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All My Children Update Wednesday 8/6/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
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Adam asks Carmen if she has to vacuum now, and she says that she has to stay on schedule. Carmen says that Erica believes they should think about the environment, not about money. Adam says that he doesnít care what Erica thinks, and Erica walks in. Erica says that she came to see Adam because they have to get Dre out of the hit and run charge. Adam reminds Erica that Dre confessed. Erica says that if Adam helps Dre, he might be helping himself, too.

Jesse tells Dre that he is okay to go until the trial. Samuel says that he wants to talk to Dre about it. Dre says that he trashed Samuelís chance at Senate. Melvin says that they will get through it.

Angie says that Cassandra is either asleep or pretending to be. Frankie says that he made Angie some coffee. Angie says that Cassandra wonít even talk to her. Angie asks how she is supposed to help Cassandra, and how she can make it right.

Colby says that she has to go because she is hooking up with friends, but J.R. says that she is going to an AA meeting. Babe asks Colby to let J.R. help her. Colby says that she doesnít need help. Colby says that she isnít going.

Kendall says that she thinks that Annie is going crazy. Zach says that there is definitely something going on with her. Kendall suggests that Zach try to convince Greenlee to fire Annie. Zach suggests that they go to Vegas with Annie and Ryan. Kendall says that she isnít going anywhere with Annie. Zach says that it was Annieís idea. Zach says that he thinks that there is more going on with Annie than hormones. Zach says that Annie is trying to get back what she lost and suggests that they should see how Annie is away from the grief of Pine Valley. Zach says that they need to watch her because if she is unstable, he doesnít want her around the kids. Kendall agrees and asks Zach what he isnít telling her. Kendall agrees to go to Vegas. Kendall says that Vegas is going to be more fun than telling Amanda and Babe that they have to run Fusion alone.

Babe tells Colby that she isnít alone. J.R. tells Colby that his friends were hurt because of drinking, too. Colby tells J.R. to worry about Adam because he might go to prison. Colby says that she has plans. Babe tells Colby to just go with J.R. to see what it is all about. Colby says that she isnít an alcoholic, and Babe reminds her that J.R. is. Babe says that if Colby hates it, she never has to go back. Colby agrees to go once to see. Babe leaves for work, and J.R. asks Colby if she is ready.

Samuel agrees to do the interview but says that he canít talk about poll numbers right now. Dre says that it is good to be out of there. Samuel says that if Carl canít back him, then maybe Carl is wrong for the campaign. Samuel says that if he loses the election, it isnít Dreís fault. Dre apologizes. Samuel says that he is sorry that Dre couldnít come to him and tell him the truth.

Angie wonders why Cassandra couldnít talk to them and let them help her. Frankie assures Angie that Cassandra will be fine and that they will make it through it. Frankie says that Dre is a stand up kind of guy. Angie suggests that maybe Cassandra and Dre are moving too quickly. Frankie asks Angie how old she was when she eloped. Frankie tells Angie that he has a date with Randi and that he knew that Angie would hate it. Angie says that Frankie can date whoever he wants. Jill shows up and says that she hopes she isnít late.

Babe apologizes for being late and says that she had a family crisis with Colby. Amanda says that Greenlee is AWOL with Aidan, and no one has heard from Annie and Kendall. Babe asks about the charm numbers, and Amanda gives them to her. Amanda says that she canít remember the last time she had a whole day off. Babe says that she is going to talk to Kendall about everyone else carrying their end. Babe reminds Amanda that Annie just got out of the hospital. Amanda says that Annie is fine, and everyone is taking advantage. Amanda says that Babe managed to show up for work after being kidnapped and almost raped.

Adam says that there is somewhere that Erica should be and says that he has things to do. Erica asks Adam why he doesnít focus his talents on helping Dre. Adam suggests that Erica and Carmen should break Dre out of jail. Erica says that it is serious because Dre is not a criminal. Erica says that Adam should help because he has a clear conscience. Carmen says that Erica should see the size of Adamís sleeping pill bottle and what he washes it down with. Erica says that if the charges against Dre are dropped, anything that Colby is facing also goes away. Adam says that Colby is already in the clear, but Erica says that no one knows that for sure. Carmen suggests that Adam should get the same exact car as the one that was stolen and tell the cops that he found it so that the charges will be dropped. Adam says that it is time for Erica to go. Erica says that the car could have proved Dreís innocence, and Adam owes Dre. Adam says that he isnít going to prison, and Erica says that she will give him tips. Erica says that she might even visit him like he did for her.

Colby says that maybe it wasnít a good idea, but J.R. says that it canít hurt and that it is only an hour. An AA member says that Wendy has earned her 90 day chip. Colby asks if they can go now. J.R. says that he would like to share and introduces himself to the group.

Dre says that he thought it would tank Samuelís campaign if he came clean. Melvin says that Dre is afraid of Samuel because he wants to be the perfect son. Melvin tells Samuel that he wasnít forthcoming when he was Dreís age either. Samuel says that he didnít run away. Dre says that he had good reasons for running away. Dre says that he tried to tell Samuel about the hit and run, but there is always something that stops him, and he decided to deal with it himself. Samuelís phone rings and he says that he is shutting it off so that there will be no more interruptions. Dre says that it is done, but Samuel says that it isnít. Samuel says that he is proud of the way that Dre stood up and told the truth. Melvin says that Dre has a good lawyer in Jack. Samuel says that he is going to do whatever he can to get the charges dropped, but they need to talk about Cassandra too. Samuel says that for now it is probably best to give the relationship some distance, for now.

Jill asks if it is a bad time or if she got the day wrong. Angie says that Jill has it right, but they donít have any food in the house. Jill asks about Cassandra. Angie and Jill agree to do it another time. Frankie realizes that Angie tried to hook him up with Jill. Angie says that she just wants Frankie to be happy. Frankie starts talking about the woman who raised him and says that she told him to see who people really are and not what they do. Frankie says that Angie has to trust him to know who and what makes him happy. Frankie says that Fletcher isnít coming back. Angie says that as long as Fletcher is a danger to the family, she doesnít want Frankie hanging out with one of his women.

Zach says that he would like to see the accident report from Annieís accident. Jesse asks Zach what he is doing there.

Kendall apologizes for being so late. Babe asks Amanda to check some numbers again. Babe confronts Kendall about being late. Kendall asks about Colby. Babe says that Colby is having a hard time, but J.R. is helping her to get through it.

J.R. tells the group that he has been sober for 251 days and explains what he went through to get there.

Babe says that J.R. is trying to make it work. Amanda says that J.R. is totally in love with Babe. Babe says that they have been there before, and she wants to take it one day at a time. Kendall says that she wants to get her family back to the way it was. Kendall says that Annie wants to spend time together, and Babe suggests that they show up to work together. Kendall says that she is taking a couple of days off. Amanda says that Kendall has hardly been in to work. Kendall explains that she and Zach are going to Vegas with Ryan and Annie for an extended weekend. Babe says that she hopes they have a good time and that she quits. Kendall says that Babe canít quit because Fusion needs her. Babe says that she doesnít care. Amanda says that if Babe goes, she is going too. Kendall says that if it wasnít important, she wouldnít be doing it. Babe and Amanda confront Kendall about her feelings towards Annie and about going to Vegas. Kendall says that she is doing it to help Annie heal and to help Fusion. Babe says that she would feel healed if everyone showed up to work, and Amanda says that she would like a day off. Kendall says that something isnít right with Annie, and the trip might be the only way to find out what is going on.

Zach asks Jesse about Richieís case. Jesse says that it isnít going the way he would like and asks why Zach is there. Zach says that he was curious about Annieís accident. An officer brings the report up. Jesse asks for a copy of the accident report to be put on his desk.

Frankie asks Angie to focus on helping Cassandra get back on her feet. Angie says that she has a daughter that wonít speak to her and a son that wonít listen. Frankie assures Angie that he can take care of himself and reminds her that he was in Iraq. Frankie says that Fletcher is a street thug and that he has been through worse. Angie tells Frankie that Fletcher scares her because he is dangerous.

Adam says that Erica is using and abusing another poor sap. Carmen says that Erica doesnít use men, but Adam says that Erica makes a career of it. Adam tells Carmen to go polish the silver. Carmen says that Erica is too much woman for Adam, and he canít stand it. Adam fires Carmen.

Dre says that he isnít cutting Cassandra off because she needs help, too. Samuel says that the DA might still file charges against her, but he hopes it doesnít happen. Dre says that Cassandra comes first and that he wonít see her in public if it helps her.

Colby says that she isnít one of these people. J.R. says that he is and asks Colby to let him help her.

Kendall says that she knows it is a lot to ask, but she needs this. Amanda suggests raises and schedules that would allow them to sleep. Kendall agrees and says that they can talk about it when she gets back. Kendall says that they can get through Annie if they pull together.

Adam asks Erica not to come to him with anymore of her schemes. Erica says that there is no reason to take it out on Carmen. Carmen says that she will be fine without Adam. Erica apologizes to Carmen, and Carmen says that she will take what is coming to her. Erica says that she has a solution and calls Kendall saying that a friend of hers is looking for a job.

Kendall asks Babe to stay. Babe asks if Kendall is going to answer the phone and Kendall says that she doesnít care who it is. Kendall swears to make it up to Babe and Amanda. Kendall gives Babe hiring power. Babe tells Kendall to send them a postcard.

J.R. asks Colby what is wrong. Colby says that she isnít an alcoholic.

Melvin says that he is proud of Samuel and Dre.

Frankie tells Angie that he will see her at the hospital. Angie tells Frankie to take care of himself. Two guys grab Frankie and drag him away. 

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