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All My Children Update Monday 8/11/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Dre tells Cassandra that everything is cool. Cassandra reminds Dre that he was locked up and wonders how long he is going to be out.

Pete apologizes to Colby for scaring her. Colby says that Pete is stalking her, but he says that he is just keeping tabs.

Cassandra apologizes to Dre for Jesse arresting him. Cassandra and Dre talk about their parents not wanting them together. Dre tells Cassandra that Richieís death is on him.

Tad and Jesse talk about Annieís car. Jesse says that he should be dragging Tad to the station and Tad says that it isnít going to happen. Tad says that Jesse can either walk away, or they can both find out what really happened to Richie.

Kendall asks Zach if he thinks Annie knows something about Richieís death, but Zach says that he doesnít want to talk about it right now. Kendall realizes that Zach thinks Annie killed Richie.

Annie says that renewing their vows in Vegas is too much and Ryan says that she deserves it. Ryan says that he would like to be the one to give her peace and happiness.

Greenlee and Aidan talk about marriage. Aidan says that he doesnít want Greenlee to regret it, but she says that the only thing she will regret is walking out the door without a husband. Greenlee asks Aidan to marry her. They agree that they donít want to waste anymore time. Greenlee says that it was meant to be because there is no drama, it is just them.

Zach tells Kendall that they have to be witnesses, but she tells him to sit down until he tells her what is going on. Kendall suggests that they find out what Annie is hiding. Kendall says that she isnít letting Annie near Spike again.

Ryan says that maybe the baby is a sign for them to remember what is important. Annie asks Ryan if he asked her to marry him again because he loves her and wants to be with her. Ryan assures Annie that he loves her and their family and isnít going anywhere.

Colby makes sure no one followed her, besides Pete. Colby explains that she and Cassandra arenít supposed to be hanging out with Dre because it could hurt his case. Pete says that it is weird that he wasnít asked down to the station to answer questions about the hit and run because he tested the blood. Cassandra suggests that they change the subject and Pete asks Dre how lock-up was. Dre says that it was ok and that Samuel got him out quickly. Pete says that there is no way Dre is going down for murder.

Jesse says that he shouldnít be there and Tad says that Jesse is there because he wants answers too. Tad says that if Annie cut Richieís restraints at the lodge, then she needed a car t get in and out. Jesse tells Tad that if he touches the car it is tampering with evidence. Jesse says that anything that Tad finds will not be admissible in court. Tad asks when Jesse ever stopped to play by the rules. Jesse says that he is the chief of police and has to play by the big rules. Tad reminds Jesse that they are talking about Colby and Cassandraís futures and that it might help Jesse to look. Jesse says that he canít look at anything because he isnít there.

Amanda shows up to interview Randi. Amanda asks if Randi wants to talk about her Frankie troubles. Randi says that she isnít used to dealing with nice guys. Amanda says that she wouldnít know a nice guy if he bit her on the ass. Amanda apologizes for not helping the situation and says that a desk upstairs with Randiís name on it would help.

Carmen shows up to see Kendall and Babe says that Kendall is out of town. Babe says that she is in charge while Kendall is gone, and asks if she can help Carmen with something. Carmen says that Erica was very specific when she told her to talk to Kendall. Babe tells Carmen that n one really knows how long Kendall will be away and asks what is wrong. Carmen explains that Adam fired her and that she needs to talk to Kendall about a job.

Cassandra says that it is possible that someone else killed Richie. Pete reminds them that there was human blood on Colbyís car. Cassandra says that they never saw anyone in the road and Dre says that they were distracted. Colby apologizes for distracting them. Cassandra says that they should have heard or seen something. Dre thanks Cassandra and Colby for looking out for him and Cassandra says that it isnít enough.

Jesse asks Tad what he sees and Tad reminds Jesse that he said he didnít want to know. Jesse says that he canít physically look at anything, but Tad can tell him what he sees. Tad explains where the most damage to the car is, the headlights, grille and hood. Tad says that it looks like someone took a pipe or something to the hood. Tad says that there is no way the dents were caused by a tree.

Zach suggests that they let the police handle it and Kendall asks if the police know what they are doing. Zach says that they donít know what they are dealing with, but Kendall says that they are dealing with a potential killer. Kendall says that they have to tell Ryan because they canít let it happen, but Zach tells her that Ryan and Annie are already married. Kendall says that it is bad enough that Ryan is still in love with Greenlee, but now he is recommitting himself to a whack-job. Zach says that the trip will be a waste of time if they tell Annie that they are on to anything. Kendall agrees not to say anything unless Annie looks at her the wrong way.

Ryan says that they should consider this their second chance and Annie agrees. Ryan says that all they have to do is find the place and says that it is around the corner. Annie says, ďCherub Chapel, here we come.Ē

Aidan and Greenlee talk about his first proposal. Greenlee says that she remembers every word of his proposal and says that he told her that she keeps him sane. Aidan says that nothing about Greenlee is sane. Aidan says that she is a gift and that he would go out of his mind if he had to live without her. Aidan says that he would be a fool to turn down her proposal. Aidan tells Greenlee not to move and says that he is going to get a J.P. and a couple of witnesses so that they can get married.

Babe tells Carmen that she is frustrated with Kendall and Kendall said that she could hire whoever she wanted. Babe and Carmen talk about what happened at the mansion. Babe welcomes Carmen to her new job at Fusion.

Amanda tells Randi that Babe will love her. Randi says that she has no experience, but Amanda says that Randi is golden. Amanda says that all Randi has to do is answer the phones and look gorgeous. Randi says that maybe they should do it another day because she has had a bad day. Amanda says that now is the perfect time. Randi agrees.

Colby asks Pete when he leaves for Harvard and Pete says that it might be a while because prep school was intense and he wants to take some time off. Pete says that he would rather be there with her than at school with the geek squad. Pete says that being part of the geek squad sucks because he doesnít get invited to parties, girls ignore him and Colby canít stand him.

Cassandra says that she would go back and change everything if she could, except for the kiss. Cassandra and Dre talk about all the people who hated Richie. Cassandra asks what the odds that they were the ones who killed him were.

Tad says that he is checking the tires and one of them looks brand-new. Jesse says that he is not hearing it. Tad asks if Jesse wants him to sing a song, and Jesse says that he will arrest him then. Tad says that Annie hasnít replaced the spare tire and that the lug wrench isnít where it is supposed to be. Jesse says that you canít change a tire without a lug wrench and Tad wonders where it could be.

Annie tells the receptionist that she and her husband would like to renew their vows. The receptionist says that they have a couple getting married right now, but Annie and Ryan can get squeezed in if they donít mind waiting a little while. Ryan and Annie thank the receptionist and tell Zach that they are up next.

Greenlee says that she is happy Aidan caught them before they left. The justice asks if they are ready to start and Greenlee and Aidan say they are.

Ryan and Annie talk about the differences between their first wedding and this. Kendall says that Annie must be really excited. Annie says that it is a fresh start for them and Kendall says that they get to bury the past. Annie says that Kendall and Zach could join them. Kendall says that they donít want to ruin Ryan and Annieís good time. Annie asks the receptionist how much longer it will take and the receptionist says that it was only supposed to be one wedding, but turned into 2. The receptionist says that the witnesses got swept up in the moment and decided to get married. Annie says that is really romantic.

The justice starts Greenlee and Aidanís wedding.

Babe tells Carmen that she really has the job. Carmen asks what she will be doing and Babe says answering the phones. Carmen answers a phone and gets a wrong number. Babe says that Carmen needs to fill out some paperwork and shows her the lounge. Amanda comes in and introduces Babe and Randi. Babe says that she already hired someone and tells Randi that it isnít going to work out. Randi says that she will go, but Amanda stops her. Babe tells Amanda that the decision has been made. Amanda says that they are turning into Kendall and Greenlee.

Greenlee and Aidan say their vows and the justice asks for rings. Greenlee removes her earrings and says that they will work for now.

Kendall says that maybe they should come back another time because the wedding might take a while. Ryan agrees, but Annie says that they could check it out. Zach says that he doesnít crash weddings. Kendall agrees. Annie asks Ryan if he really wants to do it and Ryan says that free tickets to Wayne Newton couldnít stop him. They go in and Ryan says, ďGreenlee.Ē

Babe apologizes to Randi and says that it isnít usually that intense around there. Randi says that she can handle the pressure. Babe says that she already has someone filling out paperwork and that it is bad timing. Amanda apologizes for getting Randiís hopes up. Randi says that it is alright. Amanda offers to walk Randi out. Carmen comes out and tells Babe that she is done. Randi and Carmen ask each other what they are doing there.

Colby says that she doesnít hate Pete, but he isnít her type. Pete says that if she tells him what to do, he can retype. Colby says that you canít just snap your fingers and turn into a different person, but Pete says that for her maybe he can. Colby says that they will never be like that and asks him to drop it. Pete says that he loves Colby.

Dre tells Cassandra not to worry about him because they donít even know what will happen yet. Dre says that she can come visit him and they can still see each other. Cassandra reminds him that there will be bars in between them and says that she will throw him a big party when he gets out, with no booze or cars. Cassandra says that she doesnít want him to go and that it isnít fair. Dre says that it is what he has to do.

Jesse and Tad talk about what the missing lug wrench could mean. Tad says that Jesse needs to look at the lug wrench because it might be the murder weapon. Tad says that it is interesting about how things keep disappearing. Jesse says that all roads lead to Annie.

Greenlee asks what they are doing there. Aidan tells the justice that they are friends. Annie, Kendall, Zach and Ryan explain. Annie says that she and Ryan are going to renew their vows. Greenlee tells the justice to continue with the ceremony. The justice asks if anyone objects to the marriage.

Amanda asks if Randi and Carmen know each other. Carmen thanks Babe for the offer, but says that she is going to look someplace else. Babe asks Carmen what is going on and says that she was excited for the job. Carmen says that Randi needs a job more than she does. Amanda asks what happened.

Jesse asks Tad if he is done snooping around and Tad says that Jesse can thank him anytime. Jesse says that if the lug wrench was the murder weapon, Richie was dead way before the kids got to him. Tad says that Dre is going to go down for a crime he didnít commit. Tad says that Jesse found out a lot about it for a guy who wasnít there.

Colby says that Pete barely knows her, but Pete says that he has known her his whole life. Colby says that she isnít the same kid he used to play with at the park and that he canít love her. Pete says that he was just kidding. Colby says that she was going to seriously freak-out.

Dre admits to Cassandra that he is terrified. Cassandra says that she is there for him no matter what and he says that she is the only thing that makes sense in the whole situation.

Ryan remembers saying that his life didnít make sense without Greenlee. Greenlee says that she is usually the one who doesnít hold her peace, but she is now. Aidan and Greenlee exchange earrings. The justice pronounces Greenlee and Aidan man and wife. Annie tells Aidan to kiss Greenlee.

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