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All My Children Update Friday 8/8/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

The Martins and the Hubbards are having a barbeque at Tad’s home. Cassie sees Jesse and lets him have it about putting Dre in jail. Jesse remains calm and tries to talk to her. He tells her that Dre is out on bail. Cassie is now concerned that Dre has not contacted her. Cassie wants to leave the party; Jesse offers to leave instead.

Greenlee and Aidan are talking about Babs and Foster’s wedding plans with the minister at the Chapel. Greenlee finds a wedding bouquet. She and Aidan are waiting for Foster and Babs to arrive.

Zach, Annie, Kendall, and Ryan are at the casino. Annie and Ryan will be gambling for the children’s college fund. Annie is listening to Richie’s ghost who is at the casino taunting her.

Zach has instructed Kendall to watch and observe, but she continues to talk and question. Zach backs Kendall off Annie by telling her that he will deal with Annie. He still considers Annie his friend; besides, she is pregnant, and he wants to give her some understanding. Kendall is sick of Annie overdoing the pregnancy bit and the wife thing.

Tad takes Jesse to the basement to escape Cassie’s wrath. Tad shows Jesse a steering wheel for his new video game. They both have one. Tad thinks that the game will help Jesse relax and work on Richie’s case after breaking speed records. They talk about Dre and his case for Richie’s murder. The game starts to relax them, and they begin to theorize about Richie’s case. Jesse thinks that maybe Richie was dead before Dre hit him, which would make his death a murder case.

Zach walks over to Annie and invites her over to his table to get a glass of milk. Annie tells him that she is breaking the bank and winning at his casino. Ryan says that she is the only one in the family making money.

Annie joins Zach, and Ryan goes over to see Kendall. She continues her tirade about Annie. Kendall tries to talk to Ryan about Annie’s ulterior motives. Ryan is not receptive; he warns Kendall to stop talking about Annie. Ryan tells Kendall that she will lose him as a friend if she continues to go on about Annie.

Krystal and Colby go to the kitchen to prepare for the barbeque. Colby leaves to rest in her room, when Krystal enters. Krystal is worried about her. Colby is thinking about Dre. When Colby leaves the room, Krystal sniffs her water bottle. Colby catches her and is furious. She is adamant that she is not an alcoholic. Babe told Krystal that she found alcohol in her water bottle, so now Krystal is suspicious. Krystal used to trust Colby because of her maturity, but now she does not trust her. If something happened to Tad or her she would not trust Colby to be responsible for baby Jenny.

Colby begs Krystal to trust her with Jenny because she loves her and Krystal. She swears that she will stop drinking. Colby and Cassie make up an excuse to leave the barbecue. They plan on looking for Dre.

Angie wants to talk to Cassie about their relationship. Cassie apologizes to her mother for not confiding in her. She wanted to tell her about Richie, but she was afraid. Cassie says positive things about Dre and explains that he is in trouble because he volunteered to drive. Colby was too drunk to drive her own car. Cassie calls Dre a gentleman. Angie warns her to slow down with Dre because they have not known each other that long. It is obvious that Cassie really likes Dre.

Tad brings new controls for a different game. Tad wants to talk about the suspects for Richie’s murder and starts with Zach. Jesse tells him that Zach found Richie’s body, but they talked about the circumstances, and he is satisfied with Zach’s explanation. The second suspect in line is JR, who has motive because Richie stole his bone marrow. JR was with Babe. The third suspect in line is Babe because Richie kidnapped her. She and JR were on their way home. Kendall and Greenlee are the fourth and fifth suspects in line because they saved Babe from Richie. They tied him up, but he escaped. He either had a knife or was helped by someone. Who would help him? The sixth suspect in line is Ryan, but he was with Jesse at the time of Richie’s death. Someone else could have helped Richie escape and then killed him.

Zach tells Annie that he is upset because today is his brother’s birthday. His brother was a bad person, but he still feels sorry for him. He asks Annie about Richie. Annie rattles on about Richie being crazy and a bad person; she tells how Richie had the nerve to tell her that he kidnapped Babe because he loved her. Zach’s ears perk up. Richie’s ghost tells Annie that she has just blown it. Zach asks Annie if she talked to Richie after he kidnapped Babe. She stares blankly into space for a few minutes and then she responds, “No”. Zach looks at her suspiciously.

Kendall tells Ryan to not let Annie get in the way of their relationship. She loves him and wants to remain friends with him. Ryan loves her, too, but will not choose their friendship over his wife Annie.

Foster and Babs finally arrive at the chapel wearing hippie clothes. They wore the same outfits to Woodstock where they met and saw Jimmy Hendrix in 1968. They brought a ring of flowers for Greenlee’s hair. They dance to their music.

Kendall talks against Annie and praises Ryan by calling him noble.

Babs and Foster are married. Babs wants Greenlee to not wait forty years to marry Aidan. She urges Greenlee to grab her lover now.

Tad wonders if Annie could have done it. Jesse tells him that Zach knows something about Annie, but is not telling him. Jesse is suspicious because Annie had Richie cremated too quickly. Could she have done it because of incriminating evidence?

Colby is tired of Krystal treating her like an alcoholic. She is eighteen and a bona fide adult.

Angie joins Tad and Jesse in Tad’s basement. She tells Jesse that she apologizes for Cassie’s outburst at him. Jesse is alright about it and calls Cassie a diva. Tad runs off to get some dessert. Jesse chases after him to get some beer. Jesse finds Tad breaking into Annie’s car.

Ryan decides to make a new commitment to Annie by asking her to renew their vows. Annie is ecstatic! They decide to renew their vows at the Cherub Chapel. The couple asks Kendall and Zach to be their witnesses.

Kendall wants to know what Zach found out from Annie. He tells her that Annie knows more about Richie’s death than she is letting on.

Aidan asks Greenlee to marry him!

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