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All My Children Update Monday 8/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse asks if he missed Cassandra and Angie says that she is in her room with Dre packing. Jesse tells Angie that it will be okay and that they will see Cassandra more than she thinks because they will go to Paris to visit. Jesse says that Cassandra will be back every chance she gets to see Dre, Angie and Frankie.

Dre tells Cassandra that he has their route to Canada planned. Cassandra asks about money and Dre says that he has a bunch saved up from his music gigs. Dre says that he will find a job while Cassandra goes to college.

Jack tells Erica that he brought the files on Carmen’s case like she asked. Erica says that she hoped it wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience and Jack says that he was wondering why Erica needed the files.

Carmen thanks Adam for the card and says that she is going to get smoking, sizzling hot. Adam says that he doesn’t believe that Annie can help him. Annie says that she knows about his plans for Fusion and that she wants to help.

Greenlee and Kendall tell Ryan to keep reading and that the lawyer notified Annie in person. Ryan realizes that Annie knew about his botched vasectomy before he did and that she planned the pregnancy.

Cassandra tells Dre that he is skipping bail and going on the run. Dre says that he doesn’t want to be away from Cassandra and that it might even work out for his dad’s campaign. Dre says that Samuel has Erica to keep him busy.

Erica says that she doesn’t want to see Carmen get hurt and brings up Carmen’s past with men. Erica says that Carmen has been with a lot of men. Erica says that she is only bringing it up because she doesn’t want it to come out at Carmen’s trial. Erica says that it would tarnish Carmen’s credibility because Carmen has had numerous relationships. Jack asks how that makes Carmen different from Erica.

Carmen asks Annie’s opinion on clothes. Adam says that he would offer Annie a drink, but someone moved his liquor again. Annie says that it is okay because she is pregnant. Adam says that all he needs is an unbalanced, hormonal mess running around cleaning up his dirty work and Annie says that she is completely balanced. Adam asks how she heard about his plans for Fusion and Annie says that she overheard J.R. talking on his cell phone at ConFusion. Annie comes up with a cover story for her visit.

Kendall and Greenlee apologize to Ryan for dumping all the information on him. Ryan asks what they are doing to him. Greenlee says that they are trying to help him and Ryan asks where they got the information. Kendall tells Ryan that the key Annie had hidden in the picture frame goes to a post office box. Greenlee reminds Ryan that Annie tricked him into having a child and says that it was wrong. Ryan says that Annie messed up, but so have Kendall and Greenlee. Ryan says that he should write them all off.

Annie tells Adam that she quit working at Fusion because Kendall and Greenlee have been messing with her life and it has to stop. Annie says that she can give Adam what he needs, his own personal gateway to everything Fusion. Adam reminds Annie that she quit the company. Annie suggests that she go back to the company and say that she made a mistake. Carmen walks in and says that she just has a question. Adam asks if she should be off dusting something and Carmen says that she isn’t working because she has a date.

Jack says that Carmen is no different from them because they have all had relationships and made mistakes. Erica says that she understands that Carmen isn’t different from them, but Erica and Jack are not going on trial. Erica says that she only brought it up because she is concerned for Carmen and says why else would she ask Jack to come there. Jack says that Erica seems to be dying to say something. Erica says that she thinks that Jack is using Carmen to get back at her because he asked her out on a date. Jack asks what he would use Carmen to get back at Erica for and Erica says “Seeing Samuel Woods.” Erica asks why else Jack would be pursuing Carmen. Jack says that he honestly likes Carmen and wonders why Erica is questioning him and Carmen wanting to spend time together.

Cassandra says that she should go say goodbye to Jesse and Angie, without letting them know how big of a goodbye it really is. Angie asks if Cassandra is all packed and Cassandra says that she is getting there. Jesse tells Cassandra that if she wants him to help her put her suitcases in the car, he just needs a minute to warm up. Cassandra says that Dre is taking her to the airport and that she is going to miss them. Cassandra says that she will never forget being a part of their wedding and thanks Jesse for the poem and bracelet. Cassandra says that she is sorry if she caused any problems for them. Jesse says that he will make sure things are good there for whenever Cassandra feels like coming back. Cassandra asks about Dre and Jesse says that he has Dre’s back and will make sure that Dre doesn’t go down for killing Richie.

Adam asks if Ryan knows that Annie has an axe to grind with Kendall and Greenlee. Annie says that it has nothing to do with Ryan. Carmen calls for Adam to come out there and says that it is an emergency. Adam comes out and Carmen asks if she is overdressed for the Yacht Club. Adam says that her outfit is perfect for the Yacht Club and tells her to take one of the cars out front, on him. Carmen tells Adam not to wait up. Adam calls Erica and asks her if she is free for dinner because he has a business proposition for her. Adam says that he will come pick her up.

Jack asks who Erica was on the phone with, but quickly says that it isn’t his business. Opal comes in and Jack tells her how beautiful she looks. Jack says that he is on his way out. Opal asks if Erica and Jack had a lovers’ quarrel and Erica reminds Opal that she and Jack aren’t lovers anymore. Erica says that she and Jack aren’t anything anymore.

Adam says that Annie makes a persuasive argument, but that he needs to trust her. Annie says that Adam has to have someone on the inside and that she is his best option.

Ryan asks if they expect him to leave Annie and Kendall and Greenlee say yes. Ryan says that Annie is his wife and is having his baby, and that he isn’t going to walk away from her. Kendall says that Annie lied, plotted and trapped Ryan in an unhappy marriage. Ryan reminds Kendall and Greenlee that he forgot his wife and it was hard on her. Kendall says that this is Ryan’s chance for happiness and that he should take it and run. Ryan says that there is no where for him to go and asks Kendall to drop it.

Opal comments on how close Erica and Samuel are getting. Erica says that they are taking it slow. Opal says that Samuel is no Jackson Montgomery and reveals that she told him that. Erica says that so far Samuel makes her happy and Opal says that is all that matters. Opal asks Erica how she does it because if it isn’t “one burning hunk of love, it’s another”. Opal says that Erica has to share the wealth and give the rest of the single gals a chance. Adam knocks on the door and Opal says that Erica can have that one all to herself. Erica invites Adam in and asks him what was so urgent and where they are going. Adam says that business can wait and that he has made them reservations downstairs on the terrace. Erica goes to change.

Jack tells Carmen that she looks beautiful. Opal asks what the world is coming to. Jack apologizes for not picking her up at the Chandler Mansion. Carmen says that she rode in one of Adam’s limousines. Carmen asks about Greenle and Jack says that she is over the moon. Carmen says that it seems like Greenlee deserves to be happy. Jack agrees and says that this one might stick.

Greenlee assures Ryan that she isn’t trying to double team him and that she only came because she is worried. Greenlee says that Kendall is out for blood and that Kendall wants Annie out of the picture. Rya n asks why Greenlee is there and Greenlee says that no matter what he says, he isn’t happy. Greenlee asks what is keeping Ryan from having happiness. Ryan says that Greenlee and everyone else is. Ryan says that he just needs a little bit of space and Greenlee apologizes for making it worse for him. Ryan says that it isn’t Greenlee’s fault. Ryan says that his life now is with Annie, Emma and the baby and that he has to make it work. Greenlee says that she hates that it is killing Ryan and says that doing the honorable thing isn’t enough, but Ryan says that it will have to be.

Erica asks Adam to get it over with. Adam says that he got them a reservation and points out that Jack and Carmen are enjoying dinner together. Erica explains that she already knew about the date and that she is fine with it. Erica turns to go back to her room and Adam reminds her that he promised dinner. Erica says that she would rather not, but Adam says that now is Erica’s chance to prove that she is really fine with it.

Angie asks Cassandra what time her flight is and Cassandra says that she should get going soon. Angie says that she can’t stand goodbyes because of what she went through with Jesse. Jesse says that Angie isn’t going to go through that again. Angie says that she can say goodbye for now and not fall apart by reminding herself that it won’t be forever.

Cassandra says that everything was fine until her mom broke down because when Angie lost Jesse it killed her. Dre says that if Cassandra leaves for good she will be doing the same thing. Cassandra says that it should be find because Angie has Jesse and Frankie. Cassandra says that Angie will understand one day and that it is all good. Dre says that they can’t run away together because her family needs her. Cassandra says that he needs her too. Dre says that he will stick it out because Mr. Montgomery will get him off. Cassandra tells Dre that Jesse has his back too and that she will miss him. Dre tells Cassandra not to forget about him. Cassandra asks Dre not to say goodbye yet. Cassandra asks Dre to drive her to the airport and he agrees. Cassandra gives Dre something and asks him to wait until she is gone to open it. Cassandra says that now Dre will always have a piece of her, no matter what.

Erica says that she was completely prepared for it. Carmen says that Erica was right about Jack wanting to get back at Erica by taking her out. Jack says that he had no idea. Carmen suggests that they make Erica jealous. Adam asks if Erica is prepared for that.

Annie says that she saw Greenlee leaving on her way in and asks Ryan what she was doing there. Ryan asks if it is full disclosure and says that Annie can start.

Kendall asks Greenlee how it went with Ryan. Greenlee asks Kendall why she just left her there. Kendall asks if Ryan changed his mind about Annie. Greenlee says that Ryan is right and they need to butt out, but Kendall says that they can’t. Greenlee says that Ryan loves his family, but Kendall corrects her by saying his children. Greenlee says that Ryan wouldn’t stay if he didn’t love Annie. Kendall says that Ryan can’t be in love with Annie because he is still in love with Greenlee.

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