AMC Update Monday 8/4/08

All My Children Update Monday 8/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Jesse arrests Adam. Colby says that they confessed to driving the car, but Adam tells her to be quiet because he wants to see Jesse put Cassandra in prison. Angie asks Cassandra to tell Jesse the truth. Dre, Cassandra, and Colby all confess to driving the car. Samuel and Krystal show up at the station. J.R. tells Tad that Colby, Cassandra and Dre are being charged with Richieís hit-and-run. Babe says that all three teenagers admitted to driving the car. Samuel says that he needs to talk to Dre in private. Angie suggests that they slow down, but Jesse says that they confessed, and it is over.

Aidan suggests that they move the party, but Greenlee says that Jake is at work. Aidan smells gas and tells Greenlee to get out of there.

Ryan tells Kendall to calm down because it is only a key. Kendall says that the key could go to anything and asks Ryan how he knows anything about Annie.

Annie waits impatiently in her wrecked car and says that Ryan isnít calling her back because he is with Greenlee. Annie purposely hyperventilates and tells Zach that there has been an accident.

Aidan tells Greenlee to get out of there, but Greenlee says that she isnít going anywhere unless they are going to blow-up. Aidan says that gas kills brain cells, but Greenlee says that she was too smart anyways. Aidan asks her to get a sponge, soap, and water. Greenlee asks if she should be offended that he was so easily distracted from her. Greenlee asks Aidan if there is anything he canít do. Aidan suggests that they go get a drink while the apartment airs out.

Kendall and Ryan talk about what the key could lead to. Kendall says that she knows Annie is keeping something from Ryan. Ryan reminds Kendall that he is keeping something from Annie, too.

Annie sits in her car and waits for Zach to get there. Annie talks to the baby and says that Ryan was supposed to find them, but Zach will be there soon. A car approaches and Annie pretends to feel faint. Annie tells Zach that she was afraid to move because of the baby and hears sirens. Zach says that he called the EMTs and assures Annie that everything will be fine.

Jesse says that the teens seem to think it is a game. Jesse says that when he gets a confession, he takes it. Samuel says that nothing is happening until he talks to Dre. Tad says that he wants to talk to Colby, but Adam tells him to stay out of it. Jesse asks Perry to separate the suspects. Angie assures Cassandra that they will sort it out. Krystal says that Colby told her that the teenagers had a pact of silence. Krystal and J.R. fill Tad in on who else knew what happened. Krystal tells Tad that she wants to talk to him about the situation, but right now she feels like Angie needs her. Angie says that Cassandra accused her of choosing Jesse over her. Angie asks what she has done.

Samuel asks Jesse why he is pushing Dre so hard. Samuel suggests that he gets to talk to Dre. Jesse says that Dre is an adult and has refused the right to have an attorney. Jesse agrees to let Samuel talk to Dre. Jesse says that Adam can talk to Colby, as long as he doesnít encourage her to lie. Colby tells J.R. and Adam to leave her alone, but they refuse. J.R. says that Colby needs to recant her confession and say that she was confused because they want to get her out of there.

Angie and Jesse talk to Cassandra about what happened on Route 77. Angie asks Cassandra to stop playing games, but Cassandra says that no one is playing.

Samuel asks Dre why he didnít come to him. Dre says that he canít be the one who takes the campaign from Samuel and apologizes.

Ryan and Kendall talk about Annie. Kendall says that she owns the building and that she can do whatever she wants. Ryan tries to get Kendall to stop going through Annieís stuff, but Kendall comes up with reasons why she has the right to look through her things. Kendall says that something is going on with Annie and it wonít change because Ryan has a secret, too. Greenlee says no more secrets and tells them to spill.

Annie is brought into the hospital and Jake checks her out. Annie says that she is fine, but she wants to make sure the baby is okay. Annie and Zach tell Jake what happened. Jake asks Zach to find Ryan.

Greenlee says that secrets donít do anyone any favors. Greenlee tells Kendall and Ryan about the gas leak. Ryan asks Aidan to look into where the key goes.

Greenlee asks why Kendall and Ryan are there. Kendall suggests that Greenlee is jealous, but Greenlee keeps asking what they were talking about. The phone rings, and Zach tells Kendall that Annie is at the hospital. Kendall tells Ryan that Annie is at the hospital, and Ryan leaves. Kendall heads to the hospital too, leaving Greenlee and Aidan alone.

Tad and Krystal talk about Adam getting rid of Colbyís car.

Samuel and Dre talk about the election and about what happened to Richie. Samuel tells Dre that he is what matters and that the case is circumstantial. Samuel says that he can get it tossed out, and Jesse had no right to question Dre because of his relationship with Cassandra. Dre says that another detective questioned him. Samuel says that he will handle it because he loves Dre. Dre tells Samuel that he really was the one behind the wheel.

Jake asks Annie if she had any cramping, bleeding or pain and she says no. Jake says that it is a good thing and that everything seems fine. Annie brings up an ultrasound and Jake agrees to do an ultrasound. Annie says that she wants to wait until Ryan gets there to do the ultrasound. Ryan gets there and asks if she is okay. Annie says that she is sorry and that the baby has to be okay.

Kendall gets to the hospital and asks Zach about Annie. Kendall asks why Annie called Zach.

Annie tells Ryan that she couldnít get in touch with him, so she called Zach. Ryan assures Annie that he wonít turn it off again. Annie says that she was so scared.

Kendall asks if Annie has ever heard of ď911Ē.

Annie says that she wants to go home. Jake says that they are ready to do the ultrasound. Ryan asks if Annie wants anything to eat or drink, and Jake tells Ryan to keep on Annie to eat.

Zach says that he wants to take Kendall home now that Ryan is there with Annie. Kendall says that Annie has a secret. Zach says that Annie was in an accident and he is reliable. Kendall comments on how much Annie has changed. Kendall and Zach talk about the key that she found belonging to Annie.

Jake starts the ultrasound. Ryan, Annie, and Jake look at the baby on the monitor.

Greenlee says that she will get her files together and they can crash at his office. Aidan says that her apartment has aired out, but she says that the place is jinxed. They talk about the new house and about her staying out of everyone elseís business.

J.R. and Adam remind Colby what she has to look forward to. Colby says that she was driving her car and Adam says that she is lying. Jesse tells J.R. and Adam to leave. Adam says that Colby will not go down for this and Tad says that Colby needs him to get her out of there; not make the hole deeper. Adam guarantees that Colby will walk out free. Tad reminds Adam that Colby is a kid.

Jesse tells someone to file something. Samuel and Jesse talk about the case. Jesse tells Samuel about the evidence against the teenagers. Samuel suggests that Jesse should put Dre back in with Colby and Cassandra, but Jesse says that is how he got them all to confess. Samuel says that if Jesse puts Dre back in with the girls, the truth will be what is left. Jesse asks Perry to put the kids back in the same room.

Colby and Cassandra say that nothing has changed, but Jesse says that the pow-wow was Dreís idea. Dre says that they are done with the lie and that it is over. Colby and Cassandra try to get Dre to stop, but Dre says that it is over and that he is going to tell the truth. Dre says that he is telling the truth and the girls are not going to fight him about it. Colby and Cassandra say that they would be betraying him. Dre says that he will be okay and asks them to let him do it. Colby, Cassandra, and Dre talk about what really happened on the night of Colbyís 18th birthday and about what happened on Route 77. Dre admits that he is the reason that Richie is dead.

Kendall tells Zach that Ryan is in love with the baby, and Annie is along for the ride. Zach and Kendall agree that they canít just let it go.

Ryan and Annie say how amazing the picture is. Ryan tells Annie to rest and that he is going to do something, but will be right back. Ryan asks Aidan to not investigate the key. Ryan asks Aidan to put the key back in the frame on Annieís desk because none of it matters anymore.

Greenlee and Aidan talk about Annie. They talk about what he can do with his free time now, and Greenlee suggests Las Vegas.

Adam wants Dre to accept full responsibility. Colby thinks that Dre was protecting them, but Samuel says that the teenagers were protecting everyone. Cassandra apologizes to Angie for what she said. Jesse says that Cassandra and Colby are free to go. Cassandra asks about Dre as Jesse reads Dre his rights. Samuel calls Jack and asks for help with Dreís arrest. When Samuel gets a call from Carl, he says that he doesnít care about the campaign. Jesse says that Colby is free to go, but Adam isnít, so he reads the charges against him.

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