AMC Update Wednesday 8/20/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse says that Cassandra was right about him.

Erica says that men will be falling at Carmen's feet. Carmen says that she had dinner with Jack. Erica says that having dinner with your attorney doesn't mean the same as having a social life. Carmen asks if Erica still loves Jack. Jack shows up.

Greenlee tells Aidan not to come home for a half hour because she has a surprise for him. Tad says that Aidan is whipped and Aidan says that he is getting a surprise.

Zach invites Ryan and Annie in. Ryan says that they thought they would take Spike to the park for the summer fair and Annie says that Emma is already there. Kendall says that Spike isn't there because he has one more week of music camp. Ryan says that he and Kendall talked about music camp a month ago and it slipped his mind. Annie says that Kendall did it to keep Spike away from her. Kendall says that Spike is at camp learning and having fun. Richie asks Annie what else Ryan isn't telling her. Ryan says that Emma and Corrina are waiting for them, but Annie says that it is a perfect time for him to support her. Annie says that she loves Spike and she stood by Kendall's side through everything. Kendall tells Annie to go home and be happy and leave them alone, and forever would be good. Annie calls Kendall a bitch.

Greenlee tells Jake that there is no hurry on him moving out. Jake realizes that Greenlee is cooking. Greenlee asks if Jake has a place to go and he says that he will be fine. Greenlee asks Jake to open something for her and he says that maybe she does need him around.

Jack has Erica sign the last of her release paperwork. Erica and Jack talk about how nice Carmen looks. Erica and Jack agree that Carmen needs to get out and socialize. Carmen says that she should go. Jack and Carmen talk about Greenlee and Aidan's impromptu party while they were having dinner. Jack leaves and Erica says that Carmen's dinner with Jack must have been some dinner.

Jesse says that he blew his chance to get to know Cassandra. Angie says that she will talk to Cassandra. Angie tells Cassandra that she can't leave because there is too much going on. Angie assures Cassandra that she is part of the family and that running away doesn't change that. Cassandra says that she isn't running away, she is going home. Cassandra says that she can't change how she feels and apologizes.

Greenlee asks Jake to help her cut the bread into cubes. Jake and Greenlee have a glass of wine and make toasts to each other. Jake says that he is going to a hotel for the night and then someplace that he can make a difference. Greenlee says that Jake is running and drops her bread. Jake says that she has to kiss the person on her left because it is an old Chinese proverb. Greenlee says that she knows of a great apartment that is available and that she will call them. Jake asks Greenlee to tell Aidan that he will go to the gym the following day. Greenlee says that Pine Valley needs Jake and tells him to take something with him.

Carmen and Erica talk about Carmen's dinner with Jack. Carmen says that Erica and Jack belong together if that is what Erica wants. Erica asks Carmen what she wants. Carmen says that she has everything she wants and she has her telenovelas for romance. Erica says that Carmen glowed when Jack walked in the room. Erica asks if Carmen is interested in Jack romantically.

Jesse says that he is going to try the D.A. again so that she can leave if she wants. Cassandra thanks him and Jesse apologizes. Cassandra apologizes and says that she doesn't hate Jesse. Cassandra says that she wants to see Dre and Jesse tells her to go and he will make the calls.

Greenlee answers the door and Jack says that he will remember not to come over unannounced anymore. Jack says that he has a present for Greenlee and Aidan. Greenlee says that they can open it when Aidan gets home. Jack and Greenlee talk about how happy they look. Greenlee asks Jack if Carmen is the reason he looks happy.

Carmen says that she doesn't want to steal Erica's man and that Jack is Erica's if she wants him. Erica says that Jack isn't hers. Carmen asks Erica if she is really over Jack and Erica says that she is completely over Jack, but doesn't know if he is over her.

Jack assures Greenlee that he is done with Erica this time. Jack says that Carmen is a marvelous person and Greenlee realizes that Jack is crushing on Carmen.

Zach asks Annie what is going on. Richie says that Annie should tell Zach what she wants. Annie says that she wants safety, love and a family. Zach asks Annie what is stopping her from getting what she wants, and Annie says that everyone saw the way that Ryan looked at Greenlee on the plane.

Kendall says that Annie is hiding a lot of things and that the key could be the answer. Ryan says that the key was to a diary that Annie used to get through things when he lost his memory. Kendall asks if Ryan actually saw this diary, but Ryan says that Annie burned it. Kendall says that maybe it would be better if Ryan got out and tells him not to wait until it is too late.

Zach tells Annie that Ryan is committed to her and their family, and wanting to renew their vows is proof of that. Annie reminds Zach that they didn't renew their vows because of Greenlee. Zach says that they still can do it. Richie asks Annie if Kendall will ever stop working on Ryan. Zach says that the bad is behind Annie and she should enjoy her family and let it go. Annie says that some people keep pushing and won't let it go. Richie says that someone is starting to smell like roadkill.

Ryan says that he isn't going to walk away from Annie because she has some problems. Kendall suggests that Annie could take her hatred for Kendall out on Spike, but Ryan assures Kendall that Annie wouldn't do that. Ryan tells Kendall that he won't let anything happen to his son, but Kendall says that isn't good enough. Kendall tells Ryan to have Annie committed, but he says that he owes Annie enough to try to get through it. Kendall says that Annie is never to be left alone with Spike because she isn't going to take any chances.

Zach assures Annie that they will get through it and that he will talk to Kendall.

Angie says that she chased Cassandra away and is lucky that she didn't chase Frankie and Jesse out yet. Jesse says that they will all be fine, including Cassandra.

Cassandra visits with Dre. Cassandra explains that she is leaving to be with her dad in Paris because she isn't Hubbard enough for Pine Valley and it isn't working there. Cassandra says that her relationship with Dre is the only thing that makes sense and she wishes they could run away and have no parents, cops or hassles. Dre tells her that they can disappear.

Tad tells Aidan some things that he can look forward to now that he is married. Aidan asks Tad if he is happy and Tad says that he wouldn't change anything.

Greenlee and Jack talk about the changes in her life and about her moving on. Jack admits that he asked Carmen out on a real date and she left.

Carmen and Erica talk about Jack. Erica says that she wants Carmen and Jack to be happy. Carmen realizes that Erica doesn't want her to date Jack and confronts her.

Jesse assures Angie that things will be okay, no matter where Cassandra lives. Jesse says that he is going to try the D.A. again to make sure it is okay for Cassandra to leave the country. Angie thanks him and Jesse says that they have made progress already and things can only get better.

Dre and Cassandra talk about running. Cassandra says that she doesn't want Dre to be a fugitive. Dre says that as long as he is with her, he can deal with anything. Cassandra sayst hat she won't let him do it.

Erica tells Carmen about her previous breakups with Jack and how he has tried to make her jealous before. Erica says that she is sure Jack really cares about Carmen, but thought that Carmen should know. Carmen says that there is no way she is going to date a guy like that.

Jack and Greenlee talk about him calling Carmen to ask her out. Greenlee tells him not to hang up until he gets a date and that she wants all the details.

Ryan and Annie say that they will check in about doing some Spike time. Kendall says that Spike is enjoying his last day at music camp and that they can do an overnighter the following day.

Erica assures Carmen that Jack likes her and Carmen asks if Erica minds Carmen and Jack dating. Erica says that she would be thrilled for both of them and Carmen says that Erica is the best.

Annie rambles about what Kendall is up to and asks Ryan what he talked to Kendall about. Ryan says that it is enough and that maybe Kendall is just trying to make it work. Ryan tells Annie that they are spending time with Spike and asks her to leave it alone.

Greenlee says that she ran out of wine and cheese, but offers some bread.

Dre says that he can't lose Cassandra and she asks if he is sure.

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