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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/13/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the yacht club, Erica and Jack meet. Erica says that she just wanted to catch up. Jack asks how things are going between her and Samuel.

JR says that Babe should work from home, but Babe asks who would run Fusion because Kendall and Greenlee are in Vegas. Babe says that she almost quit because she finally had enough. JR hands her a check and says that when Kendall and Greenlee get back, she is taking Fusion off their hands.

Randi walks into Fusion and adjusts herself before Amanda comes in. Amanda says that as long as Randi is herself, she will do fine. Amanda shows Randi the office and says to thank Carmen for the job. Randi says that Carmen isn't her friend. Amanda asks what the deal is between Randi and Carmen.

At the mansion, Carmen brings Adam breakfast and Adam asks for coffee. Carmen says that Adam quit drinking coffee starting immediately and starts boxing up Adam's bar. Carmen says that she is saving Adam's life.

At home, Tad asks Krystal what is wrong and how bad it is. Krystal says that it is so bad that he might never forgive her.

At Fusion, Randi says that she used to know Carmen. Amanda shows Randi her desk. Amanda and Randi talk about the perfect look. Randi sits down and Amanda assures her that she will do fine. Amanda gives Randi the tour. Randi asks about Kendall and Greenlee.

At the mansion, Adam tells Carmen to get her own liquour and Carmen says that the liquour doesn't matter if you are dead. Adam says that he fired Carmen and she says that he didn't mean it. Carmen asks about Krystal's visit. Adam tells Carmen to get out. Carmen says that she doesn't have to be a doctor to know that Adam drinks too much and reveals that she knows his children are alcoholics. Carmen says that she knows Colby has been putting rum in her soda and stealing Adam's vodka. Carmen says that Adam needs to set an example for Colby. Adam asks Carmen to leave him and his bar in peace. Carmen says that Adam gets one glass of wine with dinner and that someone has to take care of him.

At home, Krystal says that she kissed Adam when she found out that Richie had kidnapped Babe. Krystal explains the situation and apologizes. Krystal says that she stands with Tad and assures him that she wants him. Krystal asks Tad if he wants her.

Babe rips up the check and suggests that JR is doing it because he hasn't taken over Chandler yet. Babe says that she doesn't want JR throwing money on her problems. Babe says that taking over would only cause more drama and that she wants things back to the way they were. Babe says that she doesn't want to run Fusion and JR says that she is afraid to be boss.

At the mansion, Colby comes in to see Carmen taking the bar down. Colby asks if someone told her to do it, but Carmen says that it was her idea because Adam shouldn't be drinking with his heart condition. Carmen and Colby talk about Adam's moods. Carmen talks about her plan for Adam. Carmen and Colby suggest that they drag Adam to the gym. Carmen walks out of the room with the alcohol.

At Fusion, Amanda and Randi talk about past baggage.

At the yacht club, Jack and Erica talk about Samuel. Erica suggests that Jack is upset because Carmen dragged him into the dinner. Jack and Erica talk about him defending Dre. Jack says that Erica loves two men fighting over her. Jack and Erica talk about her pattern with men. Jack says that Erica doesn't need to play the games and suggests that Erica go for it with Samuel. Jack says that maybe "us" doesn't exist anymore for them. Erica says that Jack has met someone else.

JR says that if Babe wasn't scared, she wouldn't turn him down. Babe says that she doesn't belong in charge. JR says that Babe can do anything, but she says that she can't be a CEO. JR says that she is more capable than Kendall and Greenlee and that he sees her running Fusion. JR explains a scenario to Babe and she says that it is a nice fantasy. Babe asks JR to drop it and kisses him goodbye. Babe grabs her work and leaves.

At Fusion, Randi says that her life is boring. Randi says that she has to get used to getting up before 12. Amanda says that she knows that Randi was a hooker. Randi suggests that the job was a joke, but Amanda says that they want her at Fusion. Randi tries to leave, but Amanda stops her. Amanda tells Randi not to blow her chance to start over.

At the mansion, Carmen says that Colby should be at the beach or at the mall. Carmen tells Colby about her teenage years. Carmen says that Adam and Krystal love Colby. Colby says that she wishes her family would go away because they are driving her insane and she can take care of herself. Carmen says that Colby is lucky because she doesn't have to take care of herself.

At home, Tad says that he understands why Krystal kissed Adam. Tad says that Krystal is being too hard on herself. Krystal says that she caught Colby drinking again at the yacht club. Tad realizes that Colby has a drinking problem. Krystal admits that she doesn't know if Colby is going to be alright. Krystal says that she told Colby to stop sneaking around.

Adam tells JR that Carmen is derranged. JR says that Chandler is taking over Fusion. JR gives Adam his proposal for buying out Fusion. Adam says that JR never sees anything through. JR says that he is an asset to Chandler. JR and Adam share insults. Adam suggests that JR is doing it to impress Babe. JR says that Babe deserves to be in charge. JR tells Adam to imagine Zach's face when he finds out that they are taking Kendall's company.

At home, Krystal and Tad talk about his differences than Adam. Krystal says that Tad never made her feel like a trophy and that he always treated her with respect. Krystal says that she hasn't held up her end of the deal, but from now on she will. Krystal says that what they have is precious and that he is the only man for her. Tad kisses Krystal.

At the yacht club, Jack says that he wants Erica to be happy. Erica realizes that Jack is saying that they can't be happy together. Jack says that it is time to let it go and that he hopes everything will be better. Jack says that Erica will always have a piece of his heart.

At the mansion, Colby tells Carmen that things are messed up. Carmen asks why Colby has been drinking and says that she dances when she is bummed out. Carmen gives Colby a salsa lesson. Carmen tells Colby to close her eyes and dance with the man she wants.

At Fusion, Randi fills out her application and asks Amanda not to tell everyone about her past. Amanda says that Randi is important because she brings something different to the table. Amanda shows Randi all the things about the phones. Randi offers to help Amanda get Jake. Babe walks in and says that Amanda and Randi are up to something.

JR and Adam talk about the possible takeovers for Fusion. JR says that Babe wants to take over, but she doesn't know it yet.

At home, Tad talks about love. Tad says that he spent the last few years hanging onto dreams. Tad holds Jenny and talks to her. Krystal tells Tad that she will always be there. Krystal says that everything she wants in the world is right there. Kathy walks downstairs and sees Tad and Krystal kissing.

At the mansion, Colby and Carmen dance. Carmen says that she has to get back to work before Adam fires her again. Colby says that she won't let him and hugs Carmen. Colby runs outside.

At the yacht club, Jack gets a phone call and says that he needs to talk to someone too and asks Carmen if she is free that night. Carmen says that all he has to do is tell her where and when.

At Fusion, Babe sits at Kendall's desk, puts her feet up and smiles. Babe says that they should start acting like they are in charge. Amanda says that she smells a sneaky plan.

JR and Adam talk about what they have to do with Fusion first. Adam suggests that they attack Kendall and Greenlee personally.

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