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All My Children Update Friday 8/1/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Greenlee comes home and Aidan greets her after she has had a hard day at work. Aidan places a cover on the floor so that he and Greenlee can sit and work on their house floor plans on the computer. He plans to give the plans to an architect so they can build their new home. Aidan has brought ten acres of land by the yacht club. Greenlee leaves the room then returns with a bikini on and a bottle of champagne in her hand. Aidan whistles. She and Aidan make out in front of the fireplace; the gas line is on.

Zach is at Fusion with Kendall. She starts to pick up at the office, and he asks if she needs to do that now. She has to pick up Annie’s slack. She sees a pile of papers and then says, “Look at this mess. With all of her life dramas Annie let everything pile up.” Zach notes that Annie is pregnant. Kendall does not give a damn, because she worked though both of her pregnancies. She sees a photo of the Fusion girls and notices that Greenlee’s head has been torn off. She asks, “What is this?” Zach says, "Well, what do you know, Greenlee has lost her head.” Kendall swears that the missing head was done on purpose, and it was no accident.” She says Annie decapitated Greenlee on purpose because she hates her.

Zach warns her to let it go because she cannot be certain of Annie’s intentions. Kendall lets him know that he always defends Annie. She tells Zach that she can see what he cannot see. Zach wants to know if Kendall’s feelings have anything to do with Ryan loving Greenlee. Kendall admits to once being like Annie. In the past she was angry and bitter and did some ugly things, which is why she knows what Annie is capable of. Kendall thinks that Annie can be dangerous; she can be more like her brother then they think. Zach tells her, “We will talk about it later. I will see you at home; don’t work too hard.”

Annie comes in with a wrench in her hand. Ryan asks what she is doing. The camera shows Greenlee at Confusion holding Ryan’s hand. Ryan asks about the wrench. Annie tells him that she had to tighten a pipe. Ryan asks about Emma and he is told that she is at a sleepover with Spike. Ryan thinks that Emma has been having too many sleepovers. Ryan will fix the pipe after his meeting. She asks if he is meeting with Greenlee. He replies, "No." She lets him know that she saw them at Confusion. He wants to know why she didn't join them. After he leaves, she place the wrench in her tote bag. She says that Ryan better not be meeting Greenlee. The camera shows that the gas line at Greenlee’s house has been unscrewed. Annie spots the ghost of Richie sitting in her chair. He knows what she is up to. He asks her if she missed him. Richie tells Annie that she is as crazy as he was. He notices that she is still using her weapon of choice but with an upgrade.

Zach knocks on Annie’s door. He notices that she is hesitant to let him in and he asks if it is a bad time. She asks if Emma is okay. He tells her, "Yes," that Emma is with Rachel. He asks if he can come in. She tells him that she was just leaving. He asks can he come in for a minute. He tells her he was just killing time, so he came to check up on her. She wants to know if Kendall asked him to check to see if she has gone off the deep end. He denies that Kendall sent him. She knows that Kendall thinks that she has gone completely nuts. She admits to having hormone surges lately.

She apologizes for telling Jesse that Zach beat up Richie. Zach suggests that she forget it, since he has. He asks her to come sit down, then pats the sofa next to him. Richie’s ghost tells her to tell Zach what she has planned for today, another elimination. Richie urges her to tell Zach that she plans to get rid of his good friend Greenlee. Zach asks her to come sit because she looks a little tired. Annie wants to pack up Ryan and leave Pine Valley. When Zach asks if she wants to move, Annie claims they just need a vacation before the family expands.  Annie admits that when she lies down she cannot sleep, and when she is awake, she can’t do anything right. She calls herself a complete slacker. Zach agrees that she is a slacker. Kendall is picking up her slack.

Ryan walks into Fusion and asks Kendall if she told Greenlee that he loves her. Kendall supports Ryan's love of Greenlee and does not understand how he can continue to be with "crazy" Annie. Ryan warns her to lay off Annie. She tells him that she is his friend. Ryan suggests that a friend would not rip into his wife. He knows that Annie is a mess, but she has had a hard time. Kendall tells him that Annie is not the princess bride anymore because she has changed. Kendall reminds him that he loves Greenlee. He knows that eventually he will stop loving Greenlee. They are talking about Annie as Ryan looks at a picture on her desk. Ryan drops the picture frame on the ground and a key drops out. Ryan is curious about why the key is there. Kendall states that Annie is obviously hiding something.

J.R. goes to the boardroom for the meeting, but Adam is the only one there. Adam dismissed all of the board members. J.R. tells Adam that he is being voted off the board. Adam congratulates J.R., and tells him what a great job he did while Adam was in Brookhaven. He leads J.R. to believe that if he wants Chandler Enterprise, he will not stand in his way.

Colby bumps into Babe, and Babe realizes that she is drunk. Babe tries to get Colby to talk to her, but Colby continues to ask for her dad.

Cassie and Dre are at Cassie’s house talking about Richie. They start to leave when Jesse and Angie ask them to stay and talk. Cassie lies and says that Dre was not at the lodge. Angie stops her and tells her, "No more lies." Cassie is shocked, and starts to feel threatened. She becomes flippant and tells Jesse that he has no proof. She accuses Jesse of wanting to nail her. Jesse shows her the picture of her and Dre in the convenient store. He shows them both a picture of Colby’s new car that Adam claims was stolen.

Dre and Cassie have a private conversation about what to do. Dre offers to confess but she stops him. Jesse encourages them to cooperate. He knows they are not killers. He understands that something went wrong. Cassie wants to return to Paris with her father. She promises to never trust them again. Angie gives Jesse the okay to do what he has to do. Jesse brings them into the station for questioning.

J.R. asks Adam if he is giving up. Adam tells him that he has done remarkable work for the company. While J.R. was at the helm he raised the profits, expanded contracts, and closed the Peterson acquisition contracts. Adam is going to clean out his office. He tells J.R. that he belongs in his office. He claims to be so very proud of J.R. J.R. confesses to Adam about having him committed then leaking the story to the press. He then thanks J.R. because he confessed on tape about his wrong doings. Adam then calls him a spineless, gutless ingrate.

Zach suggests that Annie take a vacation in Vegas and stay at his casino. He could set everything up for her. Annie is okay with that and suggests that he take a vacation as well, and bring Kendall with him. Annie misses having Kendall as her friend, and hopes that spending time with her will make it better. Zach mentions that she might want to spend time alone with Ryan. Zach will ask Kendall. He asks Annie to walk him out; he tells her that he is there for her, whatever she needs. He kisses her on the cheek at the door. After the door is closed, Richie’s ghost appears to Annie. He tells Annie that he is there for her as well, whatever she needs. He tells her that he knows her; she is not going to bed or to Vegas until she takes care of Greenlee. He holds the lug wrench that she killed him with; he beats it loudly against the larger wrench in her bag which reverberates into the air. Annie quickly grabs her bags and runs out of the door.

Cassie and Dre are being questioned at the police station. Colby meet Adam at Chandler Enterprises and the police arrest her there. Adam states that she is a minor and will not be questioned without his permission or their lawyer present. Colby volunteers for questioning since she is now eighteen years old. Adam calls Barry, his lawyer, at the police station. J.R. approaches Adam at the police station. He tells Adam that he knew that Colby was in trouble, but he did not tell him. J.R. orders Adam to leave because he intends to take care of Colby. Adam tells him sternly that he will not brush him aside from Chandler, nor the police station.

The police are questioning all of the teens as they give the same story about being the driver of the car. Babe tells J.R., at the police station, that she tried to talk to Colby. J.R. will not let Richie Novak take down his family. Jesse tells the teens that he cannot tell who is telling the truth, so he will arrest them all. Cassie starts to tear up, Colby shows fear and Dre sticks to his story and tells them that he is telling the truth. Angie and Adam start to protest the teens' arrest. Sam is absent and is not there for Dre.

Annie drives her car into the woods, and then pushes it into a tree. She walks to the car with a wrench then starts bashing in the lights. She dents the fender and body. She uses her cellphone to call Ryan. He does not pick up, so she leaves a desperate message about needing help. Once done, she says that Ryan had better call her back, and he better not be with Greenlee.

At her apartment, Greenlee is kissing Aidan on the living room floor; the gas pipe in the fireplace is leaking gas. Greenlee and Aidan are making love! 

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