AMC Update Tuesday 8/5/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Krystal and Tad talk to Colby about what happened. Tad tells Colby that Adam is in jail because of what he did; not because of her.

Adam asks Barry to get him out of there. Barry says that as soon as the money is wired, Adam will make bail. Adam says that Jesse arrested him for protecting Colby. Adam asks J.R. if he is going to use this against him with the board. J.R. says that he will hold off because Colby comes first.

Jesse and Samuel talk about Dreís arrest. Jesse and Samuel agree that they should try to fix this for the kids. Erica comes up and says, ďSamuel.Ē

Ryan asks Jake if Annie and the baby are really okay. Jake says that he has told him 18 times and yes, they are fine. Ryan asks Jake if he can get Annie out of there and Jake says that he will start the paperwork. Jake tells Annie that he doesnít want to see her in the hospital until the happy day of the babyís birth and Annie agrees. Annie says that finally she and Ryan can start living their dream life.

Dre has his photo taken by the police.

Annie says that it is a miracle. Ryan asks her where she was going and Annie says that she left some work at Fusion and passed out because she forgot to eat. Ryan says that he will make sure she eats every hour and asks if she is still craving apple sauce. Annie tells Ryan that she loves him and Ryan says that he will be right back. Annie says that she and Ryan will be happy. Annie calls Rachael, and Annie asks her to bring Emma to the emergency room. Ryan tells Annie that Dre has been arrested for Richieís hit-and-run.

Dre apologizes to Samuel. Samuel says that they will get through it together and that he is proud of Dre for standing up and admitting what he had done. Jesse says that Dre should get ready to meet with his lawyer. Samuel says that he is already there. Samuel tells Erica that Dre wanted to stand up no matter what the consequences were. Samuelís phone rings, but he says that he canít hear about the campaign right now and thanks Erica for coming. Erica says that she knows what it is like when your kids are in trouble.

Adam asks Barry if the situation with the car is being handled. Barry says that the car is in pieces (the size of kibble) and is untraceable. J.R. suggests that they not talk about it in the police station. Adam reminds J.R. of how he got out of the drug charges. Barry says that he is going to check on Adamís bail. J.R. says that Adam made Colbyís situation worse, but Adam says that Jesse did that. Adam and J.R. talk about who has the most leverage. Adam suggests that J.R. should help Colby instead of slamming Adam.

Colby says that she never should have listened to Adam because it was stupid, but Tad says that Colby only trusted Adam to do what was best for her. Tad assures Colby that it isnít her fault and says that life is complicated. Colby says that maybe she shouldnít have moved back in with Adam. Krystal and Tad assure Colby that she is always welcome to move back in with them. Colby says that she is just tired. Krystal tells Colby to crash in the guest room until J.R. gets there. Colby apologizes and thanks Krystal. Tad promises that everything will be okay. Tad and Krystal talk about what happened with her and Adam. Krystal says that all she wanted to do was help Colby and that Tad has every right to be angry with her. Tad says that it is their job to protect J.R. and Colby because Adam loves them. Tad asks if he was wrong to think that they could do that together.

J.R. and Adam talk about what is going on and what they need to do for Colby. J.R. suggests that Adam is using Colby to get him to back down. Adam asks J.R. to help him because he canít lose him or Colby.

Samuel thanks Jack for coming and Erica says that Dre is in wonderful hands. Jack assures Samuel that he will make sure Dre is protected. Jesse says that he will get the arrest file and fill Jack in. Jesse shows Jack where Dre is. Reporters rush over to Samuel and Erica and start throwing questions at Samuel about Dreís arrest. Erica tells the reporters to give Samuel his privacy, but Samuel says that he will answer all the questions when he has all the facts. Samuel tells the reporters that he will stand by his son no matter what the political consequences are. The reporters try to talk to Erica about her relationship with Samuel. Jesse tells the reporters to get out.

Dre tells Jack what he knows about hitting Richie. Jack says that he wishes he had the car because the evidence would go a long way in confirming that Richie was already on the road and maybe dead before being hit by the car.

J.R. agrees to help Adam to get Colby back on track. Erica asks Adam about Carmen and tells Adam that behavior gets you in and behavior gets you out. Erica tells Adam to fix it.

Krystal and Tad talk about her going along with Adamís lie. Krystal says that she didnít want to go along with it. Tad asks if Krystal thought he would make the situation worse. Krystal apologizes and says that she thought she could talk Colby down herself. Krystal says that she thought she could make it work. Tad says that he doesnít want to go through life wondering what she isnít telling him and that if this is how it is going to be, there is no way their marriage will work.

Jake and Frankie talk about what happened with Colby, Cassandra, and Dre. Jake says that he is going to run a couple more miles to clear his head. Frankie asks Randi if something is wrong and what happened.

Annie says that she canít believe that Dre was arrested. Annie says that Ryan did the right thing by destroying the tape at their place. Annie says that she doesnít want to talk about Richie and it is her fault because if she hadnít come to town, Richie wouldnít have. Ryan tells Annie to calm down and reminds her that Jake told her, "No stress." Ryan says that they will get back to being happy but he has to take better care of her. Annie sees Richieís apparition again. Annie says that she is a little lightheaded. Ryan asks Emma what she is doing there and Annie says that she wanted them to be together. Emma asks Annie if she is okay and Annie says that she has something to show Emma. Annie shows Emma the ďpictureĒ of the baby. Emma says that the baby is going to be her new baby sister because boys are yucky. Emma asks Ryan if he has to leave again,  will he come back to visit.

Randi says that she came by because she was worried about Frankie after she heard about his sister. Frankie says that he is happy that she is there.

Samuel and Jack talk about their options. Jack talks to Jesse about the evidence of Richie being already dead when he was hit by the car. Jesse says that all they have is the word of a kid who is a friend of the driver. Jack says that Adam has to be held accountable. Jesse tells Adam that he made bail and that he should be locked up for good. Adam says that he didnít do anything. Jesse says that thanks to Adam, they are missing key evidence that would have helped Dre. Adam says that all Jesse had to do was not arrest Dre and not pressure the other kids.

Krystal says that she loves Tad, their family, and their marriage and knows that she hurt him. Krystal says that she wants to try to make it right. Tad says that she wants to try until Adam tricks her into another of his schemes. Krystal says that she doesnít want to lose their life together and asks Tad for another chance. Tad says that all Krystal has to do is trust him. Krystal says that maybe they should let Colby move in with them. Tad says that he agrees if that is what Colby wants. Tad suggests that they go tuck Jenny and Kathy in. Colby says that she couldnít sleep and that she is just going to hang out downstairs. J.R. shows up and asks Colby what she is up to.

Adam says that the charges will be dropped, and Jesse will be sued for harassment. Jesse says that he will prove that Adam shredded Colbyís car and has already found a piece of it. Adam says that Jesse should be going after real criminals and stop harassing innocent people.

Dre, Samuel, and Jack say that they are ready. Erica asks how Dre is doing. Samuel says that Dre is ready to take it on by himself and Jack agrees. Erica says that it canít happen because it was an accident. Jack says that he will do his best to get the best possible outcome. Erica says that Dre is as good as free because Jack is brilliant.

Frankie and Randi talk about Cassandraís role in Richieís death. Randi says that Cassandra will be okay because she has a strong family. Frankie invites Randi to have dinner with him, and she says that she might be down for that.

Ryan says that he hasnít been fair to Annie, but she says that it is all right. Ryan says that he owes her because she never stopped loving him or believing in him. Annie says that she just wants him to love her. Ryan says the baby is their second chance and that he will get it right this time. Annie says that it isnít his fault he lost his memory. Ryan says that he wasnít around as much as he should have been. Annie tells Ryan that she loves him.

Colby asks J.R. what he is doing there. J.R. asks her what is in the glass, and she says that it is water. J.R. says that he is thirsty, and Colby says that it is vodka. Colby tells J.R. that it will kill the plant. J.R. says that it is better to kill the plant than her and says that they are going to an AA meeting.

Adam says that he made bail and canít be kept there. Jesse says that Adam will be back.

Dre says that Samuel doesnít have to go to the arraignment. Samuel says that they will do it together. Jack answers the phone and says that the court is ready for them. Jack tells Dre that they will enter a plea, set bail, and post it so that Dre can be home in a few hours. Samuel tells Erica that he would like another dinner with just the two of them, and Erica says that she will look forward to it.

Frankie asks Randi what kind of food she likes and she says something that hasnít been under a heat lamp all day. Randi tells Frankie to surprise her.

Ryan asks if he can sign the release papers for Annie. Richie asks Annie if someone else has to die for her to finally get what she wants.

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