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All My Children Update Thursday 8/14/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica knocks on Samuel Woods' hotel door. She wants to talk to him about his current problem with Dre, and the publicity that Dre’s arrest has caused.

Jesse is on the phone with one of his staff. He instructs him to search Route 77 where Richie’s body was found and look for a missing lug wrench from Annie’s car. Angie comes home and start listening to the conversation. She asks if the call was about the Richie Novak case.

Cassandra and Frankie are sucking on sundaes at the malt shop. They ask about each other’s life and they both agree that currently their lives suck.

Annie and Ryan are in their hotel room. They are talking when Annie runs out of the room.

Aidan has Greenlee in his arms as they enter their hotel room. The room is decorated in white rose petals. Greenlee ask Aidan when did he have time to decorate the room. They kiss.

Zach and Kendall are in their room. Kendall asks Zach if he would renew their vows; she mentioned it on a previous occasion and he was not too keen on the idea. She wants to know if he would he do it all over again and he says, “No”.

Jake runs after Taylor on the beach. They make small talk, but she is not interested in him.

Erica wants to know if she could jeopardize Sam’s campaign. He doesn’t believe that she could negatively impact his campaign. Whatever comes up with his campaign, he believes he will survive it. She tells Sam if he would like to cut ties with her to say the word. Sam asks if she is giving him an out or if she is seeking one for herself.

Zach explains that he would marry Kendall again but not on a boat; it would have to be in the “Sixteen Chapels”. Kendall changes the subject to Ryan and Annie. Zach thought it was nice that they got to talk about themselves for a minute, and he found it to be a nice change.

Annie had morning sickness. Greenlee and Aidan are now making love!

Angie and Jesse are talking about their children. Angie cannot believe that Frankie beat down a low-life-pimp, and Cassandra, and her friends ran down Richie Novak. Jesse tells her that maybe the kids hit Richie, but did not kill him. Angie is interested in what he has to say.

Zach teases Kendall about spying on Ryan, and Annie by giving her a glass to listen through the wall. She does not get his annoyance at first. She finally sees that the idea is dumb, which is what Zach knew all along.

Annie asks about Ryan’s state of mind. She wants to know if he is happy. She thinks that he is noble and wants to do the right thing, but she loves him and wants him to be happy.

When Aidan calls Greenlee Mrs. Devane, she feels threatened about losing her name, Greenlee Smythe. She tells him that she does not want to take his name.

Erica is concerned about Sam and his Senate campaign. Sam asks about Erica and Jack’s relationship. She tells him that she and Jack are over. She lies and says that she ended the relationship. She tells Sam that Jack was devastated. Sam says that life is complicated. His life in the senate is not easy. Since he has meet Erica he looks forward to waking up in the morning. He kisses her hand, then he kisses her lips.

Jake chasses Taylor. She runs away from him. He wants to know her name, but she withholds it. He asks if she is training for the “Iron Man” contest. He will race her in order to get her full name. She is a better runner; she wins.

Aidan decides that if Greenlee wants to keep her name then it is ok with him. Greenlee gets paranoid, and wants to know what is expected from her in their marriage. She gave so much to Ryan, and it was never enough. She lost herself trying to give Ryan everything, and will not repeat that mistake.

Annie wants to talk about Ryan’s life with Greenlee. She wants to know what would have happen if he, and Greenlee had stayed together. Ryan could have had a child with her who would be Spike’s age. She thinks that Ryan lives for his children, and want to give them everything. Annie points out that kids know when things are not right. She points out that Emma is happy now, because Annie and Ryan are happy. Emma knew when Ryan was having his memory issues.

Zach is upset that all Kendall wants to talk about is Ryan. She mentions that Ryan is dying from unhappiness. Zach says, “So what”? He wants them to focus on their own lives on their terms, and not be in someone else’s life. He believes that they have lost themselves, and who they are. He wants their life back.

Jesse knows that the kids ran over Richie, because the police have proven that, but they don’t know if Richie was dead or alive when he was run over. If he finds the missing piece, the kids will be off the hook. Angie asks that he help her baby Cassie stay out of jail.

Cassie talks about Jesse to Frankie. She is upset that Jesse pulled her friends and she in for questioning, then put them in jail. Frankie reminds her that its Jesse’s job, and he is good at it. According to Frankie, Jesse is solid and he does things right.

Annie wants to know if Ryan is happy. She loves him. Ryan is never going to leave. Richie’s ghost tells Annie that Ryan would rather be anywhere but there with her. He tells her that she has him only because of her bun in the oven. Annie tells Ryan that she wants to go home to be with Emma.

Aidan reminds her that he is not Ryan. He instructs Greenlee to be whoever she wants to be. Greenlee wants to go home.

Zach feels they are living someone else’s life. Their involvement in Ryan, and Annie’s life is wrong. She reminds him that it was not her idea to come to Vegas with Annie and Ryan. Zach wants to know when was the last time they took their kids to the park. Kendall doesn’t remember. She agrees that they should be home with their boys.

Sam and Erica kiss, then she pulls away telling him that she cannot go further. He says that is because she is not that kind of girl. He says that he is not that kind of guy. She asks if he is ready? He replies, “Is anyone ever ready for Erica Kane”. He thinks that their relationship is new and complicated, but he is willing to take the leap if she takes it with him. She takes his outstretched hand.

Angie is happy to hear that maybe the kids are not Richie’s killer. Angie says that maybe the real killer is out there.

When Frankie and Cassandra return from the malt shop, Angie asks if they had fun. Cassandra wants to know how they can have fun with Dre’s murder case hanging over him. She asks Jesse if they are supposed to pretend that everything is normal. Then she yells, “Why are you talking to me”. She leaves abruptly.

Taylor knocks on the Hubbard’s door and asks for Frankie Hubbard. Angie thought that Cassandra had returned.

Zach, Kendall, Ryan, Annie, Aidan and Greenlee are ready to return to Pine Valley. Kendall asks if they are going to leave Ryan and Annie stranded. Zach says, “Yes, but he will send back the Cambias' jet for them”. Greenlee and Aidan come downstairs packed and ready to go. Ryan and Annie comes downstairs packed and ready to go. Ryan bumps into Aidan. Zach and Kendall come in and Zach says, “I see everyone has the same idea. Since we are going to the same place, does anyone need a ride”? They all decide to fly back together.

Sam thanks Erica for stopping by. Erica tells Sam that she will see him when she sees him. He responds, not unless I see you first.

Cassie calls Paris to speak with her dad.

Frankie come to the door, then sees Taylor; he calls her L.T. then give her a big hug as he pick her up, and spins her around. He kisses her on the cheek as Angie and Jesse smile while looking on.

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