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All My Children Update Tuesday 8/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

At the mansion, Krystal overhears Adam on the phone. Adam asks what Krystal's excuse for being there is. Krystal says that she is there to see him. Adam asks if his arrest and being threatened with prison time has brought her to her senses. Krystal says that it has.

Frankie meets with Jake. Frankie says that Fletcher upset him. Frankie says that Fletcher told him if he didn't buy Randi, Fletcher would make sure Randi wasn't worth anything.

Randi walks into the elevator at Fusion.

Frankie says that he is trying to protect Randi, but all he is doing is scaring her away.

In Vegas, Ryan walks around and remembers walking in on Greenlee's wedding. Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall, Zach and Annie walk up. Zach goes to get drinks. Annie says that she and Ryan are happy to be a part of Greenlee and Aidan's day and that renewing their vows can wait. Greenlee throws the bouquet and Annie catches it. Annie says that she is already the luckiest girl in the world and gives it to someone else. Zach places an order and Kendall walks up. Kendall says that the place is jinxed. Zach says that they are trying to get closer to Annie. Kendall asks why she feels like everything is so wrong if Greenlee is happy. Aidan walks over with some chips and passes them around. Everyone places their bets and Annie wins.

Carmen and Randi meet up at ConFusion. Carmen says that she walked away from a job she needed because she wants Randi to have it. Carmen asks why Randi always gets upset. Randi says that she is free.

Jake and Frankie talk about Fletcher. Frankie says that Fletcher showed him a contract. Frankie says that Randi doesn't know because she might be a new Fusion employee. Frankie says that he wants the best for Randi and told her to go somewhere that she can actually get a fresh start. Jake says that Frankie needs to know the hold that Fletcher has on Randi and that Randi has to be the one to break it.

At the mansion, Adam says that Krystal is the only one who understands what he did. Krystal says that she lied with Adam and knew that it would tie her to him. Krystal asks Adam if he knows her at all. Krystal tells Adam that he knows she is there to say goodbye. Adam says that he isn't going anywhere because the charges will be dropped.

In Vegas, Greenlee and Aidan talk about their witnesses. Annie says that she doesn't need the ceremony as long as she has Ryan. Greenlee and Aidan go to dance. Annie and Ryan talk about their first dance. Annie says that she was too afraid of Richie to tell him what was going on. Annie says that it seems like they had to get through the bad to get where they are now. Annie apologizes for not believing in him. Ryan watches Greenlee and Aidan dance. Kendall and Zach talk about Annie. Annie and Ryan go out on the dance floor.

At the mansion, Adam says that Krystal's marriage is a sham, but Krystal says that it is a real marriage. Krystal says that it is an amazing gift to have been in his life and touched his heart. Krystal says that she is sad because she knows that she is going to hurt Adam. Krystal says that something happened that week and their connection is gone. Adam says that their love is still alive, but Krystal says that it is time to grow up. Adam says that they deserve to be together. Krystal says that she is trying to find the best way to tell him that she doesn't love him anymore. Adam calls Krystal a liar. Adam says that Krystal is blind to the wants and needs of her heart and asks her why she is doing it. Krystal says that she didn't come there to hurt him. Adam suggests that Tad is threatening to take Jenny away. Adam pulls Krystal into a kiss.

Frankie and Jake talk about Randi. Frankie says that he told Randi how he feels, but she seemed like it was the worst thing he could have said. Jake says that he has made some epic screwups. Jake says that Randi is in a dark and scary world.

At ConFusion, Carmen and Randi talk about Frankie. Randi says that lies are what come out when a man opens his mouth.

In Vegas, Kendall asks Annie if she can cut in. Zach and Annie go to get a milkshake. Kendall and Ryan dance and talk about how he is doing. Kendall tells Ryan that married people talk. Kendall and Ryan talk about Greenlee's marriage. Greenlee and Aidan talk about how happy they are. Aidan says that he is the luckiest guy in the world. A woman comes up and asks Aidan to blow on the dice and he agrees. Kendall and Aidan dance, while Greenlee and Ryan dance. Zach and Annie watch them. Kendall and Aidan talk about how happy he looks. Greenlee tells Ryan that she thought he was coming to stop her wedding when he opened the chapel doors. Kendall apologizes to Aidan for almost costing him his happiness. Aidan suggests that they should forget about it. Ryan and Greenlee talk about her idea. Greenlee says that she felt deja vu of the movie, The Graduate. Greenlee says that she will always be grateful of their marriage, and Ryan agrees. Greenlee says that she wants Ryan to be happy and hugs him. Ryan promises that he is happy and that she doesn't have to worry about him. Greenlee thanks Ryan for staying a part of her crazy world because she couldn't do it without him and he says that he is never going to leave her again. Greenlee and Ryan head to meet the rest of the group. A man takes some pictures of the group for Annie.

Frankie tells Jake that Fletcher thinks he owns Randi, and so does she. Frankie says that Randi and Fletcher are on the same page.

At ConFusion, Randi and Carmen insult each other and then Carmen changes the subject to Frankie. Frankie says that she does still know Randi and asks if Randi is going to give the guy a chance.

Jake and Frankie talk about how he should go ahead with Randi. Frankie asks where the line crosses.

At ConFusion, Randi says that there is no doctor in her life. Randi says that men are only good for one thing, and it isn't talking.

Jake tells Frankie not to play the hero. Jake says that Frankie's heart is too big.

At ConFusion, Randi and Carmen talk about the way things were. Randi tells Carmen to leave. Carmen walks away.

At the mansion, Krystal pulls back from the kiss and tells Adam that she can never be with him again. Krystal says that Tad is her husband and she loves him, but Adam tells her to stop. Krystal says that Adam has to give up on her.

In Vegas, Zach and Annie talk about the baby. Annie says that as long as the baby is happy and healthy, that is all that matters. Annie says that she was so worried about Ryan not being in the baby's life that she feels free now that Ryan offered to renew their vows. Annie says that she wishes Richie's memory would leave her alone. Zach says that Richie isn't allowed in his casino. Annie looks up and sees Richie standing behind Zach.

Frankie talks about how men have treated Randi. Frankie says that he has to deal with Fletcher and then give Randi space. Randi walks in and Frankie turns around.

In Vegas, Kendall suggests that they go upstairs. Greenlee and Aidan feed each other some cake, while Kendall, Zach, Annie and Ryan watch.

Carmen walks into the mansion. Krystal grabs her things and walks away crying. Adam sits down and Carmen walks in. Carmen pours Adam a drink and one for her too. Adam starts to cry.

Jake pays his bill and leaves. Randi says that she will dream of Frankie too and kisses him. Randi turns and leaves.

In Vegas, Greenlee and Aidan leave. Ryan and Annie leave and so do Kendall and Zach.

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