AMC Update Thursday 8/21/08

All My Children Update Thursday 8/21/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Taylor comes to the hospital to see Frankie, but since he is not around, she allows Jake to examine her aching foot.

Babe and Amanda are working on a secret project at Fusion.

Barry is visiting with Adam and talking about stealing Fusion from Greenlee, Kendall, and J.R.

Babe would like to see less drama at Fusion so she is glad that Randi is ready to work.

Jake and Taylor chitchat about running into each other on previous occasions while jogging. He wants to examine her foot but she says it is okay; she came to the hospital to get her friend off her back. After examining her foot he suggests she use a treadmill. She says that treadmills are for babies. She tells him that she likes to run on rocky, dirt roads.

Fletcher meets Frankie and requests the payment for Randi’s release from her contract. Frankie calls the contract phony. Fletcher reminds him of the bruises he put on Randi before. Fletcher let Frankie know that he makes promises not threats. Frankie reminds him that his father is a policeman, and if he finds out that his son is being threatened, he will not be pleased. Frankie reminds Fletcher that his father will be putting a tail on Randi. Fletcher mentions that neither Angie nor Cassie have a policeman tailing them. Frankie gets angry.

Kendall and Greenlee are trying to get Randi to be the face of Fusion instead of an assistant. Randi refuses, because she just wants a regular job. Babe butts in and tells them no, she did not hire Randi to be a model. Greenlee cautions Babe about speaking to Kendall and her in a disrespectful way in front of their employees. Babe complains, then asks Amanda why does she continue to do the job at Fusion.

Adam tells Barry that he cannot believe that J.R. wants his bimbo wife, Babe, to be CEO of Fusion. He wants to hit Fusion hard with scandal. A disastrous crisis should hit Fusion, and it will be fun for him to make it happen.

Kendall apologizes to Annie about Spike. Annie attacks Greenlee, and wants to know why did she end up in the airplane bathroom alone with Ryan. Greenlee insists that she is not interested in Ryan, because she is in love with her husband, Aidan. Kendall suggests that Annie calm down and get some juice. Annie tells Kendall not to pretend that she cares about her. She tells Greenlee not to pretend that she doesn’t want Ryan back.

Frankie tells Fletcher that if he mentions one more word about Randi and his family he will kill him. Fletcher calls his bluff and tells Frankie that he will do nothing, which is what he thought he would do. He suggests that Frankie has a cash flow problem and tells him of other ways he can pay off his debt; he suggests that Frankie get him pills from the hospital.

Jake identifies Taylor’s foot problem known as “plantar fasciitis”, which is the most common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes. It supports the arch of your foot. If you strain your plantar fascia, it gets weak, swollen, and irritated (inflamed). Then your heel or the bottom of your foot hurts when you stand or walk. When Jake touches Taylor’s heel bone, she yells. Jake puts her on anti-inflammatory drugs for two weeks. Taylor limps out of the examination room. She thanks Jake. Taylor has no medical insurance; so she pays cash.

Krystal and J.R. talk about buying Fusion for Babe. Krystal knows that he’d want to buy the company to tie Babe and him together for the long haul. J.R. tells Krystal that he is trying to do everything right. Krystal tells him that she too is trying to do the right thing. She confesses to J.R. that she kissed Adam. She tells him that they both know how easy it is to get sucked back into Adam’s world. She is concerned that the Fusion takeover sounds like something Adam would do. She tells him that Babe is afraid that J.R. will end up like his father. She is happy that she is now free from Adam’s hold. She and J.R. make a vow to stay clear of Adam and never look back.

Adam wants Barry to know that Fusion is their target. They will attack the leadership of Fusion on multiple fronts. They agree that they must be careful. He calls Kendall and Greenlee names and says that they have stopped paying attention to the business.

Annie cannot believe that Kendall is concerned about Spike spending time with her, but allows Greenlee to spend time with him after she stole him and almost killed him. Babe butts into the conversation and reminds them that they are at a place of business and should be more professional.

Annie quits. Greenlee tells her that they were all over the top and invites her to stay. Annie packs her belongings.

Amanda double checks to make sure that Randi is not interested in modeling. Randi tells her that if she models she could be on TV and in magazines. Fletcher would make her a target. She has been judged by her looks all of her life and she no longer wants to live that way. Randi believes that if she became a model there could be a scandal for herself and Fusion. She does not want to be fired because of her background.

Fletcher wants Frankie to steal drugs from the hospital, lots of them. He promises to leave Randi alone if Frankie gets the drugs. He tells Frankie to ask Randi about Sherrie.

A package arrives for Amanda at Fusion. She opens it up to find a pirate outfit from Jake. She picks up the gauntlet and takes the challenge by dressing like a pirate.

Jake is taking over another doctor’s shift and plans to cancel his meeting with Amanda at ConFusion. His father, Dr. Martin encourages him to relax a little.

J.R. wants to know what made Krystal start to support Babe and his relationship. Krystal was impressed with the way J.R. handled Kathy. J.R. thinks that Krystal was also good with Kathy. Krystal acknowledges that Kathy is a child, and has lost her parents, and recently lost her Aunt Julia. J.R. will talk to Kathy about Krystal. Krystal and J.R. talk about Tad and his ability to make people laugh. They both agree that living with Adam was not a fun time.

Babe suggests that Amanda is making a fool out of herself by dressing like a pirate just to please a man. Randi wants to help Amanda with makeup. Amanda decides to see Jake's dare and raise him big.

Adam is ready for deployment of his plan to take over Fusion.

Taylor visits the Army hospital to have her foot examined. She wants to be cleared for deployment to Iraq. Taylor lies when the doctor puts pressure on her heel, and asks if it hurts, she says, “No.”

Kendall and Greenlee beg Annie to stay. Annie tells them both to go to hell. She tells them that “evil Annie” is leaving with her key. Greenlee asks about the key and Kendall tells her how Ryan and she found the key and how she thinks it is the key to a big secret that Annie is hiding.

Adam tells Barry that he cannot believe that J.R. thinks that Babe belongs in the boardroom. J.R. walks into the room. Adam dismisses Barry. J.R. wants to know if everything is okay. J.R. tells Adam that if he needs him he will be in his room. Adam tells J.R. that he will always need him.

Amanda arrives at ConFusion in her pirate outfit. Jake sees her and they both laugh.

The army physician does not redeploy Taylor, because he wants her to have more time to recover from what she's been through.

Frankie calls Jesse from BJ’s. Randi met him at BJ’s. He asks about Sherrie. Randi tells him that Sherrie was her best friend who was found dead in an alley. She wants to know how Frankie knows about Sherrie.

Babe comes home for lunch and goes straight to J.R.’s room to jump his bones.

Annie flushes the key that was hidden in her picture frame down the toilet. Kendall tells Greenlee about the frame. Greenlee wants to know why she wasn’t told. Kendall tells her that she knows now. She also tells Greenlee that Annie is nuts. Greenlee reminds her that Annie took the key. Kendall tells Greenlee that she made a copy of the key, because she believes that Annie is hiding something big and bad.

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