan. Greenlee admits that she will always love Ryan.

Annie says that when they fell in love it proved Richie wrong. Annie says that she went to a doctor and started taking hormone shots and Ryan realizes that she is talking about the B-12 shots. Annie says that she didn’t want their lives to go away and that Ryan doesn’t deserve the things that she has done. Ryan says that he knew something wasn’t right, but had no idea what it was. Ryan says that he needs to know if there are more secrets.

Greenlee says that she will always love Ryan as a friend. Kendall says that it is stupid to fight the inevitable. Kendall says that Greenlee is still broken because her heart is still with Ryan. Kendall says that Greenlee and Ryan can save each other.

Ryan says that Annie carrying all the guilt around isn’t good for the baby. Richie tells Annie to give it a shot and tell Ryan the truth. Richie tells Annie to confess to his murder. Annie says that she can’t do it. Annie apologizes to Ryan for lying to him and says that she will understand if he doesn’t want to stay.

Aidan says that he should get going and thanks everyone. Krystal takes Kathy upstairs to bed. Kathy says that she will save Tad.

Jack says that he doesn’t want to play Erica’s game anymore. Jack says that he cares about Carmen and asks Erica to leave her alone. Jack tells Adam to get out. Adam says that he and Carmen are having a pleasant conversation, but Jack tells him to get out now. Jack asks Carmen to wait and to let him make it up to her. Carmen throws Adam’s shoes and jewelry into the water. Carmen says that Erica was right to warn her because Jack will always be Erica’s guy. Adam says that Carmen is better off without Jack.

Jake tells Amanda that he and Taylor ended up renting the same apartment. Amanda invites Jake to stay on her yacht. Taylor asks about Aidan and Jake explains that Aidan was just his roommate. Jake realizes that Taylor thinks he is gay. Jake says that he just wants some sleep because he has an early call in the morning. Taylor tells him to stay because she is used to hanging with the guys.

Erica says that Adam out did himself. Jack gives Carmen some shoes from the pro shop and says that he wishes she would stay.

Taylor tells Jake that she is on leave waiting for her redeployment papers so that she can get back to Iraq. Jake asks if she knows Frankie and Taylor says that Frankie is the reason that she landed there. Taylor says that she is going to change and that she calls the couch.

Kendall says that Ryan is hurting, but Greenlee says that it isn’t her job to fix it. Greenlee says that she doesn’t know anything and that the conversation never happened.

Carmen says that she should have known better. Jack says that he wants to spend time with her and that it was a mistake to take her there, but the only reason he asked her out was because he really wants to spend time with her. Jack says that he wanted to make sure they got a real kiss in before the end of the night because Carmen has the most beautiful lips. Carmen asks Jack to get her out of there. Adam says that now Erica is free to remarry him.

Taylor moans and tells someone to stand down while she dreams.

Krystal and Tad talk about the progress she has made with Kathy. Tad thanks Krystal for being so patient with Kathy and thanks her for putting up with him.

Aidan offers to massage Greenlee’s problems away and asks if she is all right. Greenlee says that she is all right now.

Ryan assures Annie that he isn’t leaving and that the letter doesn’t change anything because they are still a family. Annie promises that there won’t be any more secrets. Ryan assures Annie that everything will be fine and Annie thanks him.

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