AMC Update Monday 8/18/08

All My Children Update Monday 8/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Tad tells Kathy that she isn't supposed to lock Krystal out of the house. Kathy reminds Tad that Krystal isn't her mom. Babe comes in and says that they have the movie. Krystal says that she forgot about movie night, and JR says that Little Adam has been talking about it all day. Tad says that it isn't the best time. Kathy asks if Krystal can go live with them.

Adam says that the D.A. will be gunning for them but there will not be any charges against Colby. Colby asks Adam what image she is supposed to protect.

Ryan reminds Greenlee that he said he would never leave her again. Annie asks Ryan what he was doing with Greenlee. Greenlee says that Ryan was helping because she lost some jewelry. Greenlee says that Ryan helped her get her jewelry back and they got locked in and Ryan talked her down. Zach asks Ryan to show him why they got locked in the bathroom, and Ryan agrees. Greenlee says that she thought she would be panicky in there, but wasn't. Aidan says that he is very angry and plans to sue Zach and give her Cambias as a wedding present. Aidan says that it would be silly to be jealous of Greenlee and Ryan being stuck in a bathroom. Annie asks Kendall why she pretends she cares. Kendall says that one of them needs to act like a decent human being and that she is waiting for Annie's head to spring around and spew. Annie says that she will make sure to aim. Ryan brings Annie something, and Kendall says that Annie is feeling better. Kendall asks Zach if she can help, and he tells her that Ian knows more about tools than she does. Kendall says that she can fake it, and Zach tells her to pretend to hand him something. Kendall says that Zach is lucky to have her and not Annie because Annie is wacko. Zach says that the door is fixed.

Jack tells Carmen that she looks wonderful. Carmen says that it only took her three tries to get the right look, and Jack says that it is perfect. Carmen says that Jack is the perfect guy. Jack tells Carmen that he and Erica are on more than a break. Carmen asks how much more, and the waiter comes over and takes their drink orders. Carmen says that Adam is always moaning about everything, and Jack asks if Adam is treating Carmen decently. Jack says that Carmen just has to say the word and he will beat up Adam.

Adam tells Colby to wear the Chandler name with pride because they have earned it. Colby suggests that they should be lying low at home, but Adam tells her not to pay attention to the tabloids. Pete says that he would give a limb to be a Chandler if Palmer wouldn't cut him off. Pete says that Palmer is upstairs finishing a deal to ensure that Cortlandt Electronics will survive him taking over. Colby tells Adam that Pete is a genius, but Adam says that Pete is a buffoon, just like his brother. Colby says not to talk about Tad like that. Pete says that he is both a dork and a genius. Adam tells Pete to leave, but Colby asks him not to. Adam gets a call from Barry and says that when he gets back he wants Pete gone. Pete asks if Colby wants him around and she says that she is going to ignore him now. Pete asks if Tad has put in a good word for him yet, and Colby says that Tad has more important things on his mind.

Tad tells Kathy that Krystal has to be around to take care of Jenny. Krystal tells Kathy that she knows it is hard but locking her out of the house made Krystal sad because she loves her. Tad tells Kathy that Krystal belongs there because it is her home, too. Tad tells Kathy that she is Little Adam's aunt and, she reminds him that she is a kid. Tad tells Kathy that she should get a job, but she reminds him that she is a kid. Krystal says that she is going to try to put Jenny down for a nap. Babe asks Kathy if she wants to watch a movie with Little Adam. Tad and J.R. talk about what happened with Kathy and Krystal. Tad says that Krystal is overreacting because it was only a few minutes, but J.R. tells him to be serious.

Zach tells everyone to buckle up, and Greenlee realizes that they are landing. Ryan tells Annie that they will be home soon. Aidan and Greenlee thank everyone for making their trip more special.

Krystal and Babe talk about what happened. Krystal admits that she is upset and wishes she had the magic touch so that she could make Kathy feel better. Babe says that Krystal being outside while Jenny was inside is scary. Krystal says that she almost smashed a window but Tad drove up. Krystal admits that she is very upset about how Tad handled the situation. J.R. tells Tad that he is a great father. Babe asks Kathy if the movie was too scary for her. Krystal says that she will check on Little Adam. Kathy yells for Tad. J.R. asks Kathy how to do something, and she says that she will show him. J.R. talks to Kathy and tells her that Krystal loves her like a mom loves her children. Kathy says that moms always leave.

Emma runs over to Annie and Ryan. They tell Emma how much they missed her and give her a present. Corrina asks about their trip to Vegas. Annie says that they almost renewed their vows. Emma asks if she can name the baby Coco.

Greenlee meets with Jack. Jack asks if she is married, and Carmen asks if they are kidding. Kendall says that the wedding was wonderful. Jack says that he wants all the details, and Greenlee says that he already knows the important part. Carmen says that she forgot that she has something to clean. Jack asks her to stay, and Carmen says that weddings are for family. Greenlee says that Carmen is a guest at their second reception. Aidan and Jack go to get drinks, and Jack asks if Aidan will hurt Greenlee again. Aidan says no, and Jack says that it is good. Jack tells someone to put the drinks on his tab, but Aidan says that he will get them. Kendall asks why Carmen is there. Jack asks Carmen if she feels better, and she says yes. Kendall asks what is wrong with people, and Greenlee tells her that it is called happiness. Kendall wonders what would happen if Jack moves on before Erica is done with Samuel. Greenlee says that everyone has to move on to be happy.

Ryan assures Annie that he will love "Coco Lavery" just as much as Emma. Annie and Ryan talk about how the trip ended. Ryan tells Annie that she has done some things that are really out-there. Annie says that their trip was perfect until she found out from Kendall that he was hiding something. Ryan asks what Kendall told her, but Annie says that he has to tell her himself. Annie says that she knows he found the key hidden in her picture frame. Ryan says that he totally forgot about the key because she was in the accident and ended up in the E.R. Ryan says that he really doesn't want to hurt Annie again, but she can't accept it. Annie says that the key was to a diary from when he couldn't remember her, and Ryan says that he doesn't need to know what it was to. Ryan asks if Annie is testing him. Annie says that she should quit Fusion because Kendall and Greenlee are only keeping her there as a favor to him. Annie says that they should leave Pine Valley because there are too many memories and feelings, but Ryan says that leaving town isn't the answer. Annie asks if Ryan is happy there, and Ryan says that they have hit a rough patch. Annie says that it will never stop and that being there is ruining their lives. Emma asks Annie why she is so sad.

Greenlee says that Carmen makes Jack smile. Greenlee suggests that Jack is scared of dating. Kendall asks Carmen if she is meeting with Jack about her case. Carmen says that they can't talk about the case now because Jack is busy being a proud papa. Kendall and Carmen talk about Adam. Kendall asks Carmen if she is interested in anyone. Zach and Greenlee talk about her being stuck with Ryan.

Adam tells Colby to get away from Pete because he is a pathetic offspring of a fraud. Pete suggests that he and Adam talk about business, but Adam makes fun of him. Colby asks Pete to help her get something, and he realizes that she doesn't think he can handle Adam. Colby says that one more minute and Pete would have been crushed.

Krystal tells Kathy that it is all about her. Krystal says that Kathy can pretend Krystal's hugs are coming from anyone. Tad asks Kathy if she is going to lock Krystal out of the house anymore, and Kathy apologizes.

Annie tells Ryan that the town is toxic, even for Emma. Ryan asks what is going on with Annie. Annie says that staying in Pine Valley will only make it worse. Ryan tells Annie that whenever something goes wrong, she wants to run and he always says the same thing, it isn't going to happen because their family is there. Annie reminds Ryan that he told Greenlee that he would never leave her. Ryan says that it is enough and that he doesn't know what she wants him to do. Annie says that it is just hormones. Annie says that maybe she is acting messed up because there is something wrong with the baby and starts wheezing.

Kendall tells the bartender everything that is going on. Kendall vents about everything and says that she needs to be granted control of the universe so that she can fix everything.

Colby asks Pete if Adam saw, and he says yes. Adam comes over, and Colby tells him to leave Pete alone. Adam asks for Palmer's room and threatens to take over Cortlandt Electronics if Pete doesn't stay away from Colby.

Ryan tries to make sure Annie is okay. Annie wonders if the baby is sick and if that is why her hormones are messed up. Ryan says that they will go ask the doctor some questions. Ryan says that the baby and Annie are fine and that Annie needs to let go of the garbage and believe in them.

Aidan says that he is going to take Greenlee home. Kendall thanks Trent for listening to her. Carmen and Jack talk about Greenlee. Carmen says that she has to get back to the mansion because Adam might have work for her to do. Jack apologizes for not getting to talk about the case. Jack asks Carmen out on a date.

Adam and Pete talk about going to see Palmer. Colby helps Pete escape.

Krystal says that she has just seen the best of J.R. Krystal asks Tad how Kathy is doing. Tad says that Kathy is into some doll time. Tad thanks J.R. and Babe for helping with Kathy. Krystal says that she loves Kathy. Kathy says that she won't go away.

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