AMC Update Tuesday 8/19/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Angie brings Jesse a healthy breakfast. Jesse says that he is a cop and likes to eat the real thing. Cassandra comes in and says that she has to go back to Paris because her father is having emergency surgery.

Randi orders muffins, bagels and cream cheese. Frankie walks in and asks Randi to join him for breakfast. Randi says that she has to get back to the office. Randi says that they shouldn't see each other anymore and that she needs to concentrate on making her job work. Frankie asks what happened.

Amanda calls for Randi and finds the note. Amanda says that Randi is forgiven for not being the first one there. Jake walks in and Amanda pokes herself in the eye with a rose stem. Jake checks her eye out and says that she has nice eyes.

JR asks Babe if she wants breakfast and she says that she only has time for coffee. Babe thanks JR for helping with Kathy. Babe tells Adam what JR did with Kathy. Babe says that she has to get to work and tells Adam to have some prunes. Adam says that Babe has no idea she will be working for him. JR tells Adam that Babe will be CEO, while they collect profits.

Jake puts a patch over Amanda's eye and says that it is sexy. Amanda thanks Jake and asks him why he stopped by. Jake says that he has something for Kendall from Doctors Without Borders. Amanda tells Jake that Greenlee and Aidan got married in Vegas. Babe walks in and Amanda asks for the week off because of her eye. Babe says that if the good eye still works, Amanda isn't going anywhere. Babe asks where Randi is and says that Randi needs to be there before they get to work. Jake leaves and Babe asks about their secret project. Amanda says that Paris called and that the lab is with them. Babe says that they need it to be done before Kendall and Greenlee get back.

Cassandra tells Angie that Jacob wants her there for his surgery in 2 days. Angie says that she is going too because she doesn't want Cassandra to go alone. Jesse says that Cassandra can't leave because she is under investigation. Cassandra says that she hasn't been charged with anything and Jesse says that it will still look like she is running. Angie asks Jesse to talk to the D.A. and Cassandra says that Jesse doesn't care about her.

Randi charges breakfast to Fusion's account. Frankie asks Randi what had changed. Randi says that nothing changed and that she has to get back. Frankie says that he isn't letting her walk away until he understands what is going on. Randi asks what the going rate for saving a hooker is and says that she will pay him back. Randi tells him to save his real feelings for the blonde in uniform. Frankie realizes that Randi saw him with Taylor.

Jake asks Jason to push something through for him and gets upset when he finds out that a procedure hasn't been approved yet. Joe walks in.

Adam and JR talk about how they can get the consumer base to turn against Fusion.

Randi says that she needs to get back to Fusion and he should probably get back to Taylor. Frankie realizes that Randi saw him hugging Taylor in the hallway. Frankie says that if she wants to know the truth, he will tell her.

Jesse agrees to make a call to see what he can do for Cassandra. Angie says that if Cassandra gets thrown in jail, it won't be Jesse's fault. Cassandra says that she should have stayed in Paris with her real dad who cares about her.

Jake and Joe talk about hospital rules. Jake says that hopefully he will be gone soon. Jake says that there is nothing in Pine Valley for him except his family.

JR and Adam talk about when the best opportunity to pry the company away from Kendall and Greenlee would have been. Adam says that Babe is going to have to help them. JR agrees to talk to Babe about it and says that he will get back to Adam.

Angie and Cassandra argue about Jesse. Cassandra says that she should be able to go back to Paris to be with her dad when he needs her because he might die. Jesse comes in and says that he talked to Jacob. Angie asks Cassandra why she lied to them. Jesse says that he will have to stop Cassandra if she is trying to skip town because of the potential charges against her.

Frankie tells Randi about serving in Iraq with Taylor.

Jake says that he will have to move out of Greenlee's apartment now that she and Aidan are married. Joe reminds Jake that he could accept Tad's offer for a place to live. Jake says that he misses the independence of working out in the field.

Jesse asks Cassandra how she could lie to them. Cassandra says that she lied because she hates the town and what is happening. Jesse says that he has done everything in his power to keep her out of jail and is going to continue to help her. Cassandra says that if Frankie was in her position, Jesse would have broken every rule to make sure that nothing happened to him. Cassandra says that her father needs her and she is going to be there and that they can't stop her.

Frankie and Randi talk about what he went through in Iraq and after he got back.

Amanda and Babe talk to people about reports that were supposed to be sent out. Amanda says that she will put the reports together. JR shows up and says that he was thinking about Babe running the place. JR says that it is the perfect time for her to make her move. Babe reminds JR that she has no leverage and that she doesn't have time. Babe and JR "dream" about a reporter talking about her takeover of Fusion. Babe admits that it would be amazing.

Randi says that she wants to meet Taylor. Frankie says that he would love for her to meet Taylor. Randi says that she has to go so she doesn't get fired and asks if they can forget the morning ever happened. Frankie says that they can't forget it and that he is touched that she cares. Fletcher calls Frankie. Randi asks who was on the phone and Frankie says it was nobody.

Angie says that Cassandra didn't mean what she said, but she is scared and angry.

Jake asks a nurse if she knows where there is a good costume shop.

Babe asks JR if he is planning on taking over Fusion and JR says that he doesn't know. JR tells Babe to keep an open mind in case he has a flash of brilliance. Amanda comes back and JR leaves. Amanda asks if Babe is ready to get back into their secret project.

Adam tells Barry not to let JR know what is going on. Adam says that in the end Fusion will be all his.

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