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All My Children Update Thursday 8/7/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Greenlee and Aidan are in Las Vegas playing at the craps table. They talk and smooch.

Zach, Kendall, Ryan, and Annie are on the Cambias Jet going to Las Vegas. They make small talk. Annie gets up and runs into the bathroom. Ryan comes over to Zach and Kendall and asks why they are really on the trip with Annie, and him. He knows that Kendall has a problem with Annie, and their relationship is strained. Zach, and Kendall tell him that they know the relationship is strained as well, and they want to get back to being a family again. The trip is a way to reach out, and try to make things better.

Fletcher’s goons throw Frankie into a van, then close the door. Fletcher is in the van pointing a gun at Frankie.

Kendall and Zach convince Ryan that they want the extended family. Kendall asks Ryan about the key they found in Annie’s frame upon her desk. Zach tugs her coattail and tells her to play nice, and do no to rush things.

Greenlee and Aidan look at couples around the room then guess their stories. Greenlee points to a couple then tells Aidan that they are in love. Aidan disagrees and tells her that the man is married, and the couple just met. He knows they are not married because the lady’s dress is too short. He knows their story through observation and by being at the counter when the man checked in. Greenlee spots an older couple and guesses that they are married. She calls the couple cute and thinks that their love story is endless. She sends over a bottle of champagne.

Randi is at ConFusion waiting to meet Frankie for lunch.

When Frankie sees the gun being held by Fletcher he starts to cooperate. Fletcher calls Randi and instructs Frankie to listen. Randi answers, and asks how Fletcher knows her new number. Fletcher tells her that he is cutting her loose; she is a free agent. Randi cannot believe his words. He advises her to stay off his turf. Randi thanks him, then tells him that she appreciate his graciousness. He is cutting her loose because he knows that she will be back when she discovers who her real friends are. He tells her that he will see her later; sooner than later. Fletcher wants Randi to feel a false sense of security so that she will not run away. He wants to be able to find her when he needs her. If Frankie does not do what Fletcher instructs him to do, Randi will pay the price. He tells Frankie that he is not the first guy who wants to save a prostitute. Frankie has to pay a price for Randi; Fletcher wants the annual value for Randi. He usually makes a savior pay for four years of the prostitute’s worth, but since Randi is special and Frankie gave him a beating, there will be a five year charge. He has calculated what Frankie makes in a year then multiplied that times five to arrive at a figure that Frankie must pay. He shows Frankie Randi’s signed contract with him.

Frankie is appalled and tells him that he cannot enforce a contract that was signed for prostitution. In Fletcher’s world a contract is how he does business. If Frankie refuses the deal, then Randi’s face may end up looking like a jigsaw puzzle, and Frankie will be trying to put her face back together again. He also tells him that Randi may disappear as well. He tells Frankie to get out of the van, and then tells him to have a nice day.

Jake comes into ConFusion, sees Randi, and says, "Hello." She calls him Doc and says, “Hi.” They make casual conversation. Randi lets him know that she is taking a shot at being decent. She tells him that she is meeting Frankie for lunch. Amanda notices Jake talking with Randi. They say, "Hi," then he kisses her on the cheek. Jake’s lunch meeting is cancelled. He turns to leave, but Amanda asks him to join her for lunch. He refuses. He chooses to workout. Randi and Amanda exchange small talk. Amanda rags about her job, and Randi tells her that she should be grateful for a job. They talk about Randi’s possible job interview.

Ryan waits for Annie to come out of the restroom. Annie is fine, but Ryan notices that she is a bit uncomfortable. She is uncomfortable with Zach and Kendall, but she wants to try. She wants assurance that Ryan wants Emma, the new baby, her, and him to be a family.

Kendall tells Zach that Annie is hiding something dark. Zach cautions her to shut up and to stop pushing the issue. He is afraid that she may push Annie and Ryan out of their lives.

The old couple, Foster and Babs, thank Greenlee and Aidan for the champagne. The couple is getting married after forty years of knowing each other. They went their separate ways years ago because they followed their heads and not their hearts. Babs wants to know, "How Greenlee and Aidan get together?" Greenlee tells them that Aidan saved her life.

Amanda gives Randi her business card to call her for an appointment to interview for a job.

Frankie arrives at ConFusion with a worried look on his face. Randi gives him a big hug as she tells him about Fletcher’s call and the possibility of a job.

Kendall asks about Annie, and Annie apologies for her past behavior. Annie feels guilty, especially, about accusing Zach of hurting Richie. They hug, but Kendall clearly has not forgiven Annie. Annie wants their relationship to be the way it was; she asks Kendall to try to make it work.

Greenlee and Aidan tell the old couple their story. The couple wants to know why Aidan and Greenlee are not married.

Kendall asks Annie about the car accident. Annie became defensive and wanted to know why Kendall was grilling her about the car accident. Zach looks at Kendall, and he shakes his head. Annie wants to know why Kendall is treating her like a suspect. Ryan comes over and wants to know what is happening. Kendall asks Zach to play a card game. She suggests they play “Spite and Malice,” a game her mother showed her how to play.

Babs encourages Aidan and Greenlee to get married. Foster finally determines that he would not find the perfect girl. He thinks that anybody who wants to put up with him is already perfect, so he decides to marry Babs. Greenlee soaks up his comments.

Randi senses that Frankie is in a mood. Frankie suggest that she not jump on the job offer. He suggests that she look for a better opportunity in Los Angeles or Florida. Randi misunderstands and thinks that Frankie wants to get rid of her.

Jake is jogging when Taylor runs past him. He compliments her on her pace. She thanks him, and then tells him that she likes to stay in shape. She excuses herself because she likes to double-time her last minutes of jogging.

Randi thinks that Frankie saw her as a charity case. He lets her know that she has him all wrong. They attempt to kiss. She pulls away and tells him that whores don’t kiss. She tells him that she is his good deed, and now he is ready to move to his next good deed. She accuses him of not getting off on sleeping with women but getting off on saving women.

Jake runs to the end of the track and sees Taylor there. They introduce themselves and, she rushes off.

Randi feels stupid for starting to trust Frankie. She leaves the club. Frankie takes a drink at the bar, and he calls Fletcher and tells him that he agrees to his terms. He needs a few days to get the money together.

Foster and Babs ask Greenlee and Aidan to witness their marriage.

Ryan looks at Annie sitting on the sofa opposite him. He daydreams and sees Greenlee’s face. Annie snaps him out of his dream and then asks what he was thinking about. He tells her that he was thinking about the woman he loves. She smiles as she mistakenly thinks that he is talking about her. 

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