AMC Update Friday 8/22/08

All My Children Update Friday 8/22/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Greenlee and Aidan are in the gym. Greenlee is doing reps until she discovers that Aidan was assisting her lift the weights. At first she appears to be upset with his assistance, but later they start horsing around. Aidan starts to chase Greenlee around the gym, and she runs into Ryan’s arms. Ryan picks her up.

Kendall has a copy of the key that was hidden in Annie’s picture frame. She sees the maintenance worker with numerous keys on his ring and asks if he can identify Annie’s key. He believes that the key is to a PO Box.

Babe and J.R. are in bed after making love. He likes her aggressiveness. He wanted to make her smile. She tells him that he did. They begin to discuss her running Fusion. Adam walks into J.R.’s room and finds them in bed. They are both embarrassed. Adam wants to brainstorm with J.R. about the Fusion takeover. He thought that Babe and J.R. were sleeping in separate rooms. Babe insists that Adam leave J.R.’s room. Adam tells J.R. that he has an environmental angle that he will use to attack Fusion; all he needs is a minute of J.R.’s time. J.R. orders him out of his room. After Adam has left, Babe wants to know what he was babbling about. J.R. doesn’t care to talk about Adam right now. He returns to kissing Babe.

Randi wants to know who told Frankie about Sherrie. Randi tells Frankie that Fletcher killed Sherrie as an example to the other girls in his stable because she wanted out of the business. The police determined that Sherrie died of an overdose. Randi knows for certain that Sherrie did not use drugs. Fletcher lied to the police regarding Sherrie's death. Randi believes that she is lucky because Fletcher let her go. Randi realizes that Frankie did not ask her to come to B.J.’s to talk about Sherrie. She tells Frankie that his dad, Jesse, just entered the door. She wants to know what is going on.

Ryan joins Aidan and Greenlee to do reps. Kendall gets Greenlee’s attention. Kendall has Annie’s key. Greenlee tells her to get a hobby and leave Annie alone. Kendall tells her that they will find the PO Box the key fits.

Annie is drinking a club soda at ConFusion. She sees Amanda with Jake. Jake is surprised to see Amanda dressed like a pirate. Amanda lets him know that she never turns down a dare. Amanda orders Jake to scratch the stuffed parrot sitting on her shoulder. He does and the parrot says “Oh, yeah baby, that’s good. Why don’t you scratch a little lower”. Amanda recorded ten messages for the parrot to say. She got the messages online. Amanda and Jake laugh at the parrot. Jake goes to the bar to get drinks. Annie sits in his seat and asks about Kendall and Greenlee’s reaction over her quitting. Annie suggests that Babe and Amanda quit as well. She suggests that they start their own company using Amanda’s money.

Adam is on the phone while Carmen is vacuuming. Carmen sneezes. She sniffs Adam and determines that she is allergic to his shaving cream. Adam thinks he has found something to tank Fusion with. He calls Carmen brilliant.

Frankie did not plan for Jesse and Randi to be sitting at the table with him at the same time. They are both shocked to find the other one there. Frankie makes up some lame excuse about them both being there, which cause an awkward moment. Jesse saves him by suggesting that they have lunch together and volunteers to pay for the bill. Jesse asks Randi about her new job.

Kendall and Greenlee find the mailbox with the number on the key.

Jake returns, and Annie leaves the table. Amanda tells Jake about Annie, including her weird behavior. Amanda wants to know about Jake’s adventures in Africa. Richie’s ghost tells Annie to take some action before she is found out.

Randi, Frankie, and Jesse eat lunch. Randi talks about her new job. She tells them that Annie Lavery quit her job at Fusion. Jesse is curious about that bit of information.

After telling Amanda about Africa, Jake tells her that he enjoyed their date. He apologizes about being rusty at the dating game.

Babe and J.R. arrive at ConFusion. Babe asks J.R. again what Adam was babbling about. Annie interrupts them wanting to talk to Babe. Babe tells Annie that she is busy but they can meet for lunch tomorrow. Adam calls J.R. wanting to talk to him about taking Fusion away from Kendall and Greenlee.

Carmen asks for the night off. Adam asks if she has a date. Carmen tells him that’s none of his business; then she tells him that she is meeting Jackson Montgomery. Adam is fascinated that she is dating Erica Kane’s ex.

Ryan asks about Aidan and Greenlee’s travel plans.

Kendall and Greenlee are at Annie’s PO box. Greenlee worries about it being illegal to use the key. Kendall tells her that what they are doing is no worse than breaking into a sperm bank. They open the box and find a letter addressed to Ryan Lavery.

Richie’s ghost appears to Annie and says, ”Oh! Nobody wants to talk to little old Annie”.

Jesse is at ConFusion watching Annie. He gets a drink with a blue umbrella and he tosses the umbrella.

Randi tells Frankie how Kendall and Greenlee want her to be the new face of Fusion. Frankie thinks that it was a good idea. Randi reminds him about past clients seeing her. She doesn’t want to embarrass Fusion. Frankie suggests that she bury her past and succeed.

J.R. lies to Babe about his dad’s intentions. Babe does not want Adam’s involvement with the Fusion takeover. She believes that when Adam is involved, nobody wins.

Adam suggests that Carmen buy herself a new outfit for her date using his credit card. He wants to thank her for having a sneezing attack which gave him an idea.

Aidan and Ryan continue to chitchat.

Jake and Amanda hit it off and he wants a second date. She suggests that on their next date he should dress in a costume.

Adam calls J.R. at ConFusion and tells him about his epiphany on how to bring down Fusion. J.R. tells him that any idea he has can wait. Annie overhears their conversation. Richie’s ghost tells her that she just got her wish handed on a silver platter.

Cassandra and Dre are packing. They are planning to leave Pine Valley together. She is not headed to Paris.

Frankie is in the hospital, looking at the pills with the key in his hand.

Jesse receives a call at ConFusion and then he rushes out.

Babe wants to take care of Fusion her way and exclude Adam.

Annie knocks on Adam’s door to offer her help.

Kendall and Greenlee give the envelope from Annie’s PO box to Ryan.

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